Thursday, 31 July 2014

A HUGE Adventure

I have been away on the boat with my DH and I have been to the vet and I got my pussy cat MOT and the vet said I was just the perfectest little pussy cat he had seen, so I am very happy. He didn't say those exact words, you understand, but I knowed what he was thinking, 'cos I'm good at that.

I stayed out really late last night and didn't come home till three o'clock in the morning. I had thought of hiding all night and then all day so that my humans wouldn't be able to take me to the vet, 'cos between you and me, dear friends, I was a wee bit frightened, so I thought I might just hide for a day, but then I got a bit tired and decided that my own little bed was much more comfortable than the grass, AND if I did stay away all night and all day, my humans would be really worried, so I was a good little puss and went home--eventually!

We all had a good day and I played outside lots with my DH while my MH was doing her housework, and then she went outside to paint my greenhouse door and our wee gym door and while she was doing that, my DH was getting my cage ready and I was trying to work out how I could escape!---But I couldn't, and he catched me.

Now, I am afraid that I was really naughty here 'cos I wouldn't go into my cage and when he tried to shut the door, I nipped out again and eventually he had to send for the Boss but even she couldn't get me to stay in long enough to get the door shut, and at one point she had to coax me out from under the bed! Oh dear. However, finally, between the two of them, they got me into the cage and shut the door and then I howled, and howled and howled and my poor MH was so upset, but it wasn't her that was going to the vet, was it?

I went on the boat and I got inside while two doggies had to stay outside the cabin, 'cos they are not allowed inside, but us pussy cats are, so I sat there and made faces at them and they weren't pleased. Hee hee. My DH's friend was waiting for us and he drove us to the vet shop where the vet man felt my adorable little body and sounded my little lungs and heart and looked at my teeths and said I was just perfect, and I thought I could have told him that on the phone, 'cos I knew all that, but then, oh dear, oh dear, he tooked out a ginormous needle and stucked it into me, and I was sure it was going to come out the other side, but it didn't. Phew

Ten minutes later, I was back in my cage and on the way back to the boat and then up to my house where my MH was waiting for me and I got a great big cuddle which I liked. I am having a rest now, 'cos I am very tired. I have had a harrowing few hours and I need to build up my strength so that I can get my revenge on my humans!!

Watch this space!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Just a Normal Wednesday

Nothing too exciting and no visitors to my house today, so it was just a normal Wednesday for this adorable little puss.

I was able to stay out until about half past one o'clock in the morning, but then I heard my DH shouting for me 'cos it was getting a bit windy, and I knew he would want to close the window so that the furniture wouldn't blow all over my living room, so I was a good little puss and I went home.

Another reason why we need to close the window is to keep all the daddy-long-legs outside 'cos they all come in and stick to my walls and my MH does not like them at all so I think she will be keeping the window shut until they all go away again.

The old boy went away to the Cat shop so it was a girlie day for me and her, and although my MH was out for a short while, we spent the afternoon just sitting together and having a wee chat. I sat on her knee while she talked to me and stroked my little lugs and I am afraid that I drifted off to sleep at one point.I hope she doesn't think that I was bored---I was just so comfortable and it was lovely.

I heard the VET word again today and and I noticed that my carry-box, or my CAGE :-((, is in my kitchen, so I guess that I am going on the boat tomorrow to get my MOT, but I am sure the vet will think that I am just the adorablest, perfectest little puss he has ever seen, and I shall confirm this when I write to you tomorrow when my DH brings me home again.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Some News

Yes, I have some news for you today, so maybe you won't get bored with me after all.

I was up very early this morning 'cos my MH had to go away on the first boat and when she gets up, so do I, 'cos it means I get fed and I am always hungry. Even when I just waken up, so I follow her around making all sorts of adorable little noises until she puts my food in my dish and then I just gobble and purr!

So, away she went in her little car to catch the boat and after I had a wee play in my garden, I nipped back up onto my bed and had another snooze until my DH got up and then I told him that I was STARVING, but he knew that I had been fed, so he just gave me a wee biscuit. But it was worth a try. I think they have finally twigged! Shame, but I'll keep trying.

