Monday, 8 September 2014

I told you...

.... I would have some more new pictures for you, and as you can see, I have. I mentioned to my dear old MH that she hadn't been taking pictures of me, and in a flash, she was off the couch and snapping away, and you can tell from the first picture that I found it all so very funny.

I think you will probably be able to tell that I am right back to normal again and I have had a very good day. The weather hasn't been brilliant, but I have spent most of the day in my garden and I have liked it very much. It was a kind of normal day in my house with my MH doing all her housework with her dusters and her polishes and of course with the vacuum cleaner but it was also a wee bit not normal when the old boy decided he was going to paint the kitchen ceiling, so he went up the ladder and I went outside to get some peace and quiet.

Now, I can hear you asking why he was painting the ceiling. Well, a wee while ago, my MH sort of pointed out that it was needing to be tidied up a bit and he finally got round to it today. He is a wee bit slow, but he gets there! Bless. So, because of that, my kitchen was in a wee bit of a mess and at one point my dishes were up on the worktop where I am not allowed to go, so I had to speak very loudly to my DH and ask him to please put them on the floor for me before I fainted from hunger. So, he did, and I didn't. Hee hee

I had a play with my MH and some of my toys last night and it was really good fun. We haven't done that for a long time and I liked it a lot, so I think I might ask her to play with me tonight again, and I know she will do it in a minute 'cos she likes it too. We have very good fun when we are playing together and it usually ends up with me getting a great big cuddle and that makes me just the happiest little pussy cat in the en-tire world!

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  1. So glad to see that you are back to your normal self. I can almost hear you laughing as I look at your picture.