Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Happier Day

We have all had a good day today although my MH did confuse me a little when she said she was happy that it was raining, but then she told my DH that she was happy that she had got our grass cut last night 'cos it was raining again this morning. Sometimes I do get a bit confused by my humans. Ho hum.

Anyway, our day just got better and I have been out lots and lots. My little peppers are doing very well and my DH's tomatoes are growing too and he measures them every day and tells them they are being good and I am sure they like that. I think he has been listening to me and my peppers and he has decided that talking to the plants helps them, which it does.

The old dear did some housework and then she took me out into the garden and we had a play for a long time and that just makes me the happiest pussy cat in the world. I love being in the garden and there is always plenty for me to do like chasing pampas grass, sniffing flowers and jumping on daisies and all the things like that and then when I need a rest, I go and lie down somewhere and have a snooze al-fresco.

While I was playing, my MH decided to go into her little gym and I decided that I could maybe do with a wee bit of exercise and so I had a run on the treadmill and I think I have developed little muscles on my adorable little legs!

If I keep doing this with my MH, I will be the fittest little puss cat in the world!

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