Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Not a Bad day

I have had quite a good day and I have still managed to get out to play a few times which is just fine. The grass all over my little island is very wet and there have been lots of awful heavy showers which yours truly has managed to get caught in quite a few times.

It is a good job that I am not a shrinkable puss or I would be just a little black and white dot by now, but I would be the adorablest little black and white dot you may ever have seen! It happened last night when I went out for my usual nocturnal perambulation. It was sort of dry when I left home, and by that I mean it wasn't actually pouring, although the ground was wet, but about five minutes into my journey the heavens opened and dropped all the rain on poor little me! Sigh

I ran as fast as I could and dived under my DH's car so that I could get some shelter and suddenly I heard the old boy calling for me and I very quickly went through my normal routine ---lugs pinned back, check: (adorable) bum wriggle, check: head down and run, check: meow my thank you to the dear old human, check, nip into bed beside the other dear old human and all ends well. Great big CHECK!

I rested today while my humans were out but when my MH came home I told her that I wanted to stay in because it was too wet and also because I wanted her to play with me and we had a great afternoon jumping all over my living room and diving from chair to chair. Maybe I should explain that it was me doing the jumping and diving while my dear old MH just watched me while she was sitting on the floor.

I wouldn't like you to get the wrong impression, although I would give good money to see her do just that. Oh dear, I have a picture in my adorable little head and it is making me laugh and laugh so much I think I might cry!

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