Monday, 23 June 2014

Bye Bye

I have asked my MH to put on a special picture of yours truly 'cos you won't be seeing me for a wee while as my humans are going away on their holidays and are leaving me all alone. :-((

OK. I have exaggerated just a bit. I won't be very all alone 'cos my friends J. and A. are coming to live in my house and look after me. They have done this lots of times before so I have almost completed their training and I just need to run over a few rules when they come here to make sure they haven't forgotten what I have teached them before.

We always have lots of fun together, so although I am a wee bit very sad that my humans are going away, I am happy that I will still have people in my house who love me and who will make sure I am well looked after.

I hope you don't miss me too much and I will probably have lots of news to tell you when I start writing to you again. I hope you keep well till then and that you have a good summer time.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Not Too Bad

That's what my day has been. I could have been a lot worse if my MH had had her way 'cos she wanted to take out the lawn mower and cut my grass, but the weather didn't let her and I for one was very happy. I did feel a wee bit upset for the old dear, but I lay down until it had passed! Hee hee.

As you know, my humans are going away soon and she wanted the grass to be nice for me to play on while they are away, but it was wet, so she couldn't cut it. What a shame :-))) However, I still managed to get out to play lots of times and I was out in my garden minding my own business when that pesky swallow tormented me again, but this time my DH saw him and shoo-ed him away. He is a very annoying birdie, that swallow, and he is in grave danger of ending up as my supper. I am not a cruel puss, but I will NOT be bullied in my own garden. So, pesky swallow, be afraid, be very afraid!

I got a big surprise when I was standing at my door with my MH 'cos my friend S. came to see me and gave me a big cuddle. In fact, it was a special cuddle 'cos she won't be seeing me for a long time unless I have a wee wander down to her house when her pussy cat is asleep and I can collect my cuddle and bring it home with me.

That sounds like a very good plan, even though I do say so!

Saturday, 21 June 2014


I like Saturdays. Saturdays are good at my house and my humans are normally at home and have lots of time to play with me and that's just what happened today, so I like Saturdays.

We had a visitor today and he is from a country far away and he wanted to see what it was like on a little island like mine, so he came to see my humans and then he chatted to everybody else. I sat on his knee for a while and I know he liked that. He smiled when my MH told him my name and then she explained why I was called Squeak and he liked that too. I don't think there are any pussy cats called Squeak in his country, but he said he would tell me and if he does, then I will tell you.

The weather hasn't been too bad but it hasn't been too good either. However, I have been out a lot and my DH has been out lots and lots so I have had plenty of company and then when I needed a cuddle, I would just go into my living room where my MH was waiting for me with a cuddle in her hand. She always has one ready for me!

I stayed out very late last night and even my DH had gone to bed before I came home, but he left the window open for me. It was a good night and I was having lots of fun just exploring and sniffing and playing, so I didn't want to go to bed until I was really, really tired, but then I heard my MH calling for me, so I decided it might be safer to go home so I gave her a little squeak as I went in the door and she was very pleased to see me.

I think she was even more pleased at the thought of getting to sleep!

Friday, 20 June 2014

I'm Getting Braver

I always was a brave puss and I have the scars to prove it. Well, that's my story and I am sticking to it. I have a mark in one of my eyes and the vet told my MH that I must have got that when I was very, very little or maybe even before I was borned, but I like to tell everybody that I got it being brave and my story changes every time I tell it and depending on who I am telling it to.

Anyway, I am digressing again aren't I? This morning my DH went away to his work at the Cat shop and my MH went to our wee Hall for a service with the minister from Stromness and I had a snooze till she came back and then I helped her hang out the washing and that's when I did my death-defying stunt which nearly caused the old dear to fall in a heap. Sorry, MH.

I had a wander round my garden and nipped through the fence to have a word with the little baby cows and then I raced back into my garden and straight up the nearest clothes pole and I managed to get to the top in one exquisite leap. I was truly magnificent and so I sat at the top of my pole just surveying my little world and congratulating myself on my athleticism until my MH was finished with the washing and then I decided it was down time.

