Saturday, 26 April 2014


.... I have had to show off my meaner side today and I know that will come as a great shock to all of my friends who know and love me so well, but it had to be done.

Picture the scene. There was I minding my own business, lying on my little bed watching my MH, when I suddenly heard someone at the door and I went to have a look and there, right outside my door sitting in my garden was a DOG!! a real live, shouldn't be in MY garden doggy! So, I nipped up onto the window sill and gave it the evil eye and I made my MH laugh out loud, 'cos all the time the doggy was there, I never moved and just kept staring at it until it went away again. Not a happy Squeak!

I had been having good fun on my little bed with my MH 'cos I had found my little green ball again and I was jumping all over the room with it. It is still my very favourite toy and I carry it with me from room to room and then every now and then, I get a big surprise when I find it after I have forgotten where I left it.

Oh, life is full of surprises, is it not?


  1. Oh Squeak. You are fearless. I am glad you found your green ball, and you look particularly smart in the last picture. My day would be missing something if I couldn't read about your activity.

  2. Erm, I think if you read today's blog, Bonnie, you will realise I am maybe not just as fearless as you think!
    Thank you for your compliments again. My adorable little cheeks are red!