Friday, 4 April 2014

More of the same

Today is Friday and on a Friday my DH goes to the Cat shop, so it is just me and my MH in my house and we have a good 'girlie' day together which we both like. Unfortunately, the weather still isn't very good so we didn't go outside very much. I nipped in and out of the window a few times but just for a wee while and the rest of the time I sat on the back of my couch or on my MH's knee, although I am afraid I was a little bit naughty on a couple of occasions as you can see.

You will also have worked out that although the old dear pretends to be annoyed with me, she makes sure she gets a good photograph of yours truly before she shoos me off the big unit, so she can't be all THAT annoyed, can she?

The other picture is for a bit of fun that my DH tooked last night. Me and my MH had gone to bed and were having a wee read---well, she was reading and I was just thinking about mouses and sheeps and things. Anyway, my DH needed some information and he wanted my MH to look for it on her laptop, so he bringed it into the bedroom and he decided to take this picture of this adorable little puss looking at her picture on the screen and it made us all smile.

So I hope it makes you smile too!


  1. The picture of you looking at yourself on the computer certainly made me smile.

  2. It makes me smile too, Anne and I am glad you like it.