Sunday, 30 November 2014

So Lazy

We have all been very lazy this Sunday and we are all liking it. Both my humans are feeling a bit better now and my MH has her own voice back but my DH is still coughing an awful lot and sometimes my adorable wee head gets sore listening to him, but I know the old soul can't help it. He thinks he might go to the Cat Shop tomorrow so me and my MH will get peace. Oh goody!

We didn't get up too early and I did have a wee wander round my garden but I didn't really see anything very interesting so I just went back inside and sat on the sink while my MH did a wee bit of her ironing and we had a good old chat which we both liked.

I was still feeling a bit tired so I went and lay on my bed while my humans watched the football and then I sat on my MH's knee for a while before we had a play with some of my toys and that was very good fun too.

I didn't see my friend S. today 'cos she has visitors but my MH told me that she might come on to my computer and talk to us and that would be good. Did you know that one of my MH's friends who lives in Australia has seen me on her computer? I am not sure how I got there but I was in a living room in Sydney, so there. I wonder where else I could go to show more people just how adorable I am.

I liked Strictly last night and we will be watching again tonight to see who has to go home. I still haven't made up my mind who is my favourite so I shall have to start paying more attention and make a big decision. I think me and my MH will have a chat and maybe with my friend S. when she arrives on my computer.

I am getting quite excited at the thought of it all and naturally I will tell you all about it.

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Do you remember that I told you yesterday that I was to be the centre of my MH's universe today 'cos I had been left all on my own last night? Well, the old dear kept her word. I sort of made sure she did by asking her to play with me lots of times, which she did, but then we both had a great big surprise 'cos we got visitors and I loved it.

One of my MH's former pupils was back on the island and she wanted to see me and she brought her two baby humans with her so that we could all have a wee look at them. There was a little girl and she is about two and there was a baby boy who is just months old so he really wasn't very interesting although I did have a sniff at him when his mummy put him on the floor. I was rather lucky 'cos I sniffed his hair and not the other end and my MH told me I was a very wise puss!

The little girl was more fun and she wanted to play with me and my MH told me she was very proud of me 'cos I was very gentle and I let the little girl stroke me and touch me and she loved me very much, so that is another gold star for yours truly! I even had a seat in the little boy's carry cot. He wasn't in it at the time so I decided I would like to see what it would feel like to be a human baby and I jumped in but it sort of tipped over so I jumped out again and that made everybody laugh. We all had good fun, but my house was nice and quiet again when they all went away and I had to have a little snooze to recover from all my adoration.

As you can see, I have had a good day and the best bit is just about to happen as I am sitting on my MH's knee and we are patiently waiting for Strictly to come on again.

I hope you have had a good Saturday too and that Sunday will be a super duper day for you.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Friday Again...

... and still nothing very much to report. Me and my MH were up before seven o'clock again this morning and yours truly stuck my adorable little nose out of the door, but as soon as it got rained on, I was back on my couch again!

My DH is feeling a wee bit better today and my MH isn't sounding as croaky as she did yesterday so I think that my nursing has paid off and I am sure that by tomorrow they will be back to normal again, although they have just told me that they are going out partying again tonight, and I am not best pleased!

It was my friend M.'s birthday last Sunday and she is having a big party tonight in the Hall and everybody on the island is going, but not us animals. Why do we never get invited? My party manners are very good and I would keep them amused with all my adorable little antics. Sigh!

However, my dear old MH has promised that I will have her undivided attention ALL weekend, so I shall spend this evening making a long list of all the things that I want her and me to do and I shall present it to her tonight when she comes home to me.

You see, she will be feeling guilty then and will promise me anything at all! Oh, am I a clever little puss or what?

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Just another day

And a very quiet day for us all. My DH has stayed in his little bed all day 'cos he isn't feeling very well and my MH has the funniest voice you have ever heard. It is all deep and husky and croaky and I think it sounds really funny but I didn't tell her that 'cos she says it is a wee bit sore when she tries to talk, so I have been very kind to her.

She told me that whenever she gets a cold it makes her voice go all funny so I think maybe that's what is wrong, but she got some medicine on the boat so hopefully it will be better soon. She wanted to phone my friend P. and H. in Germany but that will need to wait till she sounds better, but she asked me to tell them that she will phone soon.