So there we were, him and me, out in my garden when these two ladies came up and spoke to my DH who invited them in! Well, my adorable little self went into a panic 'cos I wondered what would happen if the old dear came home and found two strange ladies in her house! Not that the ladies were strange, you understand, they were really lovely and made a fuss of me, but we didn't know them!

Then, a wee while later I heard the car and then I heard the door and my little heart was thumping 'cos not only were they in my house, but I was sitting on the knee of one of them and I expected my MH to have one of her 'turns', but do you know what? She didn't. She wasn't angry at all. In fact, she was happy 'cos she knew one of the ladies. Phew!! What a relief.

We all had a lovely time and they thought I was lovely and before they went away, we tooked them into out little gym and V. had a play on my MH's rowing machine, so everybody was happy and my DH didn't get into any trouble.

Well, not yet anyway, but it's only tea time. Hee hee.

Monday, 28 July 2014

I'm Afraid.....

....I am in danger of becoming a tad boring. I know, I know you love hearing what I am always getting up to, but the weather is still suiting me so much that I am spending my summer days just doing the same thing all the time, and so I don't have any exciting news for you.

However, I shall tell you what I have been doing and just hope you are not getting bored. I didn't stay out too late last night 'cos it was a bit misty and my little paws were getting wet in the long grass. I know they were wet, 'cos as I was cuddling up beside my MH I think I sort of stood on her face and she said 'Oh Squeak, your wee feets are all wet' and I think I sort of wakened her up again. Oops!

I was up and out quite early and had a wander round my estate just seeing what was happening and then my DH appeared while my MH stayed inside and played with her vacuum cleaner and her dusters and polish, so really, the best place for me and my DH on a Monday is NOT in my living room!!

My DH was doing something to the outside of my house so I watched him for a while and then my MH told me she was going out with her friends to do some crafty things, so I stayed in my garden keeping an eye on the old boy until she came back and then we all got a bit of a surprise 'cos we had a visitor. It was a man who used to come to my house when he was a young boy and of course I wasn't even made then and my humans were surprised to see him again when he came into my garden with his little girl who though I was ---- oh, what is the word? Oh yes, ADORABLE!! Hee hee My MH told her all about my blog and she said she will have a look for me when she goes away home again, so I think I have another fan.

When they went away, my humans did some more weeding and my MH thinks that nearly all the weeds have disappeared, so that is good. Maybe she will have more time to play with me now. I hope. I am resting now, but I will be going outside very soon to do my usual night time pussy cat things before snuggling up to my MH for a brilliant sleep, but I think it might be wiser if I dry my adorable little feets first!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

More Brilliant

Oh, I am still so very, very happy and I shall tell you why 'cos I know you want to hear what makes me feel like that. Well.

Last night I had been out playing and decided to go home to see what the old dears were doing and as they were watching the television, I sat with my MH for a while and watched with them 'cos I was really needing a wee rest. It had been a fine night, but then the rain came on so I was quite content to be inside.

However, about eleven o'clock, there were lots of fireworks going off in Stromness 'cos it was the end of Shopping Week and we all watched the fireworks from the living room , but I am afraid it was a bit misty so we didn't see very much, but we could hear them when they banged. My MH was worried that I might be frightened, but I wasn't and she was very proud of me. BUT! I am afraid I was a little bit naughty 'cos I heard all the birdies squawking as they got a fright and they all flew past my window, and I thought that if I went outside I might be able to catch one--especially if it was one of the pesky swallows that keep annoying me, so I nipped out of my window and went hunting, but by then they had all settled down again and I didn't catch one. Shame!

Today has been a good day too and the rain has stayed away so we have been outside a lot. My humans are still working in my garden and I watch them for a while and I even helped my MH pull up another weed and that made her laugh a lot, and my DH has been doing lots of work too, but I think they are nearly finished now and it is looking good.

I don't have lots to tell you 'cos I am doing mostly the same things every day, but I am just the happiest little pussy cat and I am loving the summer weather when I can be in and out as much as I like, but I still haven't stayed out for a whole night 'cos when I thought about it, I realised that my MH would worry about me and she needs me to cuddle up beside her when she is sleeping and it would be a wee bit selfish of me if I denied her that. Sure it would?

