Friday, 10 October 2014

Just Normal

That's the kind of day I have had. Just a normal one, but I have had lots of fun.

It started off with me and my MH changing the sheets and the duvet covers on our beds and those of you who know me well, know that this is just one of my favouritist games in the en-tire world. I love lying on the sheets when my MH is taking them off the bed and today I slided right down to the bottom of the bed on top of the sheet that she was pulling off and I loved it. I wonder if my MH could hear me saying 'wheeee'? Then it was time to hide under the duvet when she was putting the cover on. She lifted me off and I jumped back on again. Then she lifted me off and I jumped back on again and we did this lots and lots of times and we were both laughing.

Next it was time to put the covers on and I hided inside them until my MH lifted me out again, but every time she lifted me, she cuddled me and I liked it lots and lots. We played that game for ages and then we had to have a rest on my couch before it was time to go and hang the washing out on the rope and that meant a lot more fun for me as I ran round my garden and climbed up the clothes poles.

So, you can see why I have had such a good day. I just love it when I get to 'help' my MH and I know she really appreciates it 'cos I heard her telling my DH that she couldn't do without me, but she won't have to 'cos I ain't going anywhere!

I was able to have a play on my own which I quite enjoy too, but I am always happiest with my humans. However, I run very fast when I am out playing and I am afraid that my humans can't keep up with me, so I have to play on my own, but that's OK really 'cos I have lots of little animal friends to talk to if I want, so it is fine really.

So, after I had played and done lots of Squeak things, I went back into my garden and I was waiting for some of the little birdies to come and see me and my MH tooked this picture of me for you. I hope you like it.

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