Now, normally I run down the pole, but today I jumped off the top and landed with a gentle plop on the grass, but it definitely tooked my MH's breath away and she made one of her funny squeaky noises. I think I have teached her very well how to make these noises, and she does them excellently. Hee hee

Between you and me dear friends, I did it without thinking and once I had done it I was quite surprised at my adorable little self, but when I thought about what I was able to do, I was very, very proud and my little chest is all puffed out as I am dictating this to me beloved MH.

So now you know why I think I am brave and I am sure you agree.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Naughty Squeak

I know you may need to read that heading again as it is not very often you see those two words together, but I am afraid that I was just a tad naughty this morning, although I have a very good reason. I was hungry!

I had been out quite late last night and had gone to bed without my usual supper as I was a bit tired when I got in, so when I wakened up this morning about seven o'clock, my adorable little tummy told me there was a big empty space in it which needed filling NOW!

I mentioned this to my MH but as she was sound asleep, she didn't quite hear me, so I had to go through the waking up routine and it took me a long time 'cos the old dear was getting up at nine o'clock to go swimming and she didn't want to get up before that, so she pretended she didn't hear me. But, I KNEW she was pretending, so I did everything from jumping on the stereo to lift its little lid, then I knocked her glasses on to the floor and I did my little war dance on top of the radio to try and switch it on and when all of that didn't work, I perched my adorable little self on top of the stereo unit, wriggled my equally adorable little bum, yelled 'geronimo' and launched myself on to my dear MH's tummy. I flew through the air like a thing of beauty and landed dead centre and she made that funny 'oooofff' noise again as she very gently wakened up! Well, maybe it wasn't all that gentle, but she wakened up and that was the main thing, wasn't it? If she had wakened at the first request, she would have saved herself all that aggro. Some humans never learn, do they? Hee hee

So, after I had my breakfast, I ventured outside to have a word with the cows and they are all doing fine, but they were telling me that the nice farmer next door is going to put them into another field soon, so I won't see them for a wee while.

I saw my MH away on the boat and me and my DH have had a very good day, although I am a wee bit worried about the Boss 'cos she didn't leave us our usual list, so we had a very easy day just looking after our plants and having a little chat to one another. I got a big cuddle when my MH came home again and I am now resting after my dinner, but I am sleeping with one eye on my MH 'cos she told me that one day, when I am not expecting it, she will climb up on to the back of my couch when I am sleeping, wriggle her (not so adorable) little bum, shout 'geronimo' and launch herself onto the bit where I am sleeping, just to see how I like it.

The very though of that, my dear friends, has had me rolling on my back laughing until the tears run down my little whiskers, and I think if you can picture it too, you will also be on the floor. It is not a pretty sight and definitely not for the faint hearted.

She can be quite funny sometimes, and she is kidding ......I think :-)))

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Sheer bliss and spoiledness. There I was last night, sitting on my MH's knee just about to drift off to a lovely little snooze, when the old dear decided to tickle my adorable little chin and it was so, so good. Oh, my dear friends, I was in heaven. I purred and purred and purred so loudly that it made my DH laugh out loud and when he saw me, he tooked this little picture for you and I am sure if you listen carefully you will hear me purring. I didn't want her to stop, and of course, I didn't want to go to sleep and miss all this pampering. Oh it was wonderful.

I did eventually have a sleep and then I had my usual perambulation all round my garden and my hunting grounds until it was time to go home for bed.It was our usual Wednesday today with my DH at the Cat shop and my MH going out for just a little while and then the childrens were here for their guitar and yours truly spent most of that time under the couch with my adorable little paws in certain adorable little lugs! The little peoples are getting better, but it is still noisy in my house which is normally a very quiet place except for a Wednesday. Sigh!

When they all went away again, my MH gave me my dinner and then I went out to play for a while and now, as you can see, I am having a snooze until it is time to go out to play and I shall tell you tomorrow what I get up to tonight. I will probably be late in writing to you 'cos the old dear is going swimming so it is just me and my DH and the usual great big list of all the things we need to do.

Oh joy!!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Well... has been quite good and quite not good. The good bit is that my humans have been with me today and I got to sit on my MH's knee lots of times as I was in what she calls my 'cuddly' mood and she likes that as much as me.

