Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Guessing Game

Can you guess who is under this jacket? I don't think you will have to guess too long before you know the answer. Have you got it yet?

Yes. Of course, it is me. Squeak. And don't I look so adorable? My MH was doing some of her housework this morning and I had already been outside for my little morning perambulation and was in need of a rest. And I also had to get away from the vacuum cleaner, so I decided I would lie on my bed until the old dear was ready for me to sit on her knee. As I jumped up onto the bed, I noticed that my MH had left her jacket there and it was still quite cosy 'cos she had just taken it off, so I cooried under it and fell fast asleep. Oh, dear friends, it was lovely. And of course, the Boss HAD to take some pictures for you.

It has been quite cold outside my house today, so I have just been out for short times, but my DH was working in our greenhouse, so I went in to see him a few times and that kept me from getting too cold. However, I wasn't getting rid of as much energy as I needed to, so I asked the old dear if she would play with me, and you don't get any prizes for guessing the right answer to THAT question!

She was delighted to have been asked and we played on the floor for a long time ans we both loved it a lot. It has been a long time since we have had a play, but I think that I will be doing a lot more of it during the winter 'cos I have to look after my adorable little self.

I will be a whole five years old in December, so I need to take care and I have decided that if the weather is not to my liking, then I ain't going out. I shall just ask the old dear to entertain me at home and I know she will be only too delighted to oblige!

That is my plan and I am sticking to it.

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