Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I am just....

....plumb tuckered out! I have had a simply brilliant day and for most of it I have been sitting on a knee being petted and adored!

I think I can hear you saying that this is not a very unusual occurrence, but you will understand when I tell you that it was not my MH's knee that I was on, it was our visitor's.

I had two visitors in my house this afternoon---a man one and a lady one--- and although they both thought that I was beautiful and adorable, the lady visitor REALLY loved me, so I sat with her. Well, I actually sat ON her and let her stroke me and talk to me and I was very happy, and so was she. I think my MH was a wee bit jealous, but I'll make it up to her later on.

It is quite tiring being adored, so I am now resting on the back of my couch until it is time for me to go out hunting, but at the moment it is raining, so I am not in any hurry, and as soon as my MH finishes telling you all about me, I will plop my adorable little self onto her knee and there I shall sit until it is time for the old dear to go to bed.

I hope you will understand now why I am a little bit exhausted? It has just been one of those days. Lovely!!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Happy Day

We are all very happy chez Squeak and that is just because my dear old MH was able to run round my garden today with her lawn mower and she got all our grass cut, so she is a very happy MH, and when she is happy, we are all happy!

It has been a busy day in my house 'cos the vacuum cleaner came out first with the dusters and the polish, and as soon as my DH went away to the cat shop, my MH started all her cleaning. I think she likes playing with all her machines 'cos she brought out the steamer today as well, so yours truly took my adorable little self off to bed until she was finished because I know that when she needs a rest, I can sit on her knee for a while and that's just what I did.

We both had a wee giggle when my DH went out 'cos he remembered to take the case with him today and my MH didn't say a word, but we just looked at one another and then we smiled. It is a shame for him sometimes!

My friend M. came to see me today and we had a chat while her and my MH started to make our Christmas cake. OK, I shall give you a minute to digest that. Well, the sentence that is, 'cos the Christmas cake isn't ready yet. Hee hee. You see, my MH bakes things that me and my DH like but she has never made a cake like that before and she wants to try so my friend is going to help her. I shall keep you informed and maybe even show you a picture of it whenever it appears.

My DH came home just as my MH had finished cutting the grass and he put his shirt down on my couch so that my MH could sew a hole in his pocket, and I snuggled up inside it and had a lovely sleep 'cos it was so lovely and cosy.

So, you can see that we have all been very busy today and I have been told that we are getting visitors tomorrow. I am looking forward to that 'cos I love meeting new peoples, especially ones that think I am adorable---which most of them do!!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Lazy Sunday

I like the weekends. My humans are normally at home with me all weekend and my MH doesn't do any house work so it is very peaceful in my house which is just how I like it.

I was fine last night after they both went out and the window was left open for me, so I knew I could go and see Mr. Bully Boy if I wanted, but I decided against it. I think he has had a falling out with Mrs. Cow 'cos he has started bellowing again and I think it might be wiser to stay away from him. My MH tooked this picture of him today when he was looking in my window and I think he wanted me to go out and play with him, but I'm afraid I was resting and I didn't go.

We have spent most of the day watching the golf on my television and I have decided that I am going to become a golfer 'cos I already have the one very important part that is needed to be a brilliant golfer, and that is the wiggle! I watched all the men getting ready to hit the little ball with their stick and they all wiggled their bottoms first and you all know that I have the most adorable little bum wiggle, so I reckon I am half way there. I just need to ask my MH to get me a stick and a ball and then I will ask my DH to dig little holes in my grass, and I am nearly famous! Oh I am so excited already.

So that has been my day. Nothing too exciting, but I have been a happy Squeak and I hope you have had a happy weekend too.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Very Normal

My Saturday so far has been a very normal day with me and my humans having a long sleep and then just doing little bits of work, but really taking it very easy.

My dear old MH is getting a wee bit cantankerous 'cos she is desperate to get the grass cut again and the rain won't let her. I won't tell her that I have been asking the rain to keep the grass wet so that she won't be able to take out the awful mower 'cos it would be more that my adorable little life is worth! I might have to give in sometime soon though and let her play with the machine just to keep her happy.

We have all been watching the golf and I am enjoying it so I am happy to sit on the old dear's knee and let her stroke my little lugs as she is watching my television. i have been outside a few times and I even went into the field beside the big bully boy now that he has stopped bellowing at me and I am sure he gave me a smile, so I think he likes me----and who wouldn't? Hee hee

My humans are going out to a games night in our Hall tonight and my MH is doing a quiz for everybody, so I shall be left all alone until they come back, but I will probably wander into the fields to see the sheeps and the cows, so I won't be too lonely. I always have lots of things to do even when my humans are not with me and I am never frightened 'cos I have lots and lots of friends who love me and who will look after me if I need company.

I think I am a very lucky pussy cat. Sure I am?

Friday, 26 September 2014

Windy, Windy

Me and my MH were up very early this morning. In fact, for the old dear, it was really the middle of the night, but up she got, and of course I had to get up with her to make sure she was OK. Now, I will let you into a wee secret. Sometimes my MH helps the lady in the Post Office and that's where she went this morning 'cos it opens at half past seven in the morning, so that's why we were up before the birdies.

I watched her go away and before she had even shut my front door, I was back in my bed which was still lovely and warm and I was sound asleep in a trice. I was in a lovely sleep when I heard my MH coming home to me again so I ran to greet her to give her a special purr 'cos I know she doesn't like getting up early and I wanted her to know I was proud of her especially as the weather on my little island was awful with a ginormous wind howling all round my house.

