Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Another Busy Day

We were up early this morning and for my poor old MH who doesn't like getting up early, that was two days in succession! She had to go to the dentist this morning, so I think she would have been happy if she hadn't heard the alarm clock, but when it went off, I jumped up beside her and purred very loudly in her little lug, and she was forced to get up. Maybe I shouldn't be just so helpful.

Anyway, I was fed, cuddled and out to play before eight o'clock this morning and even at that time, my little island was warm so I lay on my path and then I lay on my grass and I had a fine old rest to my adorable little self. My DH got up a bit later and I gave him one of my 'I am a wee bit hungry, will you please feed me?' looks and he did, so I scoffed that down and went back out to play again. One day they are going to discover what I am doing, but not for a while yet, I hope.

Anyway, I was playing in my garden when I saw my MH's little car coming up the road and as soon as she got out of it, I ran up and said a great big 'hello' to her which always makes her happy and we went in and sat on my couch while she tried to tell me what she had been doing.

Now, if you read that carefully, you will be wondering why I said she 'tried' to tell me, and that was because the dentist man had given her three jags in her mouth which made it all frozen and funny and she couldn't speak properly, but I listened very carefully and I understood her. I am such an understanding puss, sure I am?

We had a rest for a while, but then she decided that as she couldn't eat properly she would cut our grass and then have her lunch, so out we all went again. My MH to cut the grass, my DH to pull up more weeds and me to lie on my path.

Ah yes, life can be hard sometimes, but somebody has to do it!!

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  1. I hope your MH is much better now. Be gentle with her Squeak. Having 3 jags is hard on anyone. :) Sadie says hi and that she has to be put to sleep to have her teeth done.