Friday, 2 May 2014

What a day!

I have had a cracking day. An absolutely brilliant day and I have loved it so, so much.

My DH was away to the Cat Shop so it was just me and my MH and the weather was so good that we were outside nearly all day. She sat on the bench and watched me as I played on the grass and sniffed all the little ornaments and generally did what pussy cats are supposed to do.

At one point, she went into they gym to go on her bike and I went away down into the long grass and played there for a long time and then I found a lovey, warm spot and lay down for a rest and it was beautiful. I think I must have falled asleep 'cos the next thing I heard was my MH's voice calling my name, so I got up, had a wee stretch and then ran as fast as my adorable little legs could carry me and when I reached the fence, I never even slowed down, but just jumped straight through and that made my MH smile again.

I sat with her on the bench and we listened to the birdies and we saw a lady blackbird and a man blackbird playing on my grass, but I was a very good puss and just watched them without chasing them away. My little wagger wasn't as good as me though, 'cos it kept twitching and between you and me, I don't think it was very happy with me. Shame hee hee! I was just a wee bit naughty when I started to dig up a bit of the garden that my DH had planted last week, but then the Boss saw me and told me not to do that any more, so I stopped. Whether I will stay stopped or not I'm not sure, but I will let you know!

The sun is still shining but I need to have a snooze, so I have settled down on my favourite chair and I'll have a sleep and then I think I will be out very late tonight 'cos night time when the weather is good is my very bestest time. It is so lovely and still and quiet and all my little creature friends are out and about and I know that my humans are safe and sound, so I can just be an ordinary pussy cat doing ordinary pussy cat things.

Ah yes, it has been a super-duper day and I hope that you have had a good day too.

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