It has been very wet and windy all day and I have only been out once or twice although one time when I did go out, it tooked me a long time to get back in again 'cos the rain wouldn't stop falling down and I had to stay sheltering under the car for a long, long time. I was beginning to think that I would never sit on my MH's knee again when it finally went off and I raced home as fast as I possible could and jumped up onto my couch with a great big sigh of relief.

For the rest of the day, I sat on my window sill and watched Mr. Bully Boy in the field and I noticed that he wasn't grumpy any more but just as I was wondering why, I saw a lady cow beside him and they both looked happy, so maybe he was just growling 'cos he was lonely and if I had gone into the field to talk to him when he first arrived then he wouldn't have been so angry. Oh dear!:-(

Anyway, it has been nice and quiet now that he has stopped bellowing in my adorable little lug, and if this wind would stop shrieking, I could maybe get some more sleep.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Very Quiet Day

I have no news for you at all because I have been on my own all day as my humans were both away out and it was so windy that my MH had to close the window shutting me in my house with no way to escape. Oh dear.

I did manage a very quick perambulation round my garden before they tootled off in my MH's little car, and when I saw them disappear down the road, I just took to my bed and had a sleep. I was quite happy really 'cos I was lovely and cosy and there was plenty of food left for me so I didn't feel neglected, just a wee bit lonely.

However, my day must have passed fairly quickly 'cos I thought I heard something, so I wandered into my kitchen and there they were, my humans, and they were back to stay with me. I got my big cuddles and then when she was ready, I sat with my MH while she told me all the things she had been doing and that made me very happy.

I don't know if I will go out again tonight because my little weather man friend told me that there will be gales on my island and you all know I don't like the wind, so if he is right, then yours truly will be staying indoors for a while till the wind switches off again.

Oh dear.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Oh Dear, Oh Dear

My adorable little sides are aching. And I hear you asking why, but I am about to tell you, so make yourself comfortable and I shall begin.

I have to admit that my day didn't start too well and I was rather a sad puss, but it soon got a lot better. I got up at the same time as my MH and bounded into the kitchen at breakneck speed 'cos as usual I was hungry, but then I skidded to a halt and all thoughts of food went right out of my little head 'cos there, right in front of me, was a suitcase! Oh, my dear friends, I was so, so sad, because I thought my humans were going away to leave me again and I didn't want that at all.

I decided that if I sat on the case, then they couldn't take it, and so that's what I did, but when my MH saw me looking all sad and forlorn, she lifted me up and cuddled me, then explained that my DH was taking the case to the Cat Shop 'cos they didn't need it any more. Phew! Suddenly, I was ravenous and gobbled up all my breakfast and then sat on my MH's knee and waited for my milk.

My DH picked up his Ipad and his packed lunch and put them on top of the case to lift into his car when he went out, so he was all organised. We all had a chat and then oft he went while me and the Boss sat together for a while working out what we would do with the day. A short time later, we went into the kitchen and guess what we saw? Yep! The case! My silly old DH had lifted his Ipad and his lunch but forgot to lift the case!

Well, we laughed and laughed and laughed so much we ended up rolling on the floor and there were six little legs waggling in the air. Four of them were adorable and were mine, and the other two were my MH's and we stayed like that for a long time. Well, I got up again quite easily, but the last time I looked, the poor old dear was still there. I will help her up when I am hungry again! Hee hee

Now, just in case ---get it? you are worried, that last bit is a wee fib. My MH did get up eventually, and every time we looked at the case, we just laughed and laughed again, so now you know why I have sore sides. My dear old DH will never live it down 'cos we won't let him!!!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Still Quiet

I was up very early this morning 'cos my MH had to go away on the early boat to show the dentist her teeths and of course yours truly had to get up with her and make sure she got away without forgetting anything, but as soon as her little car tootled down the road, I was back on top of my bed while it was still warm.

I stayed there till my DH got up and then I asked him to please feed me and he did. I just didn't tell him that my MH had fed me before she went away! Well, he needs to feel useful doesn't he? And there was still room in my adorable little tummy for some more breakfast. My MH thinks I might have hollow legs 'cos she says I am always hungry, but I am just being polite and eating whatever she puts down for me.

I went outside for a wander round my garden and then I got a great big surprise when I saw my MH's little car tootling back up the road and in a trice she was giving me a big cuddle and I was oh so very happy. We sat together on my couch for a while and we had a chat, but when I saw her reaching for the vacuum cleaner, I asked her to let me out and I went into the field and talked to the sheeps. I decided not to go and see the big bully boy 'cos I could hear he wasn't in a very good mood. He has been wandering up and down past my living room windows just bellowing and I am a tad fed up with all the noise he is making, and if wasn't a million times bigger than me, I would tell him that!

My MH told me there was a big liner in Stromness when she went over and just as she was telling me, it sailed past my little island and we thought you might like to see it, so here it is.

Me and the old dear had a snooze together in the afternoon 'cos she was a bit tired after her sailing and then her housework and I just love it when she lets me cuddle up beside her. She just lies under the blanket and she lets me underneath it with her so we can have a cuddle and a snooze together and it is one of the bestest times in my little life, so that's what we did.

I played out quite a lot later on in the afternoon and then after my dinner I had my usual sleep on my couch and my MH tooked this picture of me 'cos she thinks I look cute, and I must say I agree with her. I especially like my little pink toe that you can see.

So, that's my day. It is raining now so I don't know if I will be going outside later but I will tell you tomorrow.

Monday, 22 September 2014

A Busy Day

It has been a busy day in my house --- and outside my house too, so there have been lots of things for me to watch, but not an awful lot for me to do, which is fine really 'cos I wasn't in the mood for working hard today and I have enjoyed watching everything.

