Saturday, 16 August 2014


.... I think all my late nights have finally caught up with me 'cos I have been very tired today and have spent most of my time sleeping.

I was late again last night, and I'm afraid I almost upset my humans, but not quite. You see, I went out about half past nine and I comed home again just before midnight. My DH was still up and my MH was in her bed but she was reading. She told me I was a very good puss for coming home early, but I am afraid I had only come in 'cos I was hungry, and that I was going to try and get out again. I sat with her for a while and then I went in to see what the old boy was doing and I asked him---very quietly---to let me out again, which he did, and then he went and told the Boss.

She was not best pleased because when I am out late it gives me an appetite and I always need a feed when I do come home, and it is my MH that I have to waken to do this small thing for me 'cos I have told you that my DH would sleep through any noise at all, so I know it is no use at all even trying to waken him, but my poor old MH wakens at the wee-est noise, which is just as well for me really, or my little bones would be sticking through this adorable little black and white coat of mine.

Anyway, I digress. The fact that my DH had let me out meant that if I didn't come home before he went to bed, my MH would have to get up and close the window after me 'cos it was a wee bit blowy and it might have rained, so I am afraid the old fellow was in the dog house. This doesn't worry him, 'cos he is in it so often that he has made it quite comfortable for himself! Hee hee

However, a serious 'domestic' was averted when yours truly decided to go home before all the lights went out and my dear old MH didn't have to get up after all. Phew!

As a result of all this, when I wakened up this morning, I was still feeling quite sleepy, so I had my breakfast, a wee wander round my garden to leave a couple of deposits here and there and then I headed back to my bed again and all day I have wandered from my bed to my MH's knee---wherever that has been--and then onto the couch or my chair and I have spent most of my afternoon in the land of nod, and I think I might be in bed very early tonight.

Unless I find some more energy later on. One just never knows, does one?

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