Friday, 1 August 2014

Just Normal

No great excitement today. Just a normal day at my house and I for one am quite happy about that. I was very tired last night after my big adventure and that HUGE injection, so I had a very early bedtime, but this morning I was back to my usual bright bubbly self and my MH was very happy with me.

I didn't make my humans suffer too much, but when my MH said 'no' when I asked for more dinner, I just gave her my 'you put me in a CAGE!' look and she gave in. It only worked once though, but it was worth trying!

My DH went away to the cat shop and told all my friends there what a good puss I had been at the vets and they were all very pleased for me 'cos they all know what I do and they think I am a wee bit special, and we can't argue with that, can we?

It was quite a good day, so my MH took her pot of paint and went outside to give the doors of the gym and the greenhouse another coat and she is pleased with how they look now and I have put on a picture of each door so you can see what a clever MH she is. I played on the grass for a while when she was working, but I stayed away from the paint in case I got it on my little body and that would not have been very clever.

We had a rest for a while when she had finished and then she decided to go and cut the grass so off she went again to play with her lawn mower and made my garden look lovely again. And do you know what happened when she came inside? It started to rain! Oh she was so happy! Not that it was raining, but that it had stayed off long enough to let her get finished.

Maybe it was because I was lying on my couch with my adorable little paws crossed for her. It works every time!

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