All of you out there who read about me regularly know that Mondays in my house are cleaning days and today was no exception, so the old dear ran round my house with her dusters and her polishes and her vacuum cleaner while I followed her round from room to room and kept her company and she liked that a lot, and so did I.

We did all the cleaning and then had a sit on my couch while I plonked my adorable little self on my MH's knee and listened as she stroked my little lugs and told me she loved me. She tells me that lots of times every day and I purr back to her and tell her I love her too and that makes us both feel very happy.

I heard a noise outside and jumped up onto my window sill and saw the nice farmer next door putting the ginormousest big bull in the field right in front of my window, and I decided that it would probably be best for me not to go near him for a while---the bull that is--- 'cos he was making an awful noise which sounded like he wasn't best pleased at getting moved, so I won't go into that field tonight, methinks. He bellowed all afternoon and to be honest, my dear friends, I was getting a wee bit of a headache and was just about to look for my MH's headphones to see if I could get them in my little lugs to cut out the noise, when bully boy decided he had a sore throat and stopped roaring at the world! Oh joy.

I had just settled down again, when I heard another tractor and this time the same nice farmer next door was putting a boy sheep in the field opposite my gate and he was nice and quite this time----the boy sheep, that is! Now, please don't ask me how I know it is a boy sheep, 'cos I think I might blush if I had to tell you, but just take my word for it please. I have decided that if the rain stays off tonight, then I shall go into that field and introduce myself to mr. sheep and hopefully we will become friends. I will let you know how I get on.

I was left on my own for a while this afternoon as my MH was away doing her craft things with her friends, but it was fine really. Well, it was once the bully boy had stopped shouting, and I was able to get a wee cat nap until the old dear came home, and then you all know where I went then?

Yep. Right up on her knee, and we had another heart to heart and then I had a snooze I was just the most comfortable--and adorable-- little puss in the world!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Nothing to Report

Except I have had a very good day. A nice, peaceful day, but a good one just the same. I went out quite late last night and comed home again at two o'clock in the morning. My DH had gone to bed and had left the window open, but it was a bit windy in my living room , so my MH got up to close the window and called for me to come home, and being just the most obedient little puss in the en-tire world, I did just that. OK, OK. I was on my way home anyway, but she doesn't need to know that and it's more brownie points and cuddles for yours truly!

We all had a long sleep this morning and I sat with my MH while she had her breakfast so that I could get a wee drink of milk and then I went out to play and watched the birdies for a while and waited for them to come to my bird feeder, but not very many came. I think they were frightened that I might be naughty to them. As if I would!!

I have two pictures for you today. This first one is the big sea-snake which gets towed up and down past my window lots of times and the first time I heard my MH telling my DH about it, I thought the old dear had finally flipped 'cos she told him to come and see the snake in the sea, and although I am just a puss, I now that snakes do not sail, but when I looked and saw for myself, I was quite relieved 'cos I would miss her if she got tooked away! Hee hee

The other picture doesn't really need an explanation, but I had just come in from having a long play in my fields and I was a bit sleepy, so I settled down on my MH's jacket and I will probably stay there until it is time to go out hunting and exploring again.

So, although I haven't done very much at all, I have done all the things I like doing, so I have had a very good day and I hope you have had a very good day too.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Much Better

I am feeling a lot better today and not as tired and that is because I had a very peaceful evening yesterday, although I was not very happy 'cos I was all alone.

My humans decided to go away to Stromness for a night out and of course I couldn't go with them, so I just stayed home and slept on my couch. The window was left open for me and it was a lovely evening, so I had a couple of wee trips outside, but I was back in my house when the humans came home. My MH changed into her big furry dressing gown and I settled down on her knee and had another sleep while she stroked my adorable little lugs and told me what they had eaten and it did sound lovely, but I don't think it was as good as my dinners.

We all have had a fairly quiet day with my humans not doing very much at all and me doing even less, although I have been a bit worried and had to get my MH to help me. Remember yesterday I asked you if I looked tired in my picture, and thought it might have been because I was getting old? Well, my friend B. told me that I wasn't getting old, but I had just over extended myself. I didn't know what this meant but my dear old MH or 'she who thinks she knows everything' explained and I was very happy. So thank you, B. I feel a lot better now!

I had a very pleasant surprise today when my friend S. came to see me. I am a very lucky puss cat 'cos I have lots of friends. Some are just able to write to me and have never seen me 'for real', but my friend S. comes to see me nearly every week, but usually on a Sunday and that's why it was a surprise for me today, but it was one I really liked. She gave me lots of cuddles and tickled me under my adorable little chin and I was in ecstasy. I didn't want it to stop, but she had to go home to see her own pussy cat. Shame.

So, I have had a very good day, and I hope you have had too.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Do you think.....

.......I look tired? Well, that's 'cos I am! I was out till very, very late this morning. The latest I have ever been out and I am feeling the effects today, so I have been a very quiet Squeak.

My humans both stayed up late 'cos there was something on my television that they wanted to see, but finally the old dear had to give in and off she went to bed. I sat with her for a while as she was reading her book, but when she put out her light, that was my signal to hit the outside world, and oft I went leaving my DH all alone watching his telly.

He sat up till about four o'clock in the morning and by this time I had been in for about half an hour and had had a wee sleep, so I was feeling quite fresh again and I asked him to please let me out to play.

This he did, and he told me that he was going to bed but he would leave the window open for me so I didn't come home again till half past five o'clock this morning! And I LOVED it!! I'm afraid that I wakened the old dear as I landed with a gentle thud on her pillow just right beside her head, but she was happy that I did 'cos she put on our television and saw what had happened. I thought it was quite an odd thing to do, but then my humans DO quite odd things at times!