So, my day was just a kind of normal one with me staying beside my DH while the old dear ran round the house with her vacuum cleaner and her dusters and when she was finished I went and sat on her knee and we had a nice time together. I did go outside once or twice and every time I come home, I jump up on the window sill then onto the leather chair at the window in my living room and it is then that my MH notices I have left lots of little paw prints on it and she has to keep washing it.

She told me she was going to knit me little boots but I told her that if I wear ANY boots, they will be real ones made specially for me, so she is thinking about it. I hope I get ones with laces 'cos whenever my MH goes anywhere she puts on her shoes and then when she comes back she has to take them off again, and I have the bestest of fun biting her laces, so if MY boots have laces I will have great fun while she ties them for me.

I think I am beginning to warm to this idea!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Just a Normal Day....

.... except for my poor old DH who wasn't feeling very well and decided to stay at home 'cos he has the cold, so when my MH went away out, I cuddled up beside him and I think I made him feel a whole lot better.

When my MH came home I sat with her for a while and we had one of our special chats and then I helped her in the study while she printed off some pictures. I like in that room 'cos there are lots of places for me to go climbing and exploring and as usual the old dear had her camera with her so she tooked these pictures to show you what I was doing. I had a brilliant afternoon and was a very happy little puss.

I was very patient and waited until she was finished and then I did my special run which means I want to play and that's just what we did. I ran all round my living room and dived from chair to chair until I was nearly puffed out, but I was very, very happy and so was my dear old MH.

It has been a good day on my little island and it is still nice, so I have a feeling that after my apres-dinner snooze, I shall go out hunting for a long time. I shall ask my humans to leave the window open and then I can come back home whenever I feel like it.

Just the perfect end to a perfect day!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Another Early Morning

for me and my MH as she had to get the early boat to take her away to Stromness to see the doctor, but she was home at lunch time to see me and my DH. We had both been fine, but I miss the old dear when she's not here and I think my DH misses her too, although he didn't tell me that. I just guessed and I usually guess right.

When she comed home I sat on her knee and she told me what she had been doing. She saw the lady nurse who tooked gallons of blood from her. I must tell you, my dear reader, I did come over a tad faint when she mentioned that bit, but I didn't let her see me throwing a wobbly and I listened again when she said she had seen these little ducks in Stromness harbour. Now, yesterday I told you about the little birdies I haven't seen, but I HAVE seen ducks 'cos they come to my little island and one day when I was down at the pier to see the V-E-T, I saw lots of black and white ducks and I liked them a lot, and these ones are quite nice too.

Later in the afternoon, I went into my garden and I sat under the bird feeder in case the little robin birdie came back, but I am afraid he didn't and I was quite disappointed. Maybe tomorrow. I shall keep watching and let you know.

When my MH was watching me out of the window, she saw two houses over in Stromness and it looked as though they were on fire but it was just the setting sun reflecting on their windows and when she told me we thought you might like to see it too.

So I hope you like these pictures today.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Monday, Monday

So, me and my MH were up in the middle of the night again and when I asked to go out to play she said 'no'! Well, I was flabbergasted. In fact, my gast has never been so flabbered because my dearest MH has never said no to me before. I did consider having a tantrum by lying on the the floor and beating the tiles with my adorable little paws, but then I had a listen and I heard the rain battering off the window, so I graciously agreed to stay home and before the old dear was inside her little motor, I was back in my little bed! Oh yes!!

I sat with her when she came home and we had a chat when my DH went away to the Cat Shop before the vacuum cleaner and the duster came out, so do you know what I did? Yep, back to my little bed until she was finished and then it was more cuddle time.

In the afternoon I got a big surprise 'cos I saw a little birdie that I had never seen before and my MH told me it was a robin and that the robin was one of her favourite birdies along with an owl and the puffins and she has seen all of those birdies, but I haven't. I have just seen the robin and I liked his little red breast so I hope I see him again.

Me and my MH had a little snooze in the afternoon and I was all snuggled up beside her and she told me that I made her smile 'cos she heard me doing a little snore and she said it was so beautiful that it nearly made her cry, but she just smiled instead. Ah bless!

We are going to be up early again tomorrow 'cos my MH has to go and see the doctor in Stromness and then she is getting her hair cut, so it will be just me and my DH till lunch time and then I shall sit with my MH while she tells me all that she has been doing and I am looking forward to that bit.

I am sure we will have a good chat and I will tell you all about it later.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lazy Day

It was a sort of normal Sunday at my house today with me and my humans having a long lie and then doing more footering rather that doing any work, but then they both went away out in the afternoon and I couldn't go with them.

