Saturday, 7 June 2014


....for this little puss. I stayed out very late last night as I was having such good fun and the weather was being good so the window could be left open for me. At one point the rain came on, so I went home for a wee while and snuggled up beside my MH who was snoring her little head off, but after I had a little cat nap, I went out again for another big long play and when my MH wakened up this morning, she couldn't find me and looked all over the house and finally she saw me sound asleep on the ottoman on top of her big furry dressing gown. Oh, I was so comfortable.

Me and my humans have been in and out a lot today and I have also had lots of seats on my MH's knee 'cos she didn't go out too much although we did go into the gym for a while and I sat on the chair and watched her doing all her exercises. I heard her telling my friend S. that she might cut the grass tomorrow, so I can watch her while she runs all over the garden with the lawn mower. It doesn't frighten me any more, although I don't get too close to it, in case I get an unwanted hair cut. And that would never do!

We have all had our dinner and I am having my early evening rest while my humans are watching my television, but I shall be heading outside in a wee while to do my usual evening visits.

Oh I do like being a pussy cat!

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