They both went out today for a while 'cos the minister was on our island and my MH had to take her guitar and today's picture was taken when she came back and I had a wee seat inside her furry case, but when she showed me the picture, I noticed that I looked tired, so I am going to have a snooze now and I shall go out to play later on, although I think I will come home much earlier tonight.

I think I am getting old! Sigh :-((

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Naughty Me

Yes, I know it will come as a shock to you, but I have been a little naughty puss cat, but not too serious, and all in a good cause.

I was in my bed beside my MH even before my DH went to bed last night and I didn't get up again except for one time about half past six o'clock this morning when my adorable little tummy told me it was needing fed, so I asked my MH but she was so sound asleep she didn't hear me, which is quite unusual, I must admit, and she didn't waken.

I knew she would be very upset if she thought that her beloved Squeak was hungry and she didn't do anything about it, so I looked around for ways of wakening her up and it was then that I noticed that the bathroom door was open. Now, this door is always closed through the night to keep yours truly out, but one of my humans had forgotten this and had left it open, and we don't know which one 'cos they are each saying it was the other one! Hee hee

However, it was open and I saw that it was open and so oft I went, where I am not supposed to go. Oh happy, happy Squeak. I positioned my adorable little self on the wash hand basin where I could 'plunk' the shower switch against the wall and still see my MH when she woke up, so it was just perfect. I sat there for quite a while, just gaily hitting the switch with my little paw and watching it swing against the wall before it came back to me and all the while I was watching the old dear to see if I was having the desired effect, and finally it worked and she wakened up. Oh happy, happy Squeak---again!

I was very happy, but I am afraid my MH was not, so I left the bathroom and with a death-defying leap I was on top of her chest smiling at her and giving her my bestest purr which always makes her smile. And this morning was no exception. She called me a monkey, but she was smiling at me when she said it and then we both wandered into my kitchen where she gave me a wee drop of food before we both went back to bed for a while.

But she shut the bathroom door!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Very Quiet Day

I didn't stay out too late last night 'cos there was nothing exciting happening on my little island and I decided that I would be much happier snuggled up beside my dear old MH, so I looked at my little paw-kit watch and it told me at was half past one o'clock, so I decided to go home. The old boy was still up so I had a wee chat with him, asked him for a biscuit--which he gave me--and then I nipped up onto my bed and settled down for a lovely night's sleep.

I got a wee surprise earlier in the evening when my MH was on her computer 'cos I got a message from my friend J. who told me it was her birthday and she sent me a picture of a birthday cake which she said was just for me and I was very happy with that so I asked my MH to send her a card and she did 'cos my humans always do what I ask them. I think it might be my winning smile that does it, hee hee!

I have had a very quiet Wednesday 'cos I was in my house all by myself for a while when my DH went to the Cat Shop and my MH went out too, but when she came home I sat on her knee and we had a little chat about all the things she had been doing and I liked that. A while later, she had some work to do, so I decided that I would just go and have a wee siesta and it was then that this picture was taken.

My MH thinks I look adorable when I am sleeping and she says it always makes her smile when she sees me, and I think it would be very hard to argue with her. Don't you?

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


I have a lovely routine and I am very happy with it. Sometimes some exciting things happen in my little life, but then I just slip back into my usual routine and I like that too, and I have been in my normal routine over the past couple of days which suits me fine. I wondered if you might like to hear what my 'normal' routine is and I decided that you would. So here it is.

I get up with my MH and she gives me my breakfast before I nip out into my garden to make sure that everything is alright and I have a wee word with the birdies and the sheeps and the cows, and by the time I have done all this, I know my MH will have finished her breakfast, so I nip back in through my window just in time to get the last wee drop of milk in her dish.I don't drink milk normally, but this little drop is my favourite.

I sit on her knee for a while and we have a chat and decide what we are all going to do with our day and if it is a working day for the old dear, then I go out with my DH into our greenhouse, but if he is away to the Cat Shop, I just lie on my bed or on the back of my couch and I have little snoozes until my MH is finished with her hoovering and dusting and then I take up my favourite seat on her knee on my couch while she has a rest.

If the weather is good in the afternoon, then I go outside again and I explore and sniff and play and I just love doing that, but if it is wet, I generally stay on my couch or in whatever room my MH is. She always talks to me no matter what she is doing and I just love listening to her and she likes it when I purr back to her.

We sometimes go into the gym when her little legs need their exercise and I have my very own chair where I can sit and watch her and then I play with the ends of her earphones when she tries to put them back into their little case and she calls me a monkey 'cos I keep pulling them and I try to eat them, but it makes her laugh.

I have my dinner about half past five o'clock and then I go out again but just for wee while, and for the rest of the night until about half past nine or ten o'clock,I rest on my couch and gather up all my strength until I am ready to go outside and see all my little mouse friends and again, if the weather is to my liking, I stay out as late as I possibly can and sometimes it is two or three o'clock in the morning before I nip in through my window, have a wee biscuit and then cuddle up beside my MH.

And that is my day! I think that is a brilliant routine and it makes me a very happy puss and I love it too when I get to do different things and when my MH reads all the letters my paw pals send me 'cos I just love learning about all the things they do and I have lots of human friends who keep in touch with me too, which is just magic.

I know I am a very lucky puss and I just LOVE it!

Monday, 15 September 2014

A Funny Monday

Not a laughing funny. More an odd type funny. My DH went away to the Cat shop 'cos he has changed his day from a Friday to a Monday and it will take us all a wee while to get used to it, but we will try. And that's what made it a funny kind of Monday.