I do get a bit sad when they go away 'cos I am so used to them being at home with me and although I am not frightened on my own, I prefer it when I have company, but it was not to be today 'cos they both went away to the Hall again where the Lifeboat Ladies had come over from Hoy in the lifeboat and they were selling things and had a raffle and the humans could look round the lifeboat if they wanted. The lifeboat wasn't in the Hall, you understand 'cos the lifeboat men left it at the pier. AND there was a doggie as well. He is Hector the mascot and he even has his own life jacket with a carry handle on it so that he can be lifted on and off if he needs it.

You can tell that I have been listening very carefully to my MH when she comed back and I am rather taken with the idea of a jacket with a handle, so I might put that on my Santa list. I have a feeling that I am going to need more than one sheet of paper! My list is getting rather long and my MH says she is going to stop me watching the television 'cos I am getting too many ideas!

I have been playing outside for a short time but it is raining quite heavily now, so I have decided that I will watch Strictly in a wee while and then I will see if I can get out, but I am not going if it is still pouring. I am getting rather annoyed at being wet all the time, so I will wait until the rain goes off.

I am making the best of a nice, quiet house 'cos I know it will be back to normal tomorrow with the vacuum and the dusters flying round the place. Sigh!! I am so glad I can just take to my little bed and sleep until it is all over.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

A Good Day

I have been a very good puss today and I have had a lovely day just 'footering'. Those of you who read my blog lots of times will know that 'footering' is one of my MH's favourite words and it just means doing little bits of things and nothing too serious, and that's what we have all been doing.

The oldies weren't out too late last night as I had told them that the door would be locked if I was asleep before they came home. Hee hee. I even made sure the window was shut, although I think I would give all my paw-kit money just to see my dear old MH trying to climb in the window like I do. I will definitely have to learn how to work her camera!!!

When they came home I sat on my MH's knee and she told me all about their night and she said that there were lots and lots of people in our little Hall and that everything went well, so I was very happy for them. She was a wee bit annoyed that she couldn't dance 'cos her wee legs were sore, but she was very happy 'cos she had trifle after her dinner and she loves trifle, so that helped her get over her disappointment.

I went out to play for a short time this afternoon but it has been a bit wet, so I just came home and asked my MH to play with me, which she did and we had good fun for a long time. I am having my usual sleep now, but about seven o'clock I shall assume my rightful position on the old dear's knee and we shall watch Strictly 'cos that is our favourite programme on a Saturday.

I will go out to play later on if the rain stays off, but I think I am going to have to learn to clean my adorable little paws before I land on the chair when I come flying in through the window, because the old dear is getting annoyed at all the paw marks I am leaving and she has to keep washing the chair. She says she will leave a tray of water outside the window if I would be so kind as to have a paddle before I come in, but I don't know if I fancy that at all.

I shall let you know.

Friday, 21 November 2014

And So....

.... we are at Friday again and me and my dear old MH were up in the middle of the night so she could go to our Post Office. I am quite liking being up at that time 'cos my little island is very quiet, but it is so, so dark! I have an early breakfast and then I nip out to play for five or ten minutes before I go back inside and say bye bye as my MH goes away. There is only one slight problem with this early start and that is that I am getting used to it, so even on the mornings when she doesn't need to go out, I still waken and because I think she has just forgotten,I waken her up too. In a caring way, of course, but for some reason she is not best pleased! Oh dear.

I have been having great fun in my bathroom on these mornings. I go in with the old dear and while she is getting all clean, I sit on the wash hand basin and clunk the shower switch against the wall. Oh my dear friends, I had forgotten the wonderful noise it makes and I am just loving doing it. My MH says she will take the camera in with her one morning, but to be honest I don't think she will be awake enough to do that!

Both my humans are going out tonight as it is the island Harvest Home and everybody goes to the Hall to have their dinner and then they all dance and have a wee drink, so yours truly will be left all on my ownsome for a while, but I don't mind really 'cos I know they will come back to me soon and I will get lots of cuddles.

And you know how much I love my cuddles!!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

An Odd Day

It has been just me and my DH in my house today as my MH had to go away on the first boat to go to Kirkwall and she didn't come home to me until the late boat, so I have missed her lots and lots.

