Saturday, 25 October 2014


..... apart from the fact that I have been a very happy Squeak because both my humans have been with me all day, I don't have anything else to tell you.

It has not been a very nice day weather-wise so we have all been inside a lot. To be honest, I think my dear old MH was happy to be in 'cos she was tired after being away all day yesterday and she told me something which has confused poor little me. She told me that she had seen the doctor and that she is getting another hip sometime. Now. She already has two, so where is she going to put another one? I am confused, but I will ask her when she isn't tired and then maybe I won't be confused any more.

She did make us a fruit loaf 'cos we all like that, but we spent a lot of time on the couch having little chats and that's when I am the happiest, although I am also at my happiest when she plays with me and she did that too today. I was a little bit naughty this afternoon. I have just read some of my blogs and I have noticed that I have been a wee bit naughty quite a lot lately. Maybe I should start being good. Er, NO!

Anyway, I need to tell you what I did. My MH was in my kitchen doing her baking and I decided I would go out. Maybe I should rephrase that. I decided that I WANTED out. I asked politely, as I always do, and the old dear stopped and opened the door for me, but then I saw that the wind was blowing a lot and I said 'no thank you' and shot back into the kitchen. MH not happy but understanding.

I sat on the window sill for a while and then decided to try again, so I asked again, and she stopped again and opened the door again. Wind still howling. Me not happy and back in the kitchen. MH more not happy and less understanding! After another wee while on the window sill I decided to have another go and I am afraid there are no coconuts for guessing what happened. Me asking. MH stopping and opening door. Me looking and scooting back into kitchen and poor old MH roaring at me for being just a little bit naughty!

However, she understood and tooked me to the living room window and as soon as I saw that the wind wasn't just as bad at that side of my house, I was off, so me and MH were both happy---at last!

Oh, and she finally finished making her cake!!

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