The not so good bit is that the weather on my lovely little island has been awful. In fact my friend J. who watches what is happening on my island on her computer, asked me if my MH was using her steaming machine 'cos it was so foggy and she thought the old dear had been over doing it, but I told her it wasn't her fault, it was the naughty weather.

When I was sitting on my MH's knee my friend S. phoned so that they could have a chat and I purred down the phone so that S. heard me and she said it was soooo sweet. Oh yes, that's me all over.

Sweet and adorable and quite, quite perfect. Oh, and did I mention modest? Hee hee

Monday, 16 June 2014

Very Quiet

That has been my day 'cos both my humans had to go away on the boat today, so I was left to my own devices which was Ok 'cos the window was left open and I played outside for a while and talked to the baby cows and then I had a long snooze.

I am quite happy on my own, although I do prefer it when both my humans are at home with me as there are still lots of things I cannot do. I know I am very clever, but I cannot open the cupboard where all my food is kept and I can't open the packets of dinners, so I do need the old dears for that. And, I also need cuddles which I get on demand from my MH. She does come in handy sometimes. Hee hee

So, you will have worked out by now, that since my MH has been away off my little island, I won't have any news for you 'cos she doesn't know what I have been doing. I think she probably has a very good idea, but unless I learn to talk, she won't know for sure.

I think it would be really cool if us animals could talk. Even if we could talk to one another. I wonder if puss cats would have a different accent to doggies and to cows and sheeps? Oh, dear friends, can you just imagine all the noise in my fields if all the cows and sheeps were all talking at the same time, and if they were calling out to me it would be really noisy.

But it could be really the brilliantest fun, sure it would?

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Just More of the Same...

.... but good fun anyway. As you know, Sunday is a very lazy day in my house and today was no exception. My humans just did lots of 'footering' with little things. 'Footering' is one of my MH's favourite words and she footers quite a lot just doing wee bits and pieces.

I usually get a visit, and a great big cuddle from my friend S., but she wasn't able to come to see me today so I am sending her a big purr from me. Well, it would be from me, wouldn't it 'cos nobody else in my house purrs! Doh!!

Me and my DH went into our greenhouse and I helped my MH hang out her washing and of course I had to have a play on the clothes poles and I am sure that the mummy cows were smiling at me. I only hope the baby cows don't try it 'cos I don't think my humans would be best pleased. I took my MH into her wee gym and it was while we were there that she told me some not very good news.

They are going away to leave me again! my MH told me that they were going on their holidays at the end of this month and I can't go. I am not too sad that I can't go 'cos it would mean I would need to go in cages on the boat and then on the big aeroplane and I would be in a strange country where I wouldn't know what all the little animals were saying. Plus, I would miss all my own little animal friends, but I will miss my humans a lot. My friends J. and A. are coming to stay with me and I know we will have very good fun and they look after me nearly as well as my MH, so that is OK. Nearly!

I had a wee look at the map to see where they were going and it is away very, very far, but my MH has promised to bring me a super, duper present, so I will be excited all the time they are away just wondering what they will bring me home again.

And of course, I shall tell you what it is.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Another Very Good Day

I have been a very happy puss today 'cos we have all been outside a lot today even though the weather hasn't been too great, but it has not been pouring with rain or a howling gale, so I have been happy.

I went out a lot with my DH and we spent quite a while in our greenhouse talking to our plants and they are coming along very nicely thank you. We are both very pleased with them, but between you and me, I am pleased lots more than my DH 'cos mine is definitely MUCH better.

Now, I have a question for you. Do all humans like toys and machines? I ask this 'cos my DH has just bought himself a ginormous strimmer and he took it out to play last night and it is just another thing I do not like at all! I know he needs it to keep the grass tidy after my MH has cut it, but that still doesn't make me feel any better.

Me and my MH went into the gym and I sat at the door while she did her exercises and I just watched all the birdies and the naughty swallow tried to catch me again. I do not like that pesky swallow and if it gets too close, then it is mince meat. No questions asked! My friend B. has asked me why it keeps dive bombing me and I honestly do not know. I know where the nest is, but it is high up in one of the old sheds beside my house so it is too high for me to go near it--even if I wanted to do, which I don't, you understand, so I don't torment the birdies and I don't think I deserve to be treated like this in my own garden. I think it is just a cheeky swallow, but I hope it stops tormenting me soon. Maybe when the little baby swallows come, it will be too busy to play with me. Paws crossed!

