Thursday, 8 May 2014


.... the little childrens came to my house last night for their guitar lesson and I did my disappearing trick under my couch and lay there with my adorable little paws in my equally adorable little lugs and sang my own little songs while they did their practice. For little childrens, my MH thinks they are pretty good but the big problem is that they all play their guitars in one key and then they all sing their songs in a different key and my poor MH is trying so hard to get them to get better, so we'll see. I think my MH might end up under the couch with yours truly, although when I think about it, she is a wee bit bigger than me, so maybe not!

The rest of my night was very good---and very quiet---and I had lots of fun when I went out into the fields but I am afraid that I stayed out very, very late and my DH was getting a bit annoyed with me 'cos he wanted to get to his bed, but I arrived just in time. My timing is impeccable, as you can well imagine!

Today has been another good day and there have been lots of things for me to do. My DH was outside a lot so I played with him and watched what he was doing as I lay on the grass which was lovely and warm and nice and short after my MH had cut it yesterday. I don't like the mower as you know, but I do like what it does, so I must stop complaining----sometime! :-))

My MH was playing with the vacuum cleaner but when she was finished, she came outside and played with me on the grass and I was so, so happy. I ran and ran and chased flies and killed lots of bit of grass and climbed poles and ran through the fence and just had the bestest of fun, and then guess what happened?

A horrible swallow birdie started to dive bomb me! Just when I told you that I hadn't seen any, one appears to torment me and I was annoyed, very annoyed and I am sure it would have tried to torment me even more if my MH hadn't appeared just at the right time and it flewed away again and left me to enjoy myself, but I suppose it will be back again with all its friends. Sigh!

I decided to go indoors for a while and discovered a box which I hadn't explored, so I had a seat for a wee while inside said box and then I decided that all the excitement outside had made me just a tad sleepy, so I lay down on my little fleece and had a lovely snooze.

I need to have a rest because it is a lovely evening and I shall be heading outside soon and I intend being out as long as I possible can and will wait until the final whistle from my DH, but maybe he will leave the window open for me. I have never been out for the en-tire night before, but I have a feeling in my little bones that this might just be the summer for it.

Oh yes, it might just be!

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