I still had a good day with my DH and the weather was good enough to let me out to play as often as I wanted to, so I was out lots of times and that helped pass the time for me but every time I heard a car I thought it was my MH and I got a wee bit disappointed when it wasn't, but then at about quarter past six o'clock tonight, she came home and I got the biggest cuddle in the whole world and that was good and it made up for all the disappointment.

So. You will have worked out that I can't tell you any more about my day 'cos although my DH loves me millions and he talks to me, he doesn't understand me like my MH does and although I play a wee bit with him and cuddle up beside him I am more my MH's pussy cat and she talks to me all the time. In fact, my dear friends, sometimes I take to my bed to give my adorable little lugs some peace and quiet.

But please don't tell the old dear. She would be very upset and I don't want that. So can it just be our little secret? Thank you

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A Big Decision

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently. I think it is because it will soon be a significant birthday for me----did I tell you I will soon be five?

Well, I have been thinking what I should be doing and as I was helping my MH today with her ironing it came to me in a flash. I think I will be an explorer! Well, when you look at my adorable little life so far it makes complete and utter sense.

When I was a brand new baby puss and came to my forever home at the tender age of thirteen weeks I started then, only I didn't know what it was called. I went all through my house sniffing and looking and feeling and making sure I knew where everything was, and then a few weeks later, when my humans decided it was time to take me outside, I did the same in my garden. I must admit that I did get a big fright the first time I saw the outside and I ran right back to the inside again, but my MH gently lifted me out and coaxed me to play on the grass until I eventually became the brave, intrepid little hunter that you see before you. Well, you know what I mean? It took a wee while but they persevered with me until I became so very, very brave.

Then, a while later it was Christmas and I was able to explore my Christmas tree---from the inside and then from the top and I just loved it, so I think that me being an adventurer and explorer is the perfect choice of career and so I have been practicing as you will see from today's pictures.

When my MH was ironing, I jumped up on top of the freezers and wandered from one to the other, just loving it. I was just passing this mirror as the old dear clicked her camera and I am afraid it is a bit blurred 'cos I got a bit of a fright when I saw another little adorable face staring back at me and it made me jump. My MH had to explain what a mirror was and when she told me I was looking at me, I understood why it was so adorable Hee hee

After that, we went back into the study where I continued my training and you can see me sitting on top of our hub. I think I might phone BT and tell them that this picture would make a beautiful advert for them and that has just given me another brilliant thought.

If my exploring career doesn't work out, I could be a model! Sorted. Phew!! I think I need a lie down now after all this thinking.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

More Good Fun

We were all at home today and my humans had lots of time to play with me and make a fuss of me and even the weather was good enough to let me get out to play whenever I wanted to so when you add it all up, I have had a very good day.

My MH did a wee bit of housework, cleaning all the bedrooms today so I was able to play on all the beds which is my bestest game ever and I crawled under all the blankets---which are there for me anyway, although I am supposed to be on TOP of them, but crawling underneath them is much more fun especially when the old dear wraps me up then tickles me and then we always play the game where I hide and she pretends she can't see me, so she calls my name and I lie very still until my little wagger gets so excited that it starts to wag very, very fast and gives the game away and she finds me and cuddles me some more. It is just the brilliantest game ever and we both love it. It always ends up with me getting a very special cuddle and my MH telling me that she loves me millions. She tells me that every single day and sometimes lots of times in the day and I like it.

Later in the afternoon, we were working in the study when she was printing off some pictures and I sat on this big leather chair and we played Mastermind and it went something like this:

MH: Name please

Me: Squeak Mathieson

MH: Occupation?

Me: Being an adorable puss

MH: Specialist subject?

Me: Mouses!!

I passed and I am the only Mastermind puss in my house. Hee hee

I managed to squeeze my adorable little body into places that I shouldn't really have been and I had great fun watching all her pictures flying out of the printer, but I was a very good puss and didn't touch them, so the Boss was very pleased with me and that always makes life so much easier. So you can see why I have been a very happy Squeak today and we are now all settling down to watch the football and then I shall go out later on and learn more about mouses in case we play Mastermind again.

I mustn't lose my title. That would be such a shame :-)))

Monday, 17 November 2014

Monday Again

.... and me and the old dear were up very early, and boy, was it dark! It was like the middle of the night and my dear old MH needed a torch to find her car. I think she wishes she could see in the dark like me. I don't need a torch 'cos I have got brilliant eyesight even though one of my eyes is a bit 'funny'. There is a wee scratch on it and the vet thinks I got this when I was a teeny weeny baby puss, but I can see perfectly well, so we don't worry about it. You can see it when my MH uses her flash on her camera and then both my eyes look different, but I think that makes me a wee bit mysterious. Oh, adorable and mysterious. What a combination.