So, oft he went on the boat and my MH flew into the utility room to get the vacuum cleaner and she spent the rest of the morning cleaning all round my house while I lay on the back of my couch or went into my garden for a while to get some peace and quiet. I did get some cuddle time on my couch, but not as much as I would have liked, because the old dear went away out in the afternoon to do some crafting things with her friends in our wee Hall and I was left all alone just twiddling my little paws and I was a little bit lonely 'cos I don't really like being on my own.

I'm not a scaredy-cat, you understand, but I am a people cat and I like it bestest when my humans are here to give me a wee cuddle or a wee tickle or just to talk to me, so I am not at my happiest when they are both away out. However, it was just for a short time and then my MH was back and this picture shows me saying hello to her when she comed in through my door, and then a while later, my DH comed home too, so we are all in my house together again and I am happy.

I hope you are happy too.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Super Sunday

I have had a very good day. It has been a lazy day and I have had a good rest which I have enjoyed although I have also had a few trips outside to see what is going on in my little part of the island.

It has been cooler than yesterday but I have still had good fun outside although it has been a wee bit lonely 'cos my humans have been inside today and my DH only came out to play with me for a little time.

I have also needed a rest as I was outside till very late last night. It was such a lovely night that I didn't want to go to bed, and my humans had left the window open for me, so I stayed out very, very late and when I did decide to go inside, both my humans were sleeping and snoring very loudly and I had to put my adorable little paws in my lugs so that I could get to sleep too!

I have had lots of snoozes on my couch and I was in the middle of one of these when I got a big surprise 'cos my friend S. came to see me and I liked that a lot. She was away on holiday and I didn't see her last week, but she made up for that by giving me a great big cuddle and a wee tickle and I giggled for her and she liked that.

I went outside when she went away and I went round to see if any of my little birdie friends were at the bird feeder but they had all gone away, so I just sat there for a while and waited for them, but I think they were a wee bit frightened 'cos they didn't come while I was outside but as soon as I went into my house, they all arrived and ate up all their dinner while I sat on my window sill and watched them.

So, that has been my Sunday so far and I am not sure what the rest of the night will bring me, but I certainly will let you know.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Puss and Boots

I am still having great fun and it has been another brilliant day on my little island. The mist went away and for a while it was really warm and at one point my adorable little body was so warm that I had to go into my porch for a rest in the shade and that's when my MH tooked this picture of me and my DH's boots.

I have been outside all day and I have meandered all over my garden and all through my fields and I have just been the most contented little puss in the world. It has just been beautiful. My humans have been outside with me too and you all know how happy that makes me. I just love it. My DH has nearly finished spreading all his chips and my MH was helping him by lifting up all the little weeds and I was helping her by bringing them back to her when she throwed them away, so we have all been working very hard, but it has just been the goodest of fun.

My MH went into her wee gym and let her little legs do some of their exercises and when she came out she tooked this lovely picture of my little birdie friends playing on my pampas grass and I think it is just beautiful.

I am having a snooze in my wee hoose now after my dinner, but I am sure I will be going outside later on to see what is happening in my little world and I am sure I will like what I find.

I hope your weekend has been as good as mine.

Friday, 12 September 2014

A Lovely Friday

I have had another cracking day. Me and my MH were all alone in my house today as my DH was away to the Cat Shop again, but when he comed home again, he told us that this would be has last Friday 'cos he was changing his day from a Friday to a Monday as well as a Wednesday and my MH was happy with this 'cos Friday is the day she gets her messages so now she will send my DH down to the pier to collect them, and it means that he won't get in her way when she is hoovering on a Monday, so she is a happy little MH tonight.

So anyway, off he went this morning and me and my MH settled down on the couch for a wee while and we had a chat about what we would be doing for the rest of the day but unfortunately it was very misty and we couldn't see anything at all out of my window, so the old dear decided that she wouldn't get her washing dried outside and she would just put it up on the pulley. Now, that is fine and it saves the old dear carrying her big basket of heavy washing through the garden, but it is not nearly as much fun for me 'cos there are no poles in the utility room for me to climb up! Sigh

I went out to play a lot of times but I kept nipping back to make sure my MH wasn't missing me too much and one of the times I got a big surprise 'cos she wasn't in my living room and when I looked for her, I found her in my bedroom changing the sheets and the duvet covers and I was just in time to play one of my favourite games with her and we just had great fun which ended up with me getting a great big cuddle and lots of tickles which I just love.

She has put on my favourite duvet 'cos it is the one with red petals on it. Ah, maybe I need to correct that a bit. It is the one that HAD red petals on it! I wonder if you can guess what happened to them? Not all of them, you see----just some of them. I shall explain. I haven't 'explained' for a while, have I? Well, when my MH got the new duvet covers, she liked them very much and one day when my friend M. was in my house, I was out playing and my MH tooked M. into our bedroom to show her the new covers and it was just then that I came in the window and when I heard the voices, I flew into the bedroom like a little four-legged express train and jumped up onto my bed, but I was going too fast to stop so I sort of skidded across the bed and landed on the floor with a couple of the little rose petals in my adorable little paws! Oops! I showed them to my MH and smiled my apologies and she just smiled and my friend M. was nearly on the floor laughing!

I didn't pull any more off today, but I did have a snooze on my bed while my MH was doing her ironing and then when she was finished, I took up my rightful position on her knee and she stroked my little lugs while I had a cat nap and it made us both very happy. I managed to play quite a lot outside but the sun never came out to see me, so it stayed misty for most of the day and the Hamnavoe had to blow its horn when it was going into Stromness and I like that noise.