And we all know that I am a very considerate, adorable pussy cat, don't we? Oh, and I forgot------ modest as well!! Hee hee

Saturday, 26 July 2014

A Brilliant Day

That is what I have had. I rolled home at half past one o'clock this morning, had a wee nibble at some of my biscuits and snuggled up beside my MH for a lovely long sleep until my adorable little tummy told me it was empty and so I told this to my MH who sprang out of bed and fed me. That is a wee bit of a fib, but I did eventually get fed. Mind you it was only about half past six and a wee bit too early for the old dear.

Anyway, when we did all get up, it was quite a good day and we were outside for a long time. My humans were pulling up more weeds and I was helping a wee bit and then I would go off and do pussy cat things before checking up on them, but as they were both together, I knew they would be OK. It's when they are on their own that I worry.

The nice farmer man next door was doing a lot of work in the field in front of my house and he was making 'roondy bales' and my MH told me not to go into the field in case I ended up in the middle of one of them and then she would never find me, and that would be just awful, so, like a very obedient (adorable!) puss, I did as I was told and just watched from my garden, but I have put some pictures on for you so that you can see what I saw.

My DH then tooked out his new big strimmer and he cut all the edges of the grass that my MH cut last week, so she was very pleased with him and I must say that my garden is looking very nice now and I will probably have a perambulation round it later on tonight, but right now it is raining, so I am quite content having a snooze on my couch beside my MH.

I like this picture of me and that look says to my MH 'please feed me 'cos my little bones are sticking through my fur!' Hee hee

It always works though and she feeds me and then gives me a wee cuddle, although I think she is checking to make sure I AM kidding! Oh dear, I can be a little naughty some time----but only sometime, 'cos the rest of the time I am just about 'purr-feck'!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Another Good Friday

I have had a good day again. The weather has been warm and quite sunny, but the mist has rolled in and rolled out again and it sometimes makes a lovely picture, so my MH tooked a couple to show to you and I hope you like them.

My DH went away to the Cat shop again and me and my MH did lots of wee things in the house and in the garden and I helped her pull up some weeds. Yes! I really did. I watched what she was doing, and I knew that I could do it, so I started to wriggle a little weed with my adorable little paw, and up it came and I was SO pleased with my dear little self, and it made my MH laugh.

However, before my DH went away out I was listening to my humans and I heard them say a bad word, and it was so bad that I will have to spell it for you. It is V,E,T!! Oh, I think I might need to lie down :-)) Seemingly, I am going to Stromness next week to get my MOT with the vet, so I shall tell you all about it when it has happened, but right now, I am going to try and forget all about it.

I have some good news for you. I have a special friend who sends me lots of news of my many paw pals and J. has sent me a certificate to say I am a member of the anti lawn mower group which two of my paw pals have started and it has made me so excited. I am also quite happy to know that I am not the only puss in the world who does not like the lawn mower, and if you want to become a member, just let me know and I will ask J. to ask my pussy cat friends if you can join. I think it could be really good fun, but knowing my MH, it won't stop her cutting my grass. Boo :-((

Thursday, 24 July 2014

A Good Day

In all sorts of ways. Once the mist went away to play somewhere else, my little island was lovely and warm, so it was time for me to play outside a lot, and because I was feeling so much better, that is just what I did.

Both of my humans were at home with me and that is just what I like. I didn't get up too early which was just as well 'cos I was out until it got late last night and this wee picture is of me sitting on my window sill just wondering where I would go first, but what you can't see is that there were two ginormous seagulls in the field and I was sort of growling at them. It is a shame you can't hear me, 'cos my growl is just brilliant!

Anyway, my MH was doing some housework, but she kept coming outside to make sure that I was OK which I was of course, but it is lovely when she is outside with me.

I tooked her into the greenhouse and showed her my tomatoes and I asked her if she would show them to you and here they are. Me and my DH are quite pleased with them, but I have some sad news for you. My little pepper died when my humans were away and that made me a sad puss. I don't know what happened to it. Maybe it had something bad in its tummy like I had, but I am afraid it didn't get better like me, so we were all a bit unhappy. I hope my tomatoes are OK until we can eat them.

