Saturday, 31 May 2014


... I have been feeling slightly under the weather today and I haven't been outside very much, but when I did go out I managed to commit a very serious accident. Nobody was hurtfortunately, but if I had been caught I would definitely be writing this from the bottom of the soup pot!! Hee hee. I shall explain.

I decided to stay in today although the weather was lovely, but I was still a wee bit afraid the pesky swallows would be waiting for me, so I just sat with my MH as she was doing some of her cards and I liked that 'cos she talked to me all the time she was working and I could sit and look out of the window and see everything that was happening, so I was quite content---and safe!

However, my MH went away with my friend S. and some other peoples from my little island to paint all the benches that are dotted around the place, so I was left with my DH who was playing with his strimmer to make my grass tidy after my MH had cut it all and I decided to be brave and go out with him.

While he was some place else, I decided to go into the greenhouse and have a wee nosey and it was then that I did something dreadful. I knocked over my DH's can of beer that he had taken in with him while he was having a wee rest. Oh dear. I tried to put it back into the tin, but it just wouldn't go, so I did the only sensible, honest thing to do. I ran away!!

A wee while later, my DH went back into the greenhouse and nearly cried when he saw what had happened, and I just sauntered in beside him and gave him my very best 'oh dear, DH what a shame' look, and he doesn't know it was me. Phew. 'cos in his eyes, that is a unforgivable crime!!!

I am resting now but I shall head out later on and see what is happening with all my little animal friends. I am looking forward to that and I hope you are having a very good weekend.

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