Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I was not a very happy puss today 'cos some visitors came to see me and my MH wouldn't let them in! In fact, she closed both the gates to my garden to make sure they didn't get in. Now, sure that is not good?

Oh, do you want to know who my visitors were? They were some sheeps who normally live in the field beside my house, but they were so anxious to come and see me, that they managed to escape and they were just about to come into my garden to knock on my door, when my MH saw them and ran out as fast as her little (but not adorable!) legs could take her and then she shoo'd them away and shut all my gates and I just sat on my step and sulked and it was the biggest sulk I have ever done, but I was not happy. After all, she lets HER friends come into my house and I welcome them and sit on their knees and give them big purrs, so surely I am entitled to some of my friends? Sigh :-(

Anyway, apart from that, I have had quite a good day. It was just another normal Wednesday with my DH nipping off to the Cat Shop and my MH doing whatever it is she does---I must follow her one day and find out. Oh I can see it now. Yours truly with my long black detective coat and my dark glasses with a beautiful Sherlock Holmes type hat with lug holes for my adorable little ears following the old dear and hiding behind a passing sheep or cow if she just happens to turn round so that I can find out where she goes. Oh, what an imagination! I am a clever puss, am I not?

I had a sleep until she came home and then I sat on her knee to tell her I had forgiven her for turning my friends away and then we went out to play in my garden for a while which was lovely. The old dear went inside, and I nipped over into the field to apologise to the sheeps, but they said they understood and that it was Ok and we would still be best friends which made me happy again.

So that has been my Wednesday and the best bit is still to come after I have had my sleep 'cos the weather on my little island is still good and I think I will probably be staying out very late tonight, and I have suddenly had the brilliantest idea.

You know that when the weather is good and I am out late, my humans leave the window open for me? Well, if the little sheeps can escape out of the field again,the could come in through the window with me and we could have a wee party before the humans get up again and so they would never know!

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!!

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