I watched these two little birdies having their dinner tonight and it made me happy to know that they wee getting something to eat at my house. A wee while later, I went round to the other side of my house to have a seat on my little wall and I was watching the cows when this great big seagull came and sat on the roof of my porch and we had a very long conversation and my MH tooked this picture of me listening very carefully to what I was being told.

I wonder if I told the seagull about the pesky swallow, maybe he would chase it away for me? I shall ask tomorrow.

Friday, 13 June 2014

A Fun Day

.. and a resting day. I have been taking things very easy today, just because I have felt like it. I am very well, but decided that I would go slowly today, so I have spent a lot of time on the back of my couch.

My MH had to do all her housework today 'cos she was away swimming yesterday and didn't get anything done, so as soon as my DH was away on the boat to the Cat shop, she dragged the vacuum cleaner out and ran round my house with it while I sat up high and watched her.

I hope you like this first picture which my MH took last night when she saw this little boat sailing into the sunset and she started to wax lyrical about it and tooked this picture which I like and I hope you do too.

In the afternoon, we went outside for a while and I had a chat to all the cows who are just outside my gate just now eating up all the grass before the nice farmer next door puts them into a new field. I like chatting to the baby cows but I stay out of the way of the big bully boy just in case he is in a bad mood or is feeling like an afternoon snack, but the little cows are lovely and I like them lots.

My MH went into her gym and exercised her little legs and then we played on the grass and I am afraid I got another fright 'cos one of those horrid swallows dive bombed me again---even with my MH standing right beside me! Oh dear friends, she was not best pleased I can tell you and if she ever catches that naughty birdie we will have swallow soup! I do not like it at all and it swoops at me just for fun, but it is not fun from where I am, I can tell you.

I will go out again later on when I hope the little swallow is having a sleep 'cos I want to be able to play in my fields without any interference, thank you very much.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

All Alone

That was me today from this morning till this afternoon as both my humans decided to go away and leave me. My MH went swimming and she needed her haircut and she wasn't very pleased when my DH offered to cut it for her with the lawn mower! I think his bruises will heal soon!!

He decided he needed to go shopping, so I was left all on my own, but I was OK 'cos the weather was quite good so I was able to play outside for a while and then I just snuggled up and had a sleep until they both came home to me again.

It is always good when they do come back, 'cos my MH always lifts me up and gives me a great big cuddle and tells me how much she has missed me and I give her a purr to tell her I have missed her too. I know my DH misses me, but me and my MH are the VERY bestest of friends and she loves me millions! I know this 'cos she keeps telling me I am the greatest thing in the en-tire world, and that makes me very happy.

I don't have much news for you but I will soon be going out to play so I will have lots to tell you tomorrow, but I hope you are all well.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Very Good Day

I have a super day and I have had lots of visitors and one who gave me a great big surprise. The little children came tonight for another guitar lesson from my MH and suddenly my friend A. came in and I was so happy to see him. He was very happy to see me too. He is home from university and he told me that he had missed me and that he was very happy to see me, so I gave him a wee cuddle and one of my special purrs. He helped my MH with the little children and their guitars and he thought they were doing very well.

I had a good night last night and again I got a big surprise 'cos my MH decided to take me outside and I liked that. It was a lovely night. It had stopped raining and there was a lovely sunset so the old dear wanted to take some photographs, so she went outside and of course I had to go out with her and we had brilliant fun.

I ran round and round my garden and chased anything that wasn't nailed down, and that included my beloved MH!! We were out for a long, long time and I ran up the clothes poles and then jumped down again, then I ran to another one and did it all over again until my adorable little self was tired and by this time, my MH had finished and then sun had gone to sleep, so we both went in and a wee while later we were asleep too.

