Sunday, 18 May 2014

Lovely Sunday

I love Sunday. I think it might be my very favouritist day of the week 'cos normally my humans are at home with me and my MH doesn't do any work at all so she has millions of time to spend with me if I so desire, and usually I do desire!

We didn't get up too early 'cos it had been raining and it didn't look very nice so I was quite content snuggled up beside my MH and she was quite content snuggled up to me and my DH was just snoring and having good dreams, so we were all very happy.

When we all did get up, I had my breakfast and then I nipped out of the window, but I didn't go too far away 'cos I have to listen carefully while my MH is having her breakfast, and I hear you asking 'why?' so I shall tell you. When she is finished her cereal, I always get the last wee drop of milk, so I sit outside the window and when I hear her scraping the bottom of her dish, I know she is nearly finished and time for me to appear, and when I nip back in the window, I always make her laugh, but I always get my milk!

We all had a wander round the garden and I heard my DH telling the Boss that he is going into Kirkwall tomorrow to get our tomato and strawberry plants, so I am going to be a very busy puss next week, but I do love having my very own plants and I will send you lots of pictures.

I got a very pleasant surprise this afternoon when my friend S. came up to see me and she gave me a very special cuddle because I had let my MH look after her puss cat and her hens. I don't mind my MH being friendly with the chooks, but I am not too happy about another pussy cat in her life. However, as it was for my friend, I didn't mind too much.

When S. went away, me and my MH went into the gym for a wee while and then she played with me on the grass until we were both tired, so when we came inside again, I just lay down on my little sheepskin rug for a lovely snooze and then I will decide what I will do later on.

Oh yes, I love Sunday, and I hope you do too.

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