Monday, 9 June 2014

Another Funny Day

... still a funny odd kind of day rather than a funny laughing type of day, and I shall explain. When we all got up this morning, it was a beautiful day and my humans had their breakfast outside in the garden and it was hot. I gobbled up my breakfast, which was still in the kitchen, and then ran out to be beside them and it was just so lovely. The sun was shining and it was oh so warm and we were all very happy.

My MH noticed this snail trail on my path and she thought you might like to see it, so here it is. While we were all sitting, I heard my MH saying that she was going to the Hall in the afternoon to do some craft things with her friends and when she came home she would take out the lawn mower and cut the grass. It was still a wee bit damp, but she thought it would be all right when she comed home again, but oh dear, it didn't quite work out like that.

I had a wander round my garden and I decided to have a sniff at one of the plants and of course the old dear just happened to have her camera handy, so here I am, sniffing. We sat outside for a while and then my MH went inside to do some housework and the sun was still shining so she was still happy, but then, about lunch time it started to get a bit dull and she began to get a tiny bit annoyed, and then it happened. Yep. The rain came on---hard! Now, my little island isn't very big and it is only about two miles long, but the rain was only raining at the bit where the little lighthouse is and not the bit where the big lighthouse is, and guess which bit I stay at? Yep. The wet, rainy bit!! Oh dear. She was not a happy MH, but off she went and me and my DH had a wander back into our greenhouse for a while and I did some more sniffing and playing.

After we all had our dinner, my MH went outside and decided that she would cut the grass after all, but 'cos it was still a wee bit wet, she decided not to put the bag on the mower 'cos it just all clogs up and makes it harder for the old dear, so the grass is cut and although she is not ecstatic happy as she usually is 'cos she likes everything nice and neat and tidy, she is smiling happy 'cos she has managed to have a play with the mower. Bless!

I watched while she was working and then I was so tired when I came in again, that I had to have a snooze and this is me on my very favourite seat with my MH's jacket to keep me cosy.

Oh Bliss!.

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