Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Just a Normal Wednesday

My DH went away on the boat to help at the Cat shop and me and my MH had a seat on my couch and a wee natter until it was time for her to go out, and then I retired to bed to have a snooze until she came home again.

I made both my humans laugh this morning when I gave my MH a great big loud row and it came as such a surprise to them both, that they were silent for a minute and then they both laughed. Normally I don't meow. I purr--lots and lots! and I make squeaking noises, and that's how I got my name which I think really suits me. Anyway, this morning my DH was up first and he gave me something to eat and then a wee while later my MH got up and she obviously thought that she didn't need to put any food out for me, but yours truly was thinking otherwise and I told her so---very, very loudly. To be quite honest dear friends, I even frightened my adorable little self. Hee hee

The rest of my day was fine and I sat on the couch with my MH while she did all her wee bits and pieces and we had a good afternoon until all the children arrived for their next guitar lesson. Oh dear, my poor wee lugs.

I did my usual disappearing trick when they arrived---well, I didn't know who was coming into my house, so I just melted under my couch and lay very quietly listening until I could work out who it was and when I knew it was the guitar class, I came out for a minute or two to let the children adore me, but when the 'noise' started, I went back under the couch. Unfortunately I could still hear them.

My MH had given them a new song called 'You are my sunshine' and while they were playing it, yours truly was under my couch singing 'I have a headache, a little headache' and it fitted into the tune just perfectly, so I must make up some more words for my very own song! Oh I am such a clever Squeak, am I not? Yes, is the word you are looking for, Hee hee :-))))

My house is lovely and quiet now and I am finally having a rest, and I am very, very happy and comfortable.

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  1. Thank you for my morning smile Squeak. "I have a headache...." Love it. You are adorable.:)