But it had been a brilliant wee while and I just loved it!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Happier Day

We have all had a good day today although my MH did confuse me a little when she said she was happy that it was raining, but then she told my DH that she was happy that she had got our grass cut last night 'cos it was raining again this morning. Sometimes I do get a bit confused by my humans. Ho hum.

Anyway, our day just got better and I have been out lots and lots. My little peppers are doing very well and my DH's tomatoes are growing too and he measures them every day and tells them they are being good and I am sure they like that. I think he has been listening to me and my peppers and he has decided that talking to the plants helps them, which it does.

The old dear did some housework and then she took me out into the garden and we had a play for a long time and that just makes me the happiest pussy cat in the world. I love being in the garden and there is always plenty for me to do like chasing pampas grass, sniffing flowers and jumping on daisies and all the things like that and then when I need a rest, I go and lie down somewhere and have a snooze al-fresco.

While I was playing, my MH decided to go into her little gym and I decided that I could maybe do with a wee bit of exercise and so I had a run on the treadmill and I think I have developed little muscles on my adorable little legs!

If I keep doing this with my MH, I will be the fittest little puss cat in the world!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Another Funny Day

... still a funny odd kind of day rather than a funny laughing type of day, and I shall explain. When we all got up this morning, it was a beautiful day and my humans had their breakfast outside in the garden and it was hot. I gobbled up my breakfast, which was still in the kitchen, and then ran out to be beside them and it was just so lovely. The sun was shining and it was oh so warm and we were all very happy.

My MH noticed this snail trail on my path and she thought you might like to see it, so here it is. While we were all sitting, I heard my MH saying that she was going to the Hall in the afternoon to do some craft things with her friends and when she came home she would take out the lawn mower and cut the grass. It was still a wee bit damp, but she thought it would be all right when she comed home again, but oh dear, it didn't quite work out like that.

I had a wander round my garden and I decided to have a sniff at one of the plants and of course the old dear just happened to have her camera handy, so here I am, sniffing. We sat outside for a while and then my MH went inside to do some housework and the sun was still shining so she was still happy, but then, about lunch time it started to get a bit dull and she began to get a tiny bit annoyed, and then it happened. Yep. The rain came on---hard! Now, my little island isn't very big and it is only about two miles long, but the rain was only raining at the bit where the little lighthouse is and not the bit where the big lighthouse is, and guess which bit I stay at? Yep. The wet, rainy bit!! Oh dear. She was not a happy MH, but off she went and me and my DH had a wander back into our greenhouse for a while and I did some more sniffing and playing.

After we all had our dinner, my MH went outside and decided that she would cut the grass after all, but 'cos it was still a wee bit wet, she decided not to put the bag on the mower 'cos it just all clogs up and makes it harder for the old dear, so the grass is cut and although she is not ecstatic happy as she usually is 'cos she likes everything nice and neat and tidy, she is smiling happy 'cos she has managed to have a play with the mower. Bless!

I watched while she was working and then I was so tired when I came in again, that I had to have a snooze and this is me on my very favourite seat with my MH's jacket to keep me cosy.

Oh Bliss!.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sleepy Squeak

I have been and an out a lot today, but I am afraid that the weather spoiled my plans as well as my MH's. The old dear got up this morning with me and we were both delighted to see the sun was shining, so as we were having our breakfast, we worked out what we would do with the day. My list was very short----PLAY, but my MH's was a bit longer and involved the washing machine and the lawn mower. I was OK with that, 'cos I can keep well out of the mower's way, but I still get to play outside with my humans, so there is an advantage to getting the grass cut.

So, the washing machine was gurgling away quite happy, the sun was still shining so the old dear nipped into back door of the gym and brought out the lawn mower and I sat on the path and waited for her to finish. Well, the poor old thing got round one bit of the grass three times when a great big black cloud appeared and suddenly dropped all its rain on her---and me! Oh dear, we were not best pleased at all and the lawn mower had to get taken back into its wee house, while we had to go indoors and get dried again. Shame.

After a while the rain went off, but by this time the grass was too wet to cut, so it will need to wait till another day. Yippee! I was able to get out to play a lot of times and at one point I was out so long that my humans were worried about me, but just as they were going to come and look for me, I jumped in the window, and that made them happy again.

