Sunday, 11 May 2014


...I stayed out very late last night 'cos it was a calm night and the Boss told my DH that he could leave the window open for me if I wasn't home when he wanted to go to bed and that's just what he did, so I was able to stay out very, very late. But still not all night. Not yet.

I wandered all over my garden and then I slipped through the fence and went into the big fields first at the back of my house and then at the front, and I had a wee sniff at the bales to see if there were any little mouses waiting for me, so I was a very busy puss and used my time outside very well.

I decided to go home when the rain came on and I am afraid I wakened my poor old MY, but it was by accident---honest! I went in the window and when I saw that there was no-one in my living room, I nipped into the bedroom to make sure the oldies were OK and as I had a closer look at my MH, I felt a little shake coming on and I am afraid I shooked my adorable little wet body right on to her poor old sleeping head and it sort of wakened her up with a jump. Oops. But by the time she wakened up full, I was back in the kitchen, so I think she thinks she was dreaming, and I for one am not going to tell her any different! And neither are you! :-))

I have had a very good day today and have been out playing nearly all the time except when I went into the gym for a short while with my MH, but I preferred to play on the grass while she was doing her cycling. It was too good outside to spend a lot of time in the gym, but my MH has to be on her bike 'cos she can't run round the grass as fast as me. I often let her chase me, but sometimes I run slow or even stop so that she can catch up with me. She just has little legs and they can't go very fast at all. Shame.

So my day has been a good one and I hope yours has been too. I am having a snooze now after my dinner, but I shall be heading out in a while and so far, my MH is safe 'cos it's not raining---but then you never know what might happen later.

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