Sunday, 20 April 2014


I am as happy as I was yesterday. In fact, I might even be a wee bit happier. It has been a glorious day with warm sunshine and no wind and me and my humans have been out in my garden nearly all day and I have been running and playing and hunting and resting. Oh I am happy, happy, happy!

I have lots of pictures for you today 'cos my MH had her camera out with her and she loves taking pictures of anything really, but 'specially of me 'cos she loves me loads and she thinks I am beautiful. And she is oh so right!

I was having a bit of a rest when she took this one and I am afraid I didn't put my paw up to cover my mouth when I was yawning, so I am sorry if this might have put you off your dinner, but you could always pretend that I am laughing.

I thought you might like to see this wee boat which is the one which is coming to my wee island just now while our 'own' boat the MV Graemsay is away getting its MOT. This one is a bit littler and a bit slower and my poor old MH says it is not just as easy to get on and off but she will manage. She is going to Kirkwall tomorrow to meet her friends, so me and my DH will do some more work in our garden and in the greenhouse. Anyway, this little boat is called the Golden Marianna and it comes to my island every year from Papa Westray and stays for two or three weeks.

When I am out playing at night times, I go and lie down beside these straw bales 'cos that's where there are lots of mouses there at night so we all have a chat and we like that a lot. The people on my island call these 'roondy' bales and I like that too.

And my final picture for you today is another 'awww' one 'cos I think I look simply adorable in this and my dear old MH agrees with me. Remember I told you that my DH told me he would soon be putting out all the wee ornaments? Well, he did that today and of course I had to help him and then I had to inspect everything that went out and give it the Squeak seal of approval.
I will show you more pictures of all the little ornaments later on, but I watched my MH putting some water in the birdie bath and I had to have a closer look and as I was doing that, the old dear went 'click' and here I am.

I am sure you will like this 'cos I do.

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