Monday, 12 May 2014

Puss on the Move

I have been finding different places to sit in my living room and in my garden and I have taken a couple of pictures to show you where I like resting.

This afternoon I decided I would do some exploring in my living room and I jumped up beside the television and then, when I thought that nobody was looking, I nipped on to the floor in behind it---where I shouldn't be---but unfortunately my DH saw me and shouted at me. I pretended I didn't hear him and that made him get up out of his chair to see what I was doing but when he looked behind the television I had vanished and he couldn't find me! Hee hee. My MH was smiling 'cos I had just sidled in between her guitars and sat very,very still and my DH never thought to look there for me. Oh it was very funny.

I have been doing a lot of sleeping on the chair beside the window and I am liking it there so that has become my 'evening' seat and it is very comfortable. I have my own little cushion that I can curl up on when I need a snooze and I do need lots of little snoozes because I am being very busy just now.

However, I was wide awake this afternoon, just sitting on my window sill when I saw this great big seagull at our little bird feeder and I growled at it and wagged my adorable little tail at it to tell it to fly away and after a while it did, but it took away a great big bit of food with it which was supposed to be for the little birds. I was not a happy Squeak.

Later in the afternoon I went outside to sit in my garden and I sat beside this little robin ornament and listened to all the 'real' birdies singing to me and then I noticed my oyster catcher friends had come back to my little island. There is a mister and a missus oyster catcher who come to the field opposite my house every year and they build their nest and have a little baby oyster catcher and sometimes two little babies and then the babies grow up and fly away and the mummy and daddy go away somewhere in the winter, but come back to me in the summer and they are here now and that has made me very happy. Maybe my MH will get a picture of them for you.

I am going to have a snooze now on my chair beside the window---or maybe on the back of my couch and then I will go out later on and say hello to the birdies.

It is so very lovely here on my island in the Spring and Summer with all the new baby animals being born. I just love it SO much.

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  1. Your island is beautiful, Squeak. Thank your MH for all the lovely pictures. You look extremely comfortable in the last picture.