Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My Little Island

It has been such a glorious day today that I asked my MH to take some pictures of my little island so that you can see where I live. It is a beautiful place and I love being here and I know I am a very lucky puss so I wanted to share it with you a wee bit.

You know that this is the view from my living room 'cos you have seen it in lots of pictures, and the big boat is the Hamnavoe that takes people and cars from Stromness to Scrabster and my humans have been on it lots of times when they go away their holidays. All my lovely dinners and my MH's food and my DH's can of beers come from Stromness but they come on our little boat that I have been on, but I have never been on this big boat and I am never going on it 'cos us animals have to go into cages if we go on that boat and I don't want that, so I have told my humans that I would rather not go on that boat thank you very much and they quite understand.

This picture was taken from the beach at Sandside and there are lots of seals in the water, but they didn't pop up while my MH was clicking with her camera, but we know they are there. If you look really closely, the little house you can see at the top left of the photograph is mine where I live with my humans. It is high up on the island and there is lots and lots of space round about for me to play in.

This photo is at the other side of the beach and you can see one of the lighthouses. We have two on my island---a big one and a little one and I can see the little one from my living room and I can see the top of the big one from my garden. One time, when my humans were on holiday and my friend J. was looking after me, I was out nearly all night and when I comed home J. found sand on my adorable little paws and he thinks I was down here on the beach, but of course I can't tell him if I was or if I wasn't. Hee hee. I love keeping all the humans wondering!

These birdies are oyster catchers and there are lots and lots of them on my island and I just love them and I am sure you will like them too. But look what my MH found today when she was at my friend's house. A brand new baby hen. A beautiful brand new baby chick that made my MH go 'aawww' when she saw it and I must admit that I did the very same when she showed me this picture.

It is adorable, isn't it?


  1. It IS adorable but not as adorable as you Squeak!

  2. How very true, but thank you for reminding me. :-))