Sunday, 17 August 2014

Another Night Time Adventure

I have been thinking very seriously about becoming a nocturnal pussy cat and I have spent most of my day working out all the pros and cons and I am afraid that most of them concern my adorable little tummy. I shall explain.

As I told you, I was tired yesterday all day, but by the time bed time arrived, I suddenly discovered that all my energy was back again and I decided to go out to play. I waited until I knew that my MH was settled down in her little bed with her book and I asked my DH to open the door for me, which he did, and as I stepped out he told me not to be late 'cos he wanted to go to bed, but I sort of didn't hear that bit too well and oft I went.

Now for the weather report. It was dry but could have rained and it was blowing a wee bit right into my living room so my DH had to close the window when he went to bed. He doesn't go to bed early most of the time and it was late last night when he decided that he was tired and that I needed to be home, so he called and he whistled, and he called and he whistled, but I didn't come back and he finally gave up and went to bed, shutting me out! Oh dear. When he went into the bedroom, he wakened my MH to tell her all this and to say she wasn't overjoyed is a wee bit of an understatement, but it was done.

Well, the old dear dozed on and off but finally got up about half past two o'clock in the morning and called for me out of the window and then called for me out of the door, but I was nowhere to be seen and she was getting a wee bit annoyed and she also gets a bit worried 'cos she loves me so, so much that she doesn't want anything to happen to me, but when we have had our wee chats, she accepts that I have to do what all pussy cats do and she tries not to worry too much.

So, she sat on my couch for a wee while and then she tried calling again and when she opened the door she saw a lovely sight that made her smile. Can you guess what it was? Yes! It was me, Squeak, and I was just running across the path from the field and was diving through the fence, but it was a bit dark and she could only see my adorable little chest 'cos that is white and most of the rest of me is black, so she couldn't see it, but it was all there. Trust me. But the thing that made her smile was that I talked to her all the way up the path telling her that I was home and that I was very OK and we were both very happy.

So, that's why I have been thinking, but what is worrying me is if I stayed out all night I might get hungry and my MH would be in her bed sleeping so she wouldn't feed me as often as I want and I wouldn't get all the cuddles that I get through the day, so I will need to give my lifestyle a lot of serious consideration and you will see from this picture that I have spent all day doing just that, and I shall tell you what I have decided, although I would appreciate any help with this very delicate matter if you feel so inclined. Thank you.

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