Monday, 20 October 2014

Sooky Squeak

Don't I look sooo cute? I know they are a wee bit blurred. It was my DH who took them and he's not awful good with the camera, but he thought that I looked so comfortable that he wanted to take a picture, so he tooked two and I decided I would show you both of them. My MH had been out all afternoon doing her crafty things with her friends, and when she came home, I needed a big cuddle and I told her that.

She just tooked off her coat and sat down on my couch and I gave her a big cuddle and purred and purred while she stroked me and told me what she had been doing. I told her that I had missed her and she said she missed me too and we were just in the middle of this conversation when my MH comed home from the cat shop and grabbed the camera.

It has been quite a good day, but it was wet and windy last night and it took me quite a long time to pluck up enough courage to go outside, but out I went---eventually! I tried a few times to go out of the window, but I am afraid I chickened out and ran into the bedroom where I lay down beside my MH for a while but then I had a chat with my adorable little self and decided that I wouldn't be a wimp any more. I WOULD go out!

I went into the living room and asked my DH to please open the door for me and in a trice I was out in the weather. I was so proud of my little self but my MH told me that she worried about me all the time I was away and she was very happy when I came home again safe and sound.

And to be very honest, dear friends, I was very happy to be back on my bed again beside her.

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