Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sleepy Sunday

.... but a good Sunday. My little weather man friend said it would rain on my little island and it did, so I stayed in a lot of the day and just nipped out when it wasn't pouring.

I gave my dear old MH a shock when I went in and sat on her knee 'cos my adorable little paws were all wet and so was she, but we all had a giggle. Then I went in the sulks with her 'cos she put the awful de-flea stuff on me! Yukk. I think I might be getting old 'cos I didn't see it coming, or maybe my MH is getting cleverer. The 'stuff' is in a bright green tube so normally as soon as I see that in the palm of her hand I am off, but I missed it completely and there I was---me and my little wet feets---lying on her knee purring contentedly and POUNCE---I was de-flea'd and not at all happy.

We had the usual argument with me telling her that I don't have fleas so I don't need the 'stuff' and her telling me that it is only because of the 'stuff' that I don't have them and I can see it is an argument I am never going to win. Sigh!

So, after I had had enough of the sulks, I watched her as she played on her Wii and then when I thought it was time for her to give her undivided attention to yours truly, I sat on the box and she took the hint and played with me which made me a wee bit happier.

She is going to Kirkwall tomorrow with her friends, so it is just me and my DH at home, but as usual we have a great big list of jobs to be done so we'll see how we get on, although my DH is very good at making up excuses as to why we didn't get them all done, and I for one am saying nothing!

Well, he doesn't put horrible stuff on me like she does! :-)))

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