I played in my garden for a long time and I sharpened my adorable little claws and had good fun just sniffing all over the place. It is funny, but I am getting quite old now and I have been at this garden for a long, long time, and yet every single time I go out I find something different to sniff or to play with or to attack and that's why I love going outside 'cos I never know what I am going to find.

I love all the excitement and I love being in the long grass so I hope that this good weather stays here for a long time so that I can do more hunting and maybe this will be the summer when I spend an en-tire night outside without going to bed.

If I do that, then you will be the first to know!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


.... it has been a rather odd sort of day and I am afraid it didn't start too well for this adorable little puss 'cos I was a wee bit sick this morning just when I wakened up, but don't worry 'cos I am very well again.

I just felt something in my tummy which shouldn't have been there and I am afraid it had to come out and it did---all over the bedroom carpet! I was worried that my MH might have been angry with me, but, as usual, she wasn't. In fact, she was a bit worried for me and gave me a big cuddle which made my adorable little tummy all better. And I have been better all day.

Anyway, it was just a normal Wednesday Chez Squeak and my DH went away to the Cat shop while my MH went out for a while and then when she came home, she went away out again and left me all alone.

Actually, I was quite happy 'cos I just had a snooze and then when she came back, I took up my rightful position on her knee where I sat for a long, long time just purring and half sleeping which was just fine. Then she told me something which did worry me a wee bit 'cos she told me we were going to have a couple of weeks of sports and I thought she was going to make me do exercises with her in the gym, and I didn't really fancy that idea, but then she told me that the Commonwealth Games were coming from Glasgow and my humans used to live very near there, so she was going to be watching the television a lot, and she said if I wanted to, I could sit on her knee and watch with her.

I told her that I would see what the weather was like before I made a decision, and she appreciated that, but at least I will know where she is now, and I think we are going to have a very good time.

I hope if you are watching, you will have a very good time too.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Another Busy Day

We were up early this morning and for my poor old MH who doesn't like getting up early, that was two days in succession! She had to go to the dentist this morning, so I think she would have been happy if she hadn't heard the alarm clock, but when it went off, I jumped up beside her and purred very loudly in her little lug, and she was forced to get up. Maybe I shouldn't be just so helpful.

Anyway, I was fed, cuddled and out to play before eight o'clock this morning and even at that time, my little island was warm so I lay on my path and then I lay on my grass and I had a fine old rest to my adorable little self. My DH got up a bit later and I gave him one of my 'I am a wee bit hungry, will you please feed me?' looks and he did, so I scoffed that down and went back out to play again. One day they are going to discover what I am doing, but not for a while yet, I hope.

Anyway, I was playing in my garden when I saw my MH's little car coming up the road and as soon as she got out of it, I ran up and said a great big 'hello' to her which always makes her happy and we went in and sat on my couch while she tried to tell me what she had been doing.

Now, if you read that carefully, you will be wondering why I said she 'tried' to tell me, and that was because the dentist man had given her three jags in her mouth which made it all frozen and funny and she couldn't speak properly, but I listened very carefully and I understood her. I am such an understanding puss, sure I am?

We had a rest for a while, but then she decided that as she couldn't eat properly she would cut our grass and then have her lunch, so out we all went again. My MH to cut the grass, my DH to pull up more weeds and me to lie on my path.

Ah yes, life can be hard sometimes, but somebody has to do it!!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Busy, busy, busy

That's what we have all been, and my dear old MH has been steaming again. Now, before you rush to report her to the Cat Cruelty man, it's not THAT kind of steaming! No, she has been steaming the kitchen floor, so I took myself outside 'cos the steamer machine thingy spits like a bad tempered pussy cat, and I do not like it very much at all.

It has been a lovely day on my little island, and I was out playing very, very early 'cos my MH had to go out then for a little while, so I stayed outside till she came home, and when she did arrive back, she did a funny thing. Before she even got into the house, she started pulling weeds up on the car parking bit of my garden. I did think she was a wee bit bonkers but I stayed out with her till she had had enough and then I tooked her inside where we talked to my DH.

