Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Wednesday Routine

Wednesdays chez Squeak are a wee bit different to my other days and I shall tell you why.

Normally, my MH is up first in the mornings and I help her to get washed and dressed so that she does this very quickly 'cos the first thing she does when we go into the kitchen is feed me and normally I am a VERY hungry Squeak and I am always ready for a big breakfast. I have that and if the weather is fine, then I go out to play.

Well, you all know that my DH goes to the Cat shop on a Wednesday which means he is up first and he has an alarm clock which rings for him. He takes a wee while to waken up, so I have to help him ---- a lot! As soon as his clock goes off, I nip over beside him and sort of sit on his head and purr just a wee bit. If this doesn't work, then I shuffle my adorable little bum slightly on his head and purr a bit louder and if THAT doesn't work, I sit on his face until he is forced to put his feet on the ground and then follow them into the kitchen 'cos that's where I am leading them! And then he feeds me and I leave him in peace. Once he wakens up a bit, he thinks this is quite funny and he tells my MH all about it and they have a giggle.

My MH sits with me for a while and then she has to go out but just for a short time and soon she is home to cuddle me and talk to me, but unfortunately, it is a good day today and she decided to cut her grass when she came home, so I didn't get too much attention. She will make up for it, though. I shall see to that!!

The little childrens will be here soon to learn some more guitar, so I shall tell you all about it tomorrow. I thought you might like to see the little bit of garden that I have been forbidden to go near, and you will be able to judge for yourself whether or not I am managing to do that.

I think not! Hee hee

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