Thursday, 29 May 2014

Lovely Thursday

I had a very good night last night wandering through all the fields and just enjoying some peace and quiet doing pussy cat things. The weather on my little island has been good lately and I do appreciate that. I do go out in all kinds of weather, but I don't like the wind and I am not too keen on being wet, although I love it when my humans dry me and make me feel all normal again. So, you see, I like being outside but my very favourite time is when the sun is shining and making my adorable little body all cosy and warm. I love the sunshine and even at nighttime when the sun has gone for a wee sleep, my little island is just a magical place to be and I am so happy I am here.

I was tired when I got home and I nipped up on to my bed where my MH was already snoring, so I gently cuddled in beside her and had just the bestest sleep until the alarm clock wakened us all up. My dear old MH was going swimming as I told you yesterday and like I mentioned, me and my DH had a great big list of things to do, but she did say to him that if he was busy it would be OK, but we knew she didn't really mean it. :-))

When the old dear had left the island, me and my DH settled down for a wee chat about what we would do with the day and we decided that the best place to begin would be the greenhouse, so oft we went to have a wee look at our plants. His are doing OK, but my little pepper is doing wonderfully well---not that I am boasting, of course!!

We did everything very slowly today 'cos we were enjoying the lovely weather, but we decided that we had better make a start to 'the list' and we managed to get everything done much to the delight of the Boss who gave us both a gold star, although I got a very special cuddle as well!!

There definitely are advantages to being an adorable pussycat!

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