Friday, 23 May 2014

Ho Hum

It has been a rotten day today with lots of rain so I have hardly been outside and have spent the day just lazing about on various different chairs in my house which has been quite fine.

My DH was in the Cat shop, so I just helped my MH to do all the wee jobs she wanted to do and I was there every time she needed a cuddle or wanted to hear a great big purr and she needed these quite often. She was making some cards and I am afraid that I was a teeny bit nosy and got a wee bit too close to where she was working, and if my MH hadn't moved very quickly, I might have been silicone'd on to her desk! Oops!

Later on in the afternoon, I was still in a very inquisitive mood as you can see from today's pictures. The little bonsai tree was thirsty and my MH was giving it a drink, so I had to have a very close look and when my MH shouted at me---in a caring way, of course---I gave her my 'I'm just having a wee sniff' look and then I jumped down again without doing any damage at all.

While we were having a rest and a chat this afternoon my MH told me that I am to be left all alone tomorrow day AND tomorrow night 'cos they are going to a concert in Stromness and won't be home till Sunday morning. Boo hoo. The good news is that my friend S. is going to come to my house tomorrow night to give me my dinner, so I shall be very OK. Just a wee bit lonely, but I shall probably just sleep till my humans come home.

And if the weather is anything like it has been today, I shall not be complaining, although my humans won't know that!

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