Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Terrific Tuesday

I have had another super duper day just playing and watching and running and chasing and just doing lots and lots of normal pussy cat stuff which always makes me a very happy puss.

Both my humans were at home again and my DH is still working in my garden getting it all lovely for me to play in. He was pulling up more bits of grass today and he put down some big slabs and then, just as I was having a wee listen to him talking while I was sitting on my MH's knee, I decided he had finally lost his marbles and I did get a wee bit worried when he said that as soon as the time was right, he would put some chips down on the path.

Well, no matter which way I looked at it---and I looked at it this way, and then I looked at it that way (are you making your head move? Hee hee)--- it didn't make any sense at all 'cos normal people don't put chips on their path, do they? NO! Then, my magic MH knew what I was thinking and she explained it wasn't eating chips, it was walking on chips! Phew. The old boy is still a wee bit OK!!

My MH was still doing some housework and today she was changing the sheets and the duvet covers and I had more great fun climbing in and out of them and the best bit was when she lifted me off the bed and then I jumped back on again and this time, when she lifted me off again, she tickled my adorable little tummy which always makes me laugh and I liked it a lot.

So, that has been my day and it has been a very good one and I think I might be able to have a good night too 'cos the weather is still good enough for my humans to leave the window open so I will be able to stay outside for just as long as I want.

Oh, I do love being outside when it is late, but I LOVE nipping back into my little bed beside my little MH. Hee hee!


  1. A beautiful picture of you Squeak, lying in the sun enjoying its warmth. I am glad you had such a good day, and your weather is good.

  2. Hello Bonnie. I wish yesterday's weather had stayed a wee while longer 'cos I am a bit fed up with all the rain and even my dear old MH is not making me feel better. Sigh!