Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Super, Duper day

Oh, I have just had the bestest day ever and I have loved every single minute of it. The weather is still good on my little island so I have been in and out lots and lots, but when I come in, I make sure my humans are still in my house, and if my MH is sitting down, then I plank my adorable little self on her knee for a cuddle and we both love that, and because her little legs are still a wee bit very tired, she sits down lots! Yippee!!

We had great fun when my MH was changing the bed that J. and me slept in 'cos I hided under the sheets and inside the duvet cover and I got tickled lots of times, then I got a special treat when my DH came back from the boat 'cos he brought me a big box of dinners which made my little tummy very happy too and it had a wee giggle inside me which made me feel funny, but I liked it.

I tooked my MH outside to see all the sheeps that are in the field just outside my door and I showed her my special friends, but they were with their mummy sheeps so they didn't come to talk to me. Maybe I will go outside later on and have a wee chat to them 'cos I don't want them to miss me and be upset.

My MH tooked this brilliant picture of yours truly just as I was jumping back through my fence and although it looks as though I am sort of hanging there, I am actually mid-leap, so it is an action shot, you see.

I jump through my fence lots of times every day, but I think I will need to be careful that I don't eat too many dinners or I might get stuck there and that would be a disaster. I think I do too many exercises to get a fat tummy 'cos I am always running and chasing and even when I can't get outside, I jump all round my house---even on the big unit where I am not supposed to be, but the next time my MH gives me a row, I will just tell her that I am keeping fit.

I am sure she will smile and agree with me. She always does. Well, who could resist this adorable little Squeak?

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