Saturday, 2 August 2014

I am wondering....

....what my MH is putting in their coffee 'cos her and my DH have been working really hard today and, as you know, the old dear worked hard yesterday too, so I just wonder!

When my DH came home last night, we took him into the garden to have a look at the doors that 'we' had painted and he liked them a lot, but both my humans thought that one of them might need another coat, but we left it for the night and went inside again. We had an easy night, and I had a sleep on my couch before I went out to play, and I stayed out so late that my DH had gone to bed by the time I went home, but he had left the window open for me, so I nipped into my living room then wandered into the kitchen for a biscuit and a drink and then snuggled up beside my MH till it was getting up time again.

The first thing we did after we had all finished our breakfast was to go round to see what the gym door was like and we all decided that it did need some more paint on it. My MH said she was sure she could hear the door sookin' in the paint when she was putting it on, so she wasn't surprised that it might need some more.

So, she went and got ready to do more painting and my DH went up on the roof to fix a tile that had comed off and I just played about in the grass and watched them as they worked. When my MH was finished, she did some more work in the house and then she cleaned all the insides of the windows before she baked me a lemon cake which I like and she made curry for their dinner and all this time, my DH was doing lots of wee jobs outside.

So, you can see why I am wondering where they are getting all this energy. I was tired just watching them, but I am happy to tell you that we have all settled down now and we are watching the Commonwealth Games on my television and we are all liking that!

I am going to have a word with both the old dears and tell them to have an easier day tomorrow and just concentrate on making me happy. And that is a very good plan, methinks.

This is a fun picture for you today and if you look very closely you will see my adorable little tongue sticking out. Aw, sweet!

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