Thursday, 3 April 2014

Simply Doin' Nuffin'

I have been very lazy today and I am actually quite happy that it has been a wee bit raining on my little island 'cos I haven't wanted to go outside too much. I am quite happy jumping around my house and moving from the bed to the couch to the back of the chair and yes, even up on the top of the big unit!

My humans haven't been very busy either so they have had plenty of time to pay attention to me. The vacuum cleaner was out but just for a little time, and then I sat in my kitchen while my MH made some pancakes and fruit buns for my DH 'cos they are his favourites so that made him very happy.

I went out for a wee while and found this bit of wood to sharpen my little claws and then I found my MH and sat on her knee, but she complained a bit 'cos my newly sharpened adorable little claws were sticking into her knee and she didn't like that too much, so she wriggled my little paw until my claws went in again and then I settled down for a cuddle and a chat.

Our friend M. came to see us this afternoon and we all had a chat and my MH was telling her how well J. had looked after me and she was very glad 'cos she loves me too.

I think I might be the most loved puss in the en-tire world, and I am very, very lucky.

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