Sunday, 10 August 2014

Another Good Day

The rain finally went off and I managed to get out to play for a long time last night before I went home to go to bed. My little tummy got wet 'cos the grass around my house is long and my legs are just little, so the grass rubs my undercarriage and makes me wet, but when I go home, I just show my MH and she makes me all dry again. Simples!

We didn't need to get up too early 'cos all our wee jobs were nearly finished although my DH did some more weeding this afternoon and my MH found a wee drop of her energy and made some cakes for us. She made pancakes for me and her and scones and fruit buns for my DH so he is very happy. He was out in the garden this afternoon and I went out to see what he was doing and then I noticed that he had left his car door open so that he could hear the radio, so I nipped into his seat and I sat with my adorable little paws on his driving wheel. He ran into the house to get my MH with her camera and when they came out again---I was gone. Oops! Sorry, humans.

We played on the grass for a while before I tooked my MH into my house 'cos I was feeling a bit hungry and she gave me my dinner and then just because she had her camera in her hand anyway, she tooked this picture of me at my very favouritist past-time.

Oh, yum yum. :-))

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