Monday, 14 July 2014

News Time

I have had a good day just getting back to normal and making sure that my humans haven't forgotten any of their training, which I am delighted to add, they haven't!!

We had a wander round the garden but the old dear didn't go into the gym today 'cos she is still a wee bit tired with all the holiday-ing that she did. She told me that she had swimmed and walked and swimmed in the sea too, but she said there were no fishes which is just as well 'cos she might have frightened them!! Hee hee

When she had told me all the things that she and my DH had done, my DH gave me this present which is a squirrel chasing a ball and it is quite good fun but I am afraid I was a little bit underwhelmed 'cos I had set my adorable little heart on a sombrero and I didn't get one :-( I think I would have looked simply stunning in a sombrero, don't you?

Then it was my turn and I told my MH all the things that me and my friends got up to when I was abandoned!! I had really good fun with J. and A. and they liked looking after me too. One night, J. was playing with me and he lied down on the floor for a rest, so I just lay down on top of his head and that made us all laugh, although it did make J. jump a wee bit too!

The bestest thing that we did was to paint the outside of my greenhouse and my MH's little gym, but they didn't let me help as much as I wanted to and I was just a tad peeved. I did mention that my little wagger could be used as a brush and I could paint all the low bits, but they said that my humans might be a bit annoyed if they comed home to a black and white and red pussy cat, and that reminded me of a joke which you might like.

Q. What is black and white and red all over?

A. A newspaper! Hee hee ( Black and white and read all over!) Get it?

I am resting now on my couch beside my MH and I am a very happy little puss 'cos we have all slipped back into our usual routine which just suits me fine, thank you very much!

My MH asked me to show you this picture of the moon that she tooked last night and we both like it, so I hope you do too.


  1. Lovely to have you back Squeak, you have been missed. I'm glad your humans enjoyed their hols.
    Please tell your MH that I do like her photo of the moon, it's very atmospheric.
    Anne x

  2. Hi Squeak. That definitely is a beautiful picture of the moon. I am glad that things are back to normal for you.