It looks as though it might be quite a nice evening, so I will have my after dinner nap and then I shall see what the outside is like and I may take my adorable little self out into the fields to see how all my little animal friends are keeping.

My little life might not sound very exciting, but it makes me very happy and I am now into a very lovely routine which involves sleeping, playing, talking to sheeps and cows, feeding and getting lots and lots of cuddles and tummy tickles, so I am quite happy with contentment rather than a lot of excitement.

I hope you are happy too.

Saturday, 7 June 2014


....for this little puss. I stayed out very late last night as I was having such good fun and the weather was being good so the window could be left open for me. At one point the rain came on, so I went home for a wee while and snuggled up beside my MH who was snoring her little head off, but after I had a little cat nap, I went out again for another big long play and when my MH wakened up this morning, she couldn't find me and looked all over the house and finally she saw me sound asleep on the ottoman on top of her big furry dressing gown. Oh, I was so comfortable.

Me and my humans have been in and out a lot today and I have also had lots of seats on my MH's knee 'cos she didn't go out too much although we did go into the gym for a while and I sat on the chair and watched her doing all her exercises. I heard her telling my friend S. that she might cut the grass tomorrow, so I can watch her while she runs all over the garden with the lawn mower. It doesn't frighten me any more, although I don't get too close to it, in case I get an unwanted hair cut. And that would never do!

We have all had our dinner and I am having my early evening rest while my humans are watching my television, but I shall be heading outside in a wee while to do my usual evening visits.

Oh I do like being a pussy cat!

Friday, 6 June 2014

A Happy Day

Me and my MH have been quite happy on our own today as my DH was at the Cat shop and 'cos my MH didn't have much work to do, she had plenty of time to play with me and that just makes me the happiest little puss ever.

We had a long sit on my couch when we got up and decided what we were going to do with our day and then, since the weather was so good, we went for a walk round the garden and I ran and played on the grass and my MH threw bits of pampas grass up in the air for me to jump up and catch and then I killed them dead! Oh,I did have very good fun.

The sun had made my path lovely and warm so I have lots of rolls on it today and I do like this little picture of me 'cos you can see my little shadow as well and my adorable little wagger is there too.

I have been in the field having a chat to the little baby cows and that was good fun as well and my MH is so pleased with herself that she managed to get these two pictures of me as I dived through my fence. I just love these pictures and I hope you do too.

I am resting now 'cos I know I will be staying out very late tonight. The weather is still good and I have lots of sheeps and cows to talk to and I know that I will be able to stay out as long as I want 'cos my humans can leave the window open for me.

I do love the summer nights and I hope we have lots and lots of them.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Normal service.....

.... has been resumed Chez Squeak, I am very pleased to tell you. My MH was very busy yesterday 'cos she and my friend S. were organising a games night in our wee Hall to raise some money for the Lifeboats 'cos they help the peoples on my little island sometimes and they wanted to say 'thank you'.

So this meant that this adorable little puss cat was a wee bit neglected yesterday 'cos my MH was out nearly all day, and both my humans were out all night so I was all alone. However, I was promised some undivided attention today and that has made me very happy again and I have had a very good time today.

It started off with me and my MH changing the beds and I played one of my very favourite games hiding under the duvet while she pretended to look for me. I just love that game and we play it lots while my DH just shakes his head at us! Then a wee while later, we went into the garden while she hanged out her washing and I climbed all the poles and ran round and round until I was quite tired so I went inside with my MH.

Now, one of the good results from her being out all day yesterday and last night is that the poor old dear is quite tired tonight. I know that doesn't sound good, but it means that when she has been working today, she has needed lots of wee rests so she sits down, and guess what I do? Yep, I sit on her knee and let her stroke me and that makes us both extremely happy.

Our afternoon ended with a wee bit of ironing by my MH and I did a wee bit of climbing in my utility room and I ended up very high in one of the little baskets where my humans keep old padded envelopes and I was so comfortable up there that I had a great big sleep while the Boss was ironing. I will definitely go there again.

Just before dinner time I took my MH into our greenhouse to show her all the wee plants and she thought that my little pepper was just wonderful and she gave me a great big cuddle for looking after it so well.

