Monday, 19 May 2014

Just Us Girls.....

...... at my house today 'cos my DH went away into Kirkwall to get our plants and he came back with some tomatoes and pepper plants, so he is giving them a wee drink just now and introducing them to our greenhouse. I am going to leave them in peace tonight, but I shall go and inspect in the morning and decide which one I want to look after and then I shall show you pictures of them.

So, there we were, just me and my MH and we were up quite early 'cos the postie man came with a letter for us, and then the old dear decided that she would start her spring cleaning, so I just tooked to my bed until she was finished. She cleaned the bathroom and then the living room and then the steamer machine came out and hissed all over my kitchen. Oh my dear friends, I did get a fright 'cos I was lying on my little bed and I heard this hissing sound and I thought that another puss cat had come into my house, so I very carefully wandered into the kitchen to scare it away and that's when I discovered it was the steaming machine. I was quite pleased then, and just wandered back to bed.

My MH doesn't work all the time through the day. She keeps stopping for a wee rest and she strokes me and cuddles me and talks to me, so I don't feel too neglected, and I understand that it has to be done. I don't particularly like it, but I do understand. So, when she was finished, we both went into the gym for a while and I saw her settled on her bike and then left her and went to play on my grass until she was finished and then we played together and I ran and ran and ran while she just stood there and watched me. Well, her little legs were tired after doing all their exercises, so I understood that too.

We were just back inside my house when my DH arrived with all the goodies for him and for her and for me, so we were all very happy. I am now resting and letting my dinner settle and then later on I shall head outside and I might even have a wee look in the greenhouse window to have a wee peep at all the new plants, but I am quite excited about seeing them tomorrow.

I shall tell you all about them.

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