It is quite a nice night now, so I will probably go outside later on and then I shall get ready to have a snooze on my bed beside the little red petals that have managed to stay on the duvet. Hee hee :-)))

Thursday, 11 September 2014

All 'Ups Today

I have had the bestest day all day today and my little purrer has worked so hard it is nearly worn out, so I am having a rest and my purrer is sleeping too so that it will feel better when I waken up.

When I wakened up this morning, it was very misty, so I decided to have a biscuit and then snuggle up beside my MH for another snooze and the next time I wakened, the sun was shining and so I was able to go out to play as soon as my dear old MH had fed me. She was so pleased with her little self that she had cut the grass yesterday 'cos it would have been too wet this morning with all the mist lying on it and she told me and my DH this quite a few times!

It was cleaning day in my house, but since my DH had decided to finish off some painting work on his greenhouse, I had plenty of company when I wanted it. I talked to my DH outside and then I would nip in and see what my MH was doing after which I jumped through my fence and went to see what all my little animal friends were doing. So, I was just able to wander all around and do exactly what I wanted and I liked that very much.

I had just been in one of my fields and I spied my MH coming into my garden to hang up her washing, so I scooted through the fence as fast as I could go and ran straight up the clothes pole in front of her and she laughed and laughed. In fact my DH had to come and see what she was laughing at and just as he arrived, I landed on the grass with a little 'plop' and he laughed too. I like it when I can make them happy.

In the afternoon, my MH made some cakes and there was a lovely smell in my kitchen and for a long time I just lay on the chair and watched her and had a wee sniff every now and then as she made some scones for her, some fruit buns for my DH and some pancakes for all of us, and my DH is taking some with him to the Cat Shop tomorrow and I think the ladies there will like them.

When she had finished this, she decided that she needed some fresh air and so she went out into our car park bit of the garden and she did some weeding with my help and that was good fun too as you can see.

So you can see why my day has been a good one. I hope you have had a good day too, and I am also hoping that I will have another good day tomorrow.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Ups and Downs

I have a good day with lots and lots of 'ups' and just a couple of 'downs', so I suppose I cannot really complain.

Both my humans have been at home with me today 'cos my DH didn't go to the Cat Shop because our normal boat is broken and he didn't know if he could get there easily, so he just stayed home and finished painting my kitchen ceiling and that was one of my 'ups' him being here with me and one of my 'downs' him painting the ceiling 'cos he had to move all my dishes again and I had to shout at him a couple of times to tell him I was hungry and so he put them back on the floor for me. But I shouldn't have to keep telling him, should I?

It has been a lovely day and I have been out playing all day which has been brilliant and when my MH came back from wherever she had been she came outside with me and that was another great big 'up' for me, but then she tooked out the lawn mower and that was a 'down', but I had another great big 'up' when she was finished and she played with me on the grass and it was great fun 'cos we ran and ran and ran until my MH's little legs were tired 'cos they had spent a lot of time running round behind the lawn mower, but they still had enough energy to play with me which was good.

A while later, my MH was sitting on the couch and I nipped up onto her knee and sat there and purred a lot 'cos I was very happy, so you will know that that was a great big 'up' and then do you know what she did? No, of course you don't but I am going to tell you. She put the awful wormer stuff on the back of my adorable little neck.

Well, I was so upset that I jumped up off her knee and I left home! OK. I only went as far as the field and I didn't leave home for a long time, but I think she got the point that I was not at all happy, and I don't need to tell you whether that would be a 'up' or a 'down' 'cos I think you will have been able to work it out all by yourself!

It looks as though it is going to be a good night so I will probably spend most of it outside and I will tell you all about it tomorrow. I wonder if I will have any more 'up' and 'downs', but I hope you have just 'ups' 'cos they are the best.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Big Adventure

... but not for me, for my dear old MH. My humans went away on the boat this morning to meet one of their friends and left me all alone, but since I am right back to normal again, they weren't worried about me, and the weather was good so they could leave the window open for me.

I had a good day and I played outside for a wee while and then I had a sleep for a big while until they came home, and that's when my MH told me about their adventure, 'cos my DH had it too. When they went to get on the boat, the boat driver said it was broken and they were getting a lift in the boat that guides all the big boats in and out of the harbour and my humans have seen it lots of times from my window but they have never been on it---until today. My MH said she liked it but she had to get the crew men to help her on and off 'cos it was a very high step up and my MH just has little legs, so it was quite hard for her, but she is brave and intrepid like me, so she made it! I am very glad because if they hadn't come home I would have been very very hungry and very, very,VERY annoyed, but my friend S. said she would come and feed me if they were stuck and that made me feel better. However, it was OK and my dear old humans arrived back and looked after me.

I had my dinner and then headed out into my garden where I had a smashing time just playing and sniffing and thinking and I even managed to sharpen my adorable little claws, but every now and then I would nip in through my window to make sure my humans were still there, which they were of course.

I had to have a wee snooze on my little rug and I have gathered up all my strength so I shall probably be going out to play later on and I am looking forward to that.

Monday, 8 September 2014

I told you...

.... I would have some more new pictures for you, and as you can see, I have. I mentioned to my dear old MH that she hadn't been taking pictures of me, and in a flash, she was off the couch and snapping away, and you can tell from the first picture that I found it all so very funny.

I think you will probably be able to tell that I am right back to normal again and I have had a very good day. The weather hasn't been brilliant, but I have spent most of the day in my garden and I have liked it very much. It was a kind of normal day in my house with my MH doing all her housework with her dusters and her polishes and of course with the vacuum cleaner but it was also a wee bit not normal when the old boy decided he was going to paint the kitchen ceiling, so he went up the ladder and I went outside to get some peace and quiet.