Anyway, I played out in the dark for a while but even the little birdies were still asleep so I didn't stay out too long and by the time I got home, my DH was getting ready to go to the Cat shop so we had a chat till my MH came home again and I sat on the couch with her while she had her breakfast and then we worked out what we would do with the rest of our day.

I knew it was Monday and I also knew that it was a housework day, so after I had lapped up all the milk from my MH's cereal, I went back to my little bed and to my delight I found her jacket that she had just taken off and it was so warm that I cuddled myself up in it and I had a snooze until the poor old vacuum cleaner was exhausted---and the old dear wasn't too far behind!

The rest of my day was good although I was left on my own for a while when my MH had to go out, but she always cuddles me and spends time with me when she comes home again, so it is almost worth it.

Almost, but not quite 'cos I am always at my happiest when we are all together in my house, and I am hoping that's how it will be tomorrow.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

I know....

.... you will find this very hard to believe but I am developing a little bad habit. It is just one and it is just a little one but I am afraid it is driving my dear old MH dippy. I have mentioned it before, but I shall tell you about it again 'cos I know you are always interested to hear all about me and my humans.

You know how much I love being outside? Well, I have been in and out quite a lot today even though it hasn't been a very pleasant day, but I played about my garden and I went into the fields where my adorable little feets got very wet and after I had done this a few times, my MH noticed that there were lots and lots of perfect little mucky paw marks on her good leather chair which she had to wash off. She was OK about it and I didn't get into any trouble 'cos she knows that I would clean my little paws if I could, but I can't so sometimes the chair gets a tad dirty.

We had a play together and then we both sat on the couch and had one of our girlie chats which I like and while my MH was chatting to me, I fell asleep 'cos I was so comfortable on her knee with her stroking my little lugs, but when I wakened up again, I decided that I wanted to go out and that's when my little bad habit appeared.

So, picture the scene. Me and MH in my kitchen and MH getting the dinner ready for her and my DH. I have already been fed as I am first in that particular pecking order! Politely I ask the old dear to let me out and she takes me to the door and opens it. Yours truly has a sniff of the outside and decides it is not to my liking and before the door is closed again I am back in my living room and my MH is not best pleased. Two minutes later I am back in my kitchen and I push open the porch door which always makes her smile, but she has to stop again to open the outside door for me, and this time I decide that it would be safer if I did go out---which I did.

I have been doing this lots of time when the weather isn't very good and I can tell that the old dear is getting a bit fed up with my indecision, so I think I shall have to mend my ways if I know what is good for me.

Apart from that, I have had a very good day and I got a wee surprise when my MH put on my television 'cos I saw Andy playing tennis and I liked that although I am sorry that Roger has a sore back and I hope he is better soon.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Squeak's Saturday

I think Saturday is my favouritist day of the week. It is a lazy day for everybody in my house and I like that, especially when it means that my humans have lots more time to spend with yours truly.

So, it started off that way and I shall explain my day to you 'cos I know you are interested in everything that I do. Me and my MH were up first. Well, I was up first and because my adorable little tummy was complaining about it being completely empty, I wakened the old dear and explained the situation to her and in a flash, albeit a rather slow flash!, she was there feeding me and I was there munching away quite happily.

I will now let you into a secret. My humans don't watch day-time television as a rule, but my MH is hooked on 'Murder She Wrote' so she watches it on Saturdays and Sundays and I sit on her knee and let her stroke me while Jessica solves ALL the murders in the en-tire world! Oh my dear friends, I have never seen so much big hair and big shoulders in my life---and that's just the men! But it keeps the old dear happy, so why should I complain?

Once that is done, we usually do a wee bit tidying up and then it is back to sitting on the couch, but today she was finishing off all her cards, so again I sat on the table and watched he for a while but then I got bored and decided I wanted to play, so I nipped up onto the window sill and banged the chimes until she got the message and played with me which was good fun. That is about it for the rest of day. Me and my humans resting or playing or just sitting chatting and that's why I like Saturdays so much.

