Monday, 26 May 2014

Happy Monday

I had a very good sleep last night 'cos I was all curled up beside my MH and that is just where I love being and to tell you a secret, she likes it too. I didn't even mind when the vacuum cleaner made its Monday morning appearance and I just settled on the back of my couch and watched as my MH cleaned my living room.

I went into the greenhouse with my DH and our tomato plants are nearly ready to get their photographs taken, so I shall ask my MH to do that tomorrow and I will show you what we have been doing. When we were out, I heard a great big rumbling noise and when I looked over to the field, I saw Mr. Bull and he didn't look or sound very happy, so I stayed very close to my DH----to protect him, of course!

The bull used to be in the field beside my friend S.'s house and she called him Mr. Grumpy, so I think I will call him that too. My MH told me not to go into the field beside him 'cos he might hurt me, but I had already worked that out and I definitely won't be found anywhere where he can catch me. I certainly don't want to end up as Mr. Grumpy's afternoon snack!

The weather today hasn't been too bad but not as nice as my humans would have liked 'cos my MH needs to cut her grass and it is foggy tonight so she thinks it is still too wet for her to play with her lawn mower and I for one am not complaining. It is good enough for me to get out to play later on so that just suits me fine and I shall tell you tomorrow what I decide to do later on tonight.

I expect I shall have the very bestest of fun as usual.

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