Monday, 1 September 2014

A Complaint

I told you yesterday that I had decided to be a good puss. And I have been--for a whole twenty four hours --- and as a reward I got a great big fright today. I was nearly the biggest fright I have ever had in my en-tire little life! I shall explain. I do a lot of explaining, sure I do?

Well, a long, long time ago my MH bought herself another gadget to play with. You know how she loves her gadgets? Well, this one was like a vacuum cleaner and I was not best pleased when I saw it arriving into my house, but it hasn't done anything since it arrived, so I was quite happy. I kept wandering into the utility room and asking it what it was for, but it wouldn't tell me, so I thought maybe it was broken and I didn't mind too much. Until today.

There I was, lying on the back of my couch watching the old dear running round my house with her dusters and her brushes and her vacuum cleaner, and then I noticed my DH appearing with the new machine, and that definitely got my attention. I have since learned that it is a carpet shampooer and it is AWFUL. When he switched it on the noise frightened every single body on my little island, and I am sure they must have heard it in Stromness too. It makes the vacuum cleaner and the lawn mower sound like little angels.

Sometimes there are big jets flying over my little island and when I asked my MH what they were, she said that the pilots were practicing their low flying, and with the noise in my living room this morning, I thought one of these jet drivers was coming right into my house to see me! Oh, it was loud. Even with my adorable little head under my MH's pillow and my little paws in my lugs, I could still hear it. Boo! Fortunately, the humans couldn't stand the noise either and my DH just used for a little while. Phew.

I have spent the rest of the day trying to catch up with the sleep I have missed and I have also had a wee play outside, so I am gradually getting back to normal, but I think I am going to have a word with my dear old MH and ask her to please, please, please stop buying gadgets. If she needs to play, she can play with me.

At least I am quiet!

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