I have also found a way to make my MH feel guilty that she has been neglecting me. In the corner of my living room is a nest of tables and when I feel that I am being ignored I go and sit there with a very, very sad face and when my living room is very quiet, I scratch the carpet until my humans call for me, but I don't come out. I just sit there with the little tears running down my adorable little cheeks and that makes the old dear so upset when she comes over beside me. She usually comes and lies down on the floor and talks to me and then when I have forgiven her, I come out very, very slowly and she cuddles me. Mission accomplished!

I know I am adorable but I can be a little naughty at times, but I think that makes me all the more loveable, don't you?

How could you not love me?

Friday, 14 November 2014

No Trauma

I have been a safe little puss today with no mishaps and no trouble, so I am quite content.

It has been very windy on my little island and my MH and me were up very early again and it was pitch black! I nipped out the door for a while as my MH was having her breakfast, but I was back in the window in time to finish off her milk and then I sat on the window sill and waved to her as she tooked her little car off to the other side of my island and in a trice I was all snuggled up on my bed again which was still quite warm.

My DH thought he might go to Kirkwall today but when he saw how my MH got blowed in the door, he decided to stay home with me and the Boss so we have all had a good day. I managed to go out to play once or twice but to be honest it wasn't very pleasant so I decided that I would ask my MH to play with me which she did and we had very good fun.

She was doing some more of her cards, so I parked my adorable little bum right beside her up on the table and she talked to me all the time she was working and I liked that a lot. She keeps telling me what she is doing so I am learning all the time and every now and then, she would stop and stroke my little lugs and I just purred to let her know that I liked that a lot.

I am looking forward to the weekend when we just all take it very easy, but my little weather man friend said I might not get out to play too much as it will be wet and windy again. It is a wee bit annoying but I am content in my house as long as my humans are home with me, so I am sure I will have a good weekend.

And I hope your weekend is a good one too.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

More Trauma

I think I shall stay in my little bed on Thursdays from now on 'cos I have had a not very good time today. It was only for a little time, but it is not good for my adorable little nerves.

I got shut in the big cupboard again! It was my own fault, I know, but it doesn't make the agony, or the worry or the trauma any less. Okay, I may have laid that on a little thick and to be perfectly honest I was warm and so very comfortable 'cos it was the cupboard where the Boss keeps her towels, so I just snuggled down and had a wee sleep until my MH missed me and came a-looking for me and as she opened the door I remembered to put on my 'what-have-you-done-to-me?' face and she picked me up, cuddled me and apologised and, being a very forgiving little puss, I gave her a feeble purr to say it was fine. Well, I was traumatised, wasn't I?
I really must stop sneaking into places when my humans aren't looking.

The rest of my day was fine and I have slept a lot because the weather still isn't good and it is better for me to be indoors with my humans and they are always happy to play with me whenever I want them to, so I cannot complain.

They did have to go out for a while this evening and when they comed home they had two big boxes with them and when my DH opened them I got a big surprise 'cos the one that I am sitting inside in this picture was filled with boxes of my favourite dinners, so I don't think I will be hungry for a long, long time.

Me and my MH are sitting on my couch now watching Andy and Roger playing tennis and we have our paws and fingers crossed that Andy wins. I am getting quite excited, and to be honest, I will be happy with whoever wins 'cos I like Roger too, but he doesn't make me come over all unnecessary like Raffa does. Sigh!

I will tell you tomorrow how we get on.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Awww, Bless

I have two sleepy pictures for you today because I haven't really done much more than that. I have had plenty of company although my MH was out for a couple of hours this morning as usual, but my DH didn't go to the Cat Shop so he was here with me and we keept one another company.

I was all ready for a great big cuddle when the old dear came home and she told me that when I run to meet her it is the very bestest feeling in the en-tire world for her.

The weather hasn't been very good on my little island and I know that it is winter time, so I don't expect to get out as much and I shall just have to accept that, but as long as my humans play with me inside my house, I shall be quite happy. Me and the old dear haven't been going to the gym as much 'cos her little legs are a bit sore, but I heard her telling the old boy that she will need to start and do some more exercise soon. SO,I thought that I might ask her nicely to put the treadmill on quite slowly and I could run on that while she is on her bike. Good idea, eh? I am NOT wearing a track suit, but I might get a sweat band for my adorable little lugs. Oh my dear friends, can you picture it? Nope, neither can I!!!

