Saturday, 5 April 2014

A Very Good Day

Me and my humans have had a very good day and we are all well and very happy. I have been a wee bit quiet over the past couple of days and my MH was worried that I might be a wee bit unwell, but I think I have just been tired and maybe a wee bit lazy 'cos I am feeling fine.

My MH asked me to play with her last night, so we both lay down on my carpet and played with my toys and that's when she knew I was OK 'cos I was enjoying myself and doing what I usually do. The only slight problem was that the old dear couldn't get up again and me and my DH had to help her. Shame :-(

We didn't get up too early and when we did, we couldn't see very much 'cos my little island was covered in mist and I thought I wouldn't get out to play much today, but then the sun came out and the mist all went away and my MH tooked this picture of it for you. We were in my garden for a long time and it was just lovely, and I rolled and rolled on my path while my MH stood and watched me and then she tooked this picture of me which I really like 'cos you can see my adorable little tongue licking my nose. My MH tried to do that with her nose, but she couldn't so maybe I will teach her. I just hope my DH has the camera ready when she is trying. Hee hee.

When we were going back inside, we noticed this starling sitting on my chimney, but I just left it there 'cos I knew that by the time I climbed up onto my roof the birdie would have flewed away. I am a very clever puss, don't you know?

I love when the weather is like this and I love being outside with all the little sheeps and all my little creature friends and there are lots more to be seen now that the weather is getting better. My very favourite time is night time when it is getting a wee bit dark and it is very quiet and that's when I do lots of hunting and exploring and pussy cat things before I nip back in my window and have a sleep with lots of lovely dreams.

I hope the weather is like this tomorrow and I will go out to play with my humans 'cos they have said there are some jobs they need to do outside and I just love it when we are all out together 'cos it makes it much easier for me to keep an eye on them. You just never know what they are going to get up to next!

I hope you are having a good weekend too doing all the things you like to do.

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  1. Lovely pictures Squeak, especially the ones of you. You do live in a beautiful place, so thanks for the pictures. It is a rainy, windy day here. You would not like it.