Now, I can hear you asking why he was painting the ceiling. Well, a wee while ago, my MH sort of pointed out that it was needing to be tidied up a bit and he finally got round to it today. He is a wee bit slow, but he gets there! Bless. So, because of that, my kitchen was in a wee bit of a mess and at one point my dishes were up on the worktop where I am not allowed to go, so I had to speak very loudly to my DH and ask him to please put them on the floor for me before I fainted from hunger. So, he did, and I didn't. Hee hee

I had a play with my MH and some of my toys last night and it was really good fun. We haven't done that for a long time and I liked it a lot, so I think I might ask her to play with me tonight again, and I know she will do it in a minute 'cos she likes it too. We have very good fun when we are playing together and it usually ends up with me getting a great big cuddle and that makes me just the happiest little pussy cat in the en-tire world!

Sunday, 7 September 2014


I am quite well again thank you all very much. Lots of people have been worried about me, but I am quite fine again, although just a wee bit quiet still, but I think that is because the weather today on my little island has been awful! It is raining and winding and my MH said it is like winter again, so I think I will just stay cosied up on my couch.

My poor old MH had to go out 'cos she was meeting her friends in our Hall to do some of their craft work and she nearly got blowed away, but when she came back to me, I gave her a big cuddle . She thought it was because I was so pleased to see her, and it was--a wee bit--but the real reason was that I was hungry and needed her to feed me, but we won't tell her that, will we?

I got a lovely message from my friend Satchmo who is a pussy cat who lives in Germany and he was worried about me too, so he sent me some meows, and I am so clever that I understood them! oh, I just love being me!!

You might have noticed that all the pictures my MH has been putting on for the past few days are old ones and that is because I haven't been very well, and also because we haven't been outside very much, but hopefully she will take new ones for you next week, but don't worry, 'cos I just look the same and I haven't changed.

I will ask my MH to take a picture of me tomorrow and you will see how fine I am.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Wee Bit Better

I am not firing on all cylinders just yet, but I am a bit better and I would like to thank all my millions of friends---well, the three or four!---who wrote to tell me they were worried about me, but I am OK. I am still a bit on the quiet side and my dear old MH thinks that maybe I have had a fright, but I can't tell her what is really wrong.

I slept on top of the big furry dressing gown which is on top of the ottoman in our bedroom and that worried the old dear 'cos I usually sleep snuggled up beside her, but about four o'clock in the morning, my adorable little tummy decided it wanted to be filled, so I nipped up on top of our little hi-fi and I did my dance on it till the old dear wakened up and she was delighted that I had asked her to feed me even though it was in the middle of the night and the poor old soul had been sound asleep, and she was even more delighted when I nipped up beside her for another little snooze.

I have been out a few times, but it has been quite wet on my little island, so I have been indoors a lot too and I am still quite sleepy, but I think that I will be fine, so please don't worry about me too much---just a wee bit! Hee hee

I hope I will have better news for you tomorrow, but at the moment I am sound asleep beside my MH 'cos I have already told her what I want to tell you, and I might venture out later on, depending on how I feel and what the weather is doing.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Oh Dear....

....I have not had a good day today and I am a wee bit under the weather, and sadly I can't tell my MH what is wrong, so she can't help me. Oh dear, oh dear.

I went out last night and I was fine. I had a good play and I came home again about half past two o'clock and it was then that I was not very well and I have been sleeping all day today. I was able to eat my dinner, but I am not very hungry and I just want to be left alone and I'm afraid my humans are a wee bit very worried about me. I even heard the V-E-T word, but I hope I won't need to go and see him.

My MH said she wished us little animals could talk when there was something wrong so that the humans could help us to get better.

I am afraid I don't have any news for you 'cos I haven't been doing anything except lying down, but hopefully I will be a lot better tomorrow and I will have lots of news for you.

But please don't worry about me as I am sure I shall be fine.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Good Fun

I am just loving this weather. OK. It is not roasting hot, but it is warm and it is dry and it is not windy so I am able to get out to play as much as I want and my humans have been able to leave the window open for me so I am a very happy little Squeak.

I'm afraid I gave the old dear a bit of a big fright last night and I made her a wee bit worried, but I was OK really and she should know by now that I am a big puss and I can look after my adorable self. I had better tell you what I am rambling on about, sure I should?

Well, normally my evening routine is that I have my dinner about half past five o'clock and then I go out to have a wander round about for about an hour before coming back home and having a snooze, either on the couch or on my MH's knee which is my preferred choice, by the way! I sleep until about ten o'clock and then I am off again until midnight at least, but sometimes even later. My humans are used to that routine and are quite happy with it, but last night was different.

I had my dinner as usual, but then I went out and didn't come back until nearly ten o'clock and I am afraid my poor old MH was getting worried about me. She went outside and called for me and even sent the old boy out to do the same, but I wasn't ready to go home 'cos I was having such a brilliant time playing with the little mouses and the little insects and creepie crawlie things that I like to watch.

Eventually I did go home and I was very sad that I had worried my humans but we all had a wee chat and I told them I was safe and am growed up enough now to look after myself and while my MH doesn't really like it, she accepts that I have to be able to do pussy cat things when I want.

Today has been good and I have been out a lot with my DH and then I went into the gym with my MH and afterwards we played in my garden and it has just been super duper. It is still a good evening, so I may stay out late tonight. It will just depend on how I am feeling and on how many of my little friends are out and about tonight to keep me company.