I know I won't get out as much during the day times, but no matter what the weather is, I HAVE to get out last thing at night and once I have had my after-dinner nap on my couch, I disappear into the night and I don't come home until the wee sma' hours and I am afraid that the old dear just worries about me until I am home safely 'cos sometimes the weather is very bad and I think she is frightened I might get blowed away.

However, I have always managed to get home safely thank goodness, so that will be my plan for the rest of the winter. Play with the humans in the afternoon, a wee run on the treadmill some afternoons and then out terrorising my neighbourhood at night.

Sounds like a plan to me.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Ho Hum

It has not been a very good day on my little island 'cos the naughty wind has come back to torment me and this has meant that I haven't been able to get out to play as much as I wanted, but as usual, my MH helped me get rid of some of my energy and we played together lots of times.

I was watching my television when my little weather man friend came on and he told me that the wind was to stay here for a few days and it might even get worser, so it looks as though I shall be playing with my MH lots more, but that's OK really. Me and my MH like when my little weather man friend tells us the weather after the late news 'cos he always says 'night, night' and we both like that.

I got a wee bit of a surprise today when I was in our spare room helping the old dear with her dusting 'cos we suddenly heard a lot of cow noises and when we looked out of the window we saw the nice farmer man next door taking all his cows home. Well, he doesn't take them into his house, you understand, but he takes them all from the fields and puts them in the byres where they are warm and dry for the winter. I liked watching them and I am sure that one of them smiled at me as she passed my house.

I am a wee bit sad though 'cos I won't be able to go and talk to them any more. They will be in the byre which is quite near my house, but there are doggies there as well and great big tractors and machinery which could hurt an adorable little puss like me, so my MH has told me never to go there 'cos it is not too safe, so I shall be a good little puss and take the old dear's advice, but I shall miss my lady cow friends and I am sure they will miss me too.

My DH isn't going to the Cat Shop tomorrow so he will be with me when my MH goes out, and she has already given him a great big list of jobs that he needs to do for her. I think he would get more of a rest if he was at the shop! Hee hee

Me and my MH are getting ready to settle down on my couch and watch Andy Murray playing tennis and we have everything crossed for him. Well, I will cross everything as soon as I reach my MH's knee 'cos walking would be a tad difficult with my little paws crossed, sure it would? I am quite excited for him and hope he wins his march tonight.

Come on, Andy, we will be cheering for you. :-)))

Monday, 10 November 2014

Deep in Thought

I have been doing a lot of thinking today. In fact, I have thinked so much that my adorable little head is sore. I know you will be desperate to know what I have been thinking about so I shall tell you.

I will soon be a whole five years old and I just wondered what I should be doing with my life. I did wonder if it was finally time to grow up and be a real cat instead of a kitten cat, but after a play with my MH where she rolled me round on top of my bed and tickled my adorable little tummy, I decided that I was going to stay a kitten for ever! I just LOVE it when we play all these games together and I know she loves it just as much as me.

I will be a cat in age, but in my little head---when it's not sore, hee hee--- I shall be a kitten and I shall continue to do all the adorable things that make my humans laugh and I shall show them that I love them millions 'cos that's how much they love me. Do you know that my MH tells me she loves me every single day? And sometimes more than one time every day and that makes me so very, very happy. So, that is the decision I have reached and I know that you will all be pleased to hear that.

I have had lots of time to think today 'cos me and my MH were up in the middle of the night again and I was out playing before the sun had wakened up when she went away for a couple of hours and then when she comed home it was time to do her housework so she only had time for me when she had finished it all, although she talked to me when she was working and I liked that.

When she was all finished, we sat on the couch and while she was stroking my adorable little lugs I told her what I had decided and she was very, very happy. So I am sure I have made the right decision and I am going to enjoy being the playfullest kitten-cat in the world!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Oh Dear

Me and my MH are a bit sad today 'cos we were watching the tennis, but Andy didn't win and that made us a wee bit not very happy. Maybe he will win all the rest of his matches. We were shouting as loud as we could without getting complaints from my DH or all the people who were passing my window on the Hamnavoe! Hee hee

And talking of windows. I thought I would send you this picture of me sitting on my window sill so that you can see the lovely view I have of the sea. See? I love sitting there and if the weather is OK, my MH leaves the window open and I sit with my adorable little derriere inside my house while my equally adorable little front feets are on the outside and I am the contentest little puss in the en-tire world.

From there I can watch all the big boats and the littler ones and I can also watch the birdies when they come to me for their dinner. And do you know what I