Sunday, 7 September 2014


I am quite well again thank you all very much. Lots of people have been worried about me, but I am quite fine again, although just a wee bit quiet still, but I think that is because the weather today on my little island has been awful! It is raining and winding and my MH said it is like winter again, so I think I will just stay cosied up on my couch.

My poor old MH had to go out 'cos she was meeting her friends in our Hall to do some of their craft work and she nearly got blowed away, but when she came back to me, I gave her a big cuddle . She thought it was because I was so pleased to see her, and it was--a wee bit--but the real reason was that I was hungry and needed her to feed me, but we won't tell her that, will we?

I got a lovely message from my friend Satchmo who is a pussy cat who lives in Germany and he was worried about me too, so he sent me some meows, and I am so clever that I understood them! oh, I just love being me!!

You might have noticed that all the pictures my MH has been putting on for the past few days are old ones and that is because I haven't been very well, and also because we haven't been outside very much, but hopefully she will take new ones for you next week, but don't worry, 'cos I just look the same and I haven't changed.

I will ask my MH to take a picture of me tomorrow and you will see how fine I am.

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