Oh, I do love all this fine weather and I hope it lasts for a long, long time.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Just Another Normal Day

And that makes me a very happy little pussy cat. I think I must be getting old, 'cos I like 'normal'. I had a very good play last night and didn't come home until half past two o'clock in the morning, but the window was open, so I crept in very quietly, had a wee nibble at the biscuits that my humans had left for me and then very gently nipped up onto my bed beside my MH and we had a lovely sleep till the rotten old alarm clock wakened us all up this morning.

Normally my humans don't use the alarm clock except if they need to go on the early boat, but my DH needs to put it on every Wednesday and Friday so that he wakens up in time to go to the Cat Shop and when he is up, we are all up.

Off he went and I sat with my MH while she had her breakfast and I asked her to please leave me a wee drop of milk in the bottom of her dish, and of course she did just that, so my day got off to a very good start. I don't drink milk, but I just love the last wee drop in her cereal bowl and I lap it all up, purring all the time to let her know I appreciate it.

She went away out and today she was away longer that usual 'cos she had to go and feed all the hens and the pussy cats before she could come home to me, but when she did, I sat on her knee and she made me giggle when she told me that when she is in S.'s house talking to her pussy cat, the hens get impatient and they come and chap on the door telling her to come and feed them. I think that is awful funny. Cheeky chooks!

A wee while later, we went out into my garden 'cos my MH wanted to hang out her washing and she called for me to go with her and help her which of course I did 'cos I am a very good puss. I had a run round my garden and I climbed the poles while she was working and that always makes her smile and of course she talks to me all the time she is doing that and I like that a lot.

So, you see what I mean about a normal day. Nothing too exciting, but nothing bad either and that makes me and my humans happy. The only wee problem is that there are millions of midges around today and my poor old MH was itching all the time she was hanging out her washing 'cos the horrible little beasties were biting the poor old dear, but there is a wee wind now, so that might blow them away.

I hope so, 'cos I will be going out to play soon and I do not want them pestering me while I am hunting and playing, so I have my adorable little paws crossed.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Much Better Day

And a much quieter one, thank goodness. I didn't even mind when the vacuum cleaner came out 'cos it is a million times quieter than the dreadful shampooer, and you never thought you would hear me say that, did you?

Both my humans were at home and we have had lots of fun in my house and in my garden, but there was just one wee hiccup 'cos when I was sitting on my MH's knee listening to her tell me one of her stories and sort of half sleeping and half listening, she put the dreadful wormer stuff on the back of my adorable little neck again. I was a brave puss though and didn't try to run away like I usually do and the old dear was very pleased with me, so I got a very special hug.

She puts this 'stuff' on me regularly and I must admit that I am getting used to it, but one night, when I was a littler puss, my MH started to put it on my neck and I took off like a whippet all over my living room with my MH running one way trying to catch me, and my DH running another way and me managing to avoid both of them! Oh it was really great fun, but I am afraid that I finally gave in and let them catch me and put the rest of the stuff on me. Yeukk! However, now that I am older and wiser, I have come to accept that it is all for my own good. Oh, that sounded so grown up, didn't it?

There was another puss cat in my garden last night and my MH thinks it came in to steal the food out of the birdie dish, but the little birds had eaten it all up. I think it might have been coming to visit me, but my humans don't agree with me. As soon as my DH opened the window to get a better view of the visitor, the puss ran away and it hasn't been back again. Maybe I will look for it when I am outside tonight.

I helped both my humans with their work today. My DH has almost finished spreading his chips and my MH was picking up some little weeds and we played our 'weed' game again with her throwing them and me bringing them back to her. Then I helped her when she was washing her windows and I lay on the path while she played with her window machine and we all had a really good time.

I was quite tired when I came in, so I nipped up onto my couch and I had a wee snooze and my humans smiled when they saw the shapes I got into, so the old dear got her camera out so that you could see me too, and I am sure you might even say 'aaww' when you have a look at them.

I think I look particularly fetching in theses ones, and I am sure you will agree.

Monday, 1 September 2014

A Complaint

I told you yesterday that I had decided to be a good puss. And I have been--for a whole twenty four hours --- and as a reward I got a great big fright today. I was nearly the biggest fright I have ever had in my en-tire little life! I shall explain. I do a lot of explaining, sure I do?

Well, a long, long time ago my MH bought herself another gadget to play with. You know how she loves her gadgets? Well, this one was like a vacuum cleaner and I was not best pleased when I saw it arriving into my house, but it hasn't done anything since it arrived, so I was quite happy. I kept wandering into the utility room and asking it what it was for, but it wouldn't tell me, so I thought maybe it was broken and I didn't mind too much. Until today.

There I was, lying on the back of my couch watching the old dear running round my house with her dusters and her brushes and her vacuum cleaner, and then I noticed my DH appearing with the new machine, and that definitely got my attention. I have since learned that it is a carpet shampooer and it is AWFUL. When he switched it on the noise frightened every single body on my little island, and I am sure they must have heard it in Stromness too. It makes the vacuum cleaner and the lawn mower sound like little angels.

Sometimes there are big jets flying over my little island and when I asked my MH what they were, she said that the pilots were practicing their low flying, and with the noise in my living room this morning, I thought one of these jet drivers was coming right into my house to see me! Oh, it was loud. Even with my adorable little head under my MH's pillow and my little paws in my lugs, I could still hear it. Boo! Fortunately, the humans couldn't stand the noise either and my DH just used for a little while. Phew.

I have spent the rest of the day trying to catch up with the sleep I have missed and I have also had a wee play outside, so I am gradually getting back to normal, but I think I am going to have a word with my dear old MH and ask her to please, please, please stop buying gadgets. If she needs to play, she can play with me.

At least I am quiet!