Friday, 31 October 2014


You may have noticed that I didn't write to you yesterday? Well that's because I was lost. For hours and hours and hours, and my poor humans were frantic with worry about me. And to be honest, dear reader, I was none too chuffed either.

Here is my tale of woe. it was a fine day yesterday, so about half past two o'clock, I nipped out of the window telling my MH that I was going out to play but I wouldn't be too long. So far so good. Now, I noticed that the big shed that I just love going into, was open, so I gaily sauntered down my path and had a good look inside. And you all know what happened, don't you? Yep. I got locked in.

I was in the middle of an extremely deep exploration, when the son of the nice farmer next door came in to move some machinery. He is a nice man too, but I wasn't sure if he would be happy at me being in there, so I hid. I must have hided very well, 'cos he never saw me and when he tooked his machinery out, he locked the door with me still inside. Oops.

So, about four o'clock, my humans decided that I had been away longer than usual and came out looking for me. It was so sad 'cos I could hear them calling, but they couldn't hear me so they just went away again. About five o'clock, my MH noticed that the big shed doors were closed and so she sent my DH down to see if I was there, but when I heard him opening the door, I was frightened, so I hided again and HE didn't see me and closed the door again. Oops number 2!

They looked all evening for me and my MH said by this time she was crying and had a terrible feeling 'cos she loves me millions and she thought I might be hurt somewhere and couldn't get home and that made both my humans very sad. So, because my MH had to get up very early this morning, she was going to bed about ten o'clock and she asked my DH to have another look in case I had managed to get myself nearly home and oft he went again with his boots and coat and hat and torch. I could hear him whistling and calling and I did try to meow back as loud as I could and suddenly I heard the door opening and this time I decided that I didn't care who it was, I was out of there. So, as soon as the door opened, I scooted out and my DH was very, very happy and tooked me home and it was only when I was back in my house that he noticed that I was a wee bit covered in muck, but he didn't care.

He shouted to my MH that I was home and safe and not hurt and she came ---I was going to say 'running' into the kitchen, but my poor old MH doesn't do running, but she came as fast as her little legs would go and picked me up and gave me the biggest cuddle ever. She didn't care that I was dirty and made her jumper all mucky she was just very happy to see me home again, and not hurt.

She tried to clean me but I said I would do it, so would she please feed me as I was almost starving to death which was a slight exaggeration, but I HAD missed my dinner AND my supper.

I was very happy to be free and back in my own house and I have had a very quiet day today just getting over the shock and trauma, but I think I will need lots of cuddles before I am right again. Hee hee.


  1. Oh, poor Squeak, and poor MH and DH. What a scary adventure. Glad you are home safe and sound.

  2. Thank you Bonnie. It was scary, but it was really worser for my humans 'cos I knew I was OK but they didn't, and they were really, really sad. However, we are all back to normal again and that is very good, but thank you for your message.