So you can see, normal service has been well and truly resumed!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Funny Day

Not funny laughing, but funny odd. Me and my MH were up very early this morning 'cos the old dear had to go away on the first boat to see the dentist. It wasn't anything serious, so don't worry. The tooth doctor just wanted to see her again and she got on fine.

I helped my DH in our greenhouse and my little pepper is still doing extremely well and my DH still doesn't know why! It was a lovely morning so I was outside all the time and then I saw my MH coming home again and I ran to meet her and gave her a great big purr and she lifted me up and cuddled me for a long time and it was oh so lovely.

We had a seat for a while and she told me what she had been doing and then I tooked her into the greenhouse to see my little plant and she was very impressed. She showed me these pictures she tooked this morning when she was on the way to the boat 'cos it was very calm and she though you might like to see the bit of my island that looks down Scapa Flow to Hoy and then to Flotta and the other one is of our boat that comes every day to my little island.

In the afternoon, she made some cakes for me and my DH and then she played with her lawn mower and she just got finished when the rain came on, so she was very, very pleased with her dear old self. Bless!

I sat on my MH's knee last night and we watched the programme about cats which was very good. It told the whole world just how special us pussy cats are, but it didn't give away any of our secrets which suited me just fine. I don't mind if everybody thinks we are the greatest things on four feet, but we still need to be mysterious, sure we do?

Pussy cats of the world unite, and Squeak for puss-in-chief!!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Lots of Company

My only problem today is whether to go to the field at the front of my house and talk to the sheeps, or go into the field at the back of my house and play with the mummy cows and the baby cows and now that he has a lot of company, Mr. Grumpy bull is much happier and doesn't growl all the time, so he wouldn't mind me being in the field with him and all his family.

I have had a good day and have been able to nip in and out to my little heart's content and you know that always makes for a very happy Squeak. My MH was away out with the ladies doing their crafty work so me and my DH had a quiet seat in our living room until she came home again, and she just came back in time to get her washing in off the rope before the rain started. I watched her from my porch and purred encouragement. Well, there was no point in getting my adorable little self wet, was there?

I had a seat on my MH's knee while she checked all her emails on her computer and I got a very pleasant surprise when she read out a message to me from my friend J. and there was a new paw pal for me. Oh I was so excited. I just love getting a new paw pal and J. sends me pictures of them as well so that I can see what they all look like and some are very beautiful, but I don't think they are adorable like I am. Just beautiful!

So I have had a good Monday, but I don't know if I will be going outside again tonight 'cos it has been raining quite hard and the grass will be all wet and I don't like it when it makes my little tummy wet, so I might just stay in.

There is a programme that me and my MH want to see tonight and it is all about cats and it tells the world all our secrets so I need to make sure they don't give too much away. I am not convinced it is a good idea as us cats are supposed to be mysterious and if everybody and his brother knows all about what makes us tick, then there won't be much mystery left, will there?

I shall watch and see and then decide my next move.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

A Much Better Day

I have been feeling a lot better today and a lot more like my old self which means I have been going out to play again and that always makes me happy.

We all had our usual lazy Sunday just doing all the wee things that we like doing and I just dotted in and out making sure my humans were still beside me and that they were OK which they were. My MH went out for a wee while but she was soon back home beside me and then I got my usual visit from my friend S. who is always delighted to see me, and I love to see her too. And today she had a special surprise for me and my MH 'cos she brought along her little friend Sergei the meerkat to meet us. Now, just in case you are wondering, Sergei isn't REAL, he is a toy type thingy and if you watch your television you will see him lots of times. He is very cute, but not adorable, like me---naturally---but I had a wee sniff at him and I liked him and I know he liked me too.

My friend S. also gave me a message from Buttons who is her pussy cat and older and wiser than I am and Buttons told me that if the swallows annoy me again I have to catch them and eat them! I appreciate her advice, but I don't think I could do that 'cos it is just not in my nature, but if they make me angry enough then I might just do it! Buttons would be so proud of me then, wouldn't she?

It is siesta time for me now and then I shall do my usual hunting and playing later on before settling down beside my MH for a good night's sleep.