Now. Sometimes my MH says things to my DH and he doesn't understand what she is telling him, but thankfully, his understanding head was on when she told him how easy it would be for him to get rid of the rest of the weeds while she was doing all her housework things, and off he went with his rubber gloves and his wee trowel and he pulled up all the rest of the weeds while I helped him although sometimes I just purred encouragement to him, and he got lots of gold stars form the Boss and my garden is looking all good again.

I stayed outside for most of the day but every now and then I nipped into my house just to see how my MH was getting on and at one point I timed it perfectly 'cos she had decided she was a bit tired and was going to have a wee sleep and of course she needed me to help her so once she had lied down, I snuggled in beside her and we had a lovely snooze.

It is a super, warm night so I am planning to ask my humans to leave the window open for me and I am going to stay out as long as I can and until I am very, very tired and then I will just nip up onto my little bed and cuddle in beside my MH again.

Oh yes, life might be busy, busy, busy but it is very, very good.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Another Super Day

I went out late last night but I was home before midnight. Well, I know that my humans need their sleep so I didn't want to keep the old dears up too late and I know they worry about me when I am not beside them, so I went home at a decent hour and they appreciated that.

We all had a good sleep and didn't need to get up too early, but when I did, I took my MH into the garden and we had a wander round about which was good fun.

I got a big surprise this afternoon when my two friends S. and M. came to my house 'cos they were watching a film on my big television so after I let them give me a wee cuddle, we all settled down to watch it, but I must admit that I fell asleep half way through it! Oh dear. However, the humans enjoyed it.

My DH was in the study playing on his computer and watching the golf, so I wasn't really interested in that either, but when my friends went away, my MH let me sit on her knee for a long time and just tickled my adorable little lugs and told me all about the film so that made me a very happy puss.

After a wee while, I discovered a bag that my friend M. had left for my MH and I did what every self-respecting little puss would do, I climbed inside and explored! Oh, it was brilliant 'cos it is big enough for me to get my whole self inside it even with the parcels in it, and of course, the old dear just happened to have her camera handy, and hey presto, another picture of yours truly

However, all this climbing and exploring is tiring, so I am now having a snooze before I go on the rampage later on. Oh joy!!

So, I have had a very good weekend and I hope yours has been a good one too.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Super Saturday

I have had a very good day today just doing all the little things that I love. Both my humans have been with me today and you know that's when I am at my happiest, and my MH was always ready with a cuddle for me whenever I asked, so it has been a good day.

It has been quite cool so I haven't been outside too much although I did have a perambulation round my estate and had a word with all my little animal friends and they were very pleased to see me.

I went out late last night 'cos it was a good night, and I stayed out until about half past two in the morning, but my humans had left the window open for me so I could come home whenever I felt like it and then I nipped onto my little bed and snuggled up beside my MH who was gently snoring so that only the furniture was moving!! Hee hee. Don't tell her I said that please.

I thought you might like this picture that the old dear took the other night when the weather was good, and the other one lets you see the view I have outside my living room. I like it very much and I sit on my window sill lots of times just looking and thinking and sometimes I just look without thinking!

I had another wee play with my Mallorcan toy that my DH bringed me back from his holiday. I am still not overly enamoured with it, but I might give it a try later on. It moves very quickly and it is taking me a wee while to get used to it, but maybe I will.

We will see.

Friday, 18 July 2014


If I tell you a secret will you promise not to tell? Ok then I will.

Today is Friday. Well, you know that, so that's not my secret, but I need to explain. 'Cos it is Friday, my DH went away to the Cat shop and it was just us girls again in my house and I like that a lot 'cos we do lots of things together and my MH talks to me all the time when she is working and I like that lots too.

Well, she went away out very early this morning before we were all up. Well, she was up, obviously, but me and my DH were still sleeping and when she came home he got up, so I got up too and I let her feed me and then we waved bye bye to my DH as he went away on the boat.

I went out to play for a while when my MH was doing some of her work, but I kept nipping back in through the window to make sure she was OK and also to see if she was finished so that I could have a wee seat on her knee and at one point I made her laugh a lot cos I was outside my front window while the old dear was having some cereal, but as soon as I heard her spoon scraping the bottom of her dish, I knew it was milk time for this adorable little puss and I flew in the window, jumped on the chair and then dived onto her knee and stuck my adorable little nose into the bowl and lapped up the milk while my dear old MH giggled.

As the afternoon wore on, she began to feel a wee bit sleepy and decided to have a snooze before my DH came home and this is where my secret comes in. I'll bet you thought I had forgotten, didn't you? Well, I didn't.

My MH told me she was going to have a wee cat nap and I decided that if you have a cat nap, you need a cat. Right? Well, she just lay on the top of our bed and put my blanket over the top of her, and I snuggled under the blanket too and snuggled in beside her and purred and purred until we both fell asleep, and oh my dear friends, I was so happy and so comfortable and my MH was so asleep!!

Oh it was just so lovely, and yes I know pussy cats shouldn't do things like that, but I loved it and so did my dear old MH, and I am sure she will let me do it again.

Maybe tomorrow, I hope. ;-)))

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Walk 'n' Roll

Oh I do like that title today! Sometimes my MH is very clever. She tells me and my DH that she is ALWAYS very clever, and we just agree 'cos it is a lot easier that way, but today I think she was a wee bit very clever 'cos one of my pictures is me walking and the other is me rolling. See?

I have had a lovely day. The weather on my little island has been lovely, so I have been out in my garden nearly all day and I played on the new cut grass just to show the old dear that I appreciate it when she cuts it for me. I don't like when she is doing it, but I do like it when it's done. I think I might be a wee bit contrary, but just a wee bit.

We were all at home today and me and my DH have been in our greenhouse a lot and he is happy with our tomatoes, so I will ask my MH to take some pictures of them for you and you can see why he is happy.

My MH was doing some housework, but she did come outside lots of times to see what we were doing and at one point my DH had to fix her little car 'cos it has a funny wheel and it was limping a wee bit when she was making it go and she didn't like that, but he thinks he has made it a bit better, so he has got another gold star from the old dear. Bless!

I did a lot more rolling and then I just sat and watched the birdies and the cows and then I just meditated for a while in the warm sunshine and I was just the happiest little pussy cat in the whole world!

I hope you have had a happy day too.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I knew.....

.... it was all too good to be true! There has been peace and quiet chez Squeak since the oldies came home their holidays and I for one have been enjoying it and I had decided in my own adorable little mind, that when they were away on their holidays, my humans had realised how disruptive to my peaceful existence all their machines were, and that they had decided to stop.

Well, I got that one wrong, didn't I? My DH went away to the Cat shop today and he tooked his sore arm with him so the nurse could see it again. It is getting better, by the way, which is good. So it was just me and my MH and she went out for just a wee while this morning and I had a sleep till she came back, which is our normal Wednesday routine and one which I like.

She sat on the couch and catched up with some of the programmes which she had videod when she was on holiday and I had the loveliest time sleeping on her knee and I was oh so very happy, until about four o'clock when she decided that it might rain in a wee while and the grass was dry and quite long, so you all know now what she did, don't you? Yep, she tooked out the awful lawn mower!!! I was definitely not a happy Squeak!

However, I decided not to have her out there all on her own, so I went out and followed her round my garden as she tidied it all up so that I could roll on the grass without getting lost. Hee hee. It didn't take her too long and my DH came home when she was doing that so me and him went into our greenhouse and I had a wee chat to my tomatoes which are doing quite well. I had helped J. and A.look after them and I told them to chat to them for a wee while, but they thought I was just kidding, so I had to do it all by myself, but I did a good job and my DH was very pleased with me when he came home.

I went back outside just as my MH was finishing and she took these pictures of me as I rolled on my path. I love doing that 'cos my path is always lovely and cosy and it is a brilliant place to roll.

I think I might invite some of my pussy cat friends to come to my garden and we can have a path-rolling party. Now, sure that is just a brilliant idea?

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Good Fun

I have been out in my garden lots and lots today and the bit that I have liked best is when I have comed in again 'cos I head straight to wherever my MH is and she gives me a big cuddle and I give her a big purr and we have done that nearly all day.

My DH had to take his arm to the nurse so that she could take all his stitches out. I was worried that his hand might fall off if she did that, but it didn't Phew! He is feeling a lot better now, but I haven't seen his arm yet 'cos it is all covered up still, but I will tell you all about it later.

My MH has been doing lots and lots of washing so we have been out in the garden while she hanged it all on the rope and of course I had to run up and down the clothes poles to make her laugh. It is my very favourite game when I am outside and you all know that I like climbing, although I haven't been up on top of the unit in my living room yet, but I was nearly up on top of the wardrobe in the spare room.Let me tell you about it.

My MH was changing the spare room bed today and while she was working, I sat on the chair and watched her, but then I had a look up at the top of the wardrobe and I started to wonder. I did think it might be a wee bit too high for me, so I sat there and made some of my squeaking noises asking my MH if she would help me to get up to the top of it and she nearly fell on the floor laughing 'cos I looked at her, squeaked and then looked up at the wardrobe and she knew exactly what I wanted, but she said no 'cos it was too high for me even if she had helped me up a wee bit, but I was not at all happy and just kept squeaking louder and louder until the old dear finally lifted me off the chair and put me on the bed that she had finished.

I think she was hoping I had forgotten all about it, but I haven't. I am just trying to work out a way that I can get up there, so watch this space 'cos anything this adorable little puss cat puts her mind to, she will achieve!

Monday, 14 July 2014

News Time

I have had a good day just getting back to normal and making sure that my humans haven't forgotten any of their training, which I am delighted to add, they haven't!!

We had a wander round the garden but the old dear didn't go into the gym today 'cos she is still a wee bit tired with all the holiday-ing that she did. She told me that she had swimmed and walked and swimmed in the sea too, but she said there were no fishes which is just as well 'cos she might have frightened them!! Hee hee

When she had told me all the things that she and my DH had done, my DH gave me this present which is a squirrel chasing a ball and it is quite good fun but I am afraid I was a little bit underwhelmed 'cos I had set my adorable little heart on a sombrero and I didn't get one :-( I think I would have looked simply stunning in a sombrero, don't you?

Then it was my turn and I told my MH all the things that me and my friends got up to when I was abandoned!! I had really good fun with J. and A. and they liked looking after me too. One night, J. was playing with me and he lied down on the floor for a rest, so I just lay down on top of his head and that made us all laugh, although it did make J. jump a wee bit too!

The bestest thing that we did was to paint the outside of my greenhouse and my MH's little gym, but they didn't let me help as much as I wanted to and I was just a tad peeved. I did mention that my little wagger could be used as a brush and I could paint all the low bits, but they said that my humans might be a bit annoyed if they comed home to a black and white and red pussy cat, and that reminded me of a joke which you might like.

Q. What is black and white and red all over?

A. A newspaper! Hee hee ( Black and white and read all over!) Get it?

I am resting now on my couch beside my MH and I am a very happy little puss 'cos we have all slipped back into our usual routine which just suits me fine, thank you very much!

My MH asked me to show you this picture of the moon that she tooked last night and we both like it, so I hope you do too.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Hello Again

It is me, Squeak and I am back again with you! Oh please tell me you haven't forgotten me! That would make me so very, very sad and not happy at all.

I got a brilliant surprise last night at 18.28 precisely when I heard my house door opening, and I wandered into my kitchen expecting to see my friends J. and A. but it wasn't them. Can you guess who it was? YES!! It was my humans and they had come back to me and I was oh so, so happy, and so were they.

My MH picked me up and gave me the biggest cuddle in the en-tire world and I purred as loudly as possible to let her know I was glad she was home again and then I did the same thing with my DH and that made him very happy. I have hardly left her side and I am sitting nearly on top of her computer as she is writing this, so there might be a funny word or two. Hee hee.

I had a very good time with my two friends and they looked after me nearly just as good as my humans, so I was perfectly OK, but although I love them a lot, it is not nearly as much as I love my MH, but don't tell them that please, 'cos they might be a tad upset and I wouldn't want to hurt them.

I won't tell you what I have been doing 'cos I haven't told my MH all about it yet, but by the time she writes to you for me tomorrow, she will know it all, and she can tell you all about it.

I just wanted to let you know that I am back and that I am well and safe and so very, very happy, and I hope you are all those things too.