Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Lovely Postie

That's what we have on our little island. Well, I think he is lovely 'cos this morning he brought a box just for me and it was full of my very special dinners, so I think I might love him. My MH put it on the floor--( the box, not the postie, heehee) and I had a sniff and then I sat on top of it and gave it a very special purr which made my MH smile. I make her smile a lot and I like that.

I have had a quiet day with just a couple of trips out to the fields to have a wee chat to some of the lady cows and then I went with my MH into her gym and I did a lot of sniffing around while she was doing her exercises 'cos it was a wee bit cool and definitely not a day for lingering outside.

My DH has been getting our greenhouse ready and he is going to get the tomato plants and some strawberries very soon, so I will get one of each to look after and I am very excited about that. My humans think I am very clever looking after my plants and my DH sometimes gets a bit peeved when my little plant is better that his, but that's 'cos I purr to them and he doesn't. Mind you, I would like to be in the greenhouse when he DOES purr to them! That would be awesome!!!

Now, yesterday I told you about the little childrens coming to my house and doing their guitars and giving me a headache. Yes? Well, after they had all gone and I was lying on my MH's knee, I finished off my little song that goes with the tune of 'You are my Sunshine' and this is specially for my friend B. 'cos she said it made her smile, so I hope this makes her have a great big smile!!

"I have a headache, a little headache
With all the noise these guitars make.
So I am lying under my couch now
It's just too much for me to take"


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  1. And now a chuckle...You are absolutely Brilliant!!! and you look so lovely in the above picture. Thank you my dear Squeak. I can hear your MH strumming her guitar and playing this song. Actually, I borrowed the first two lines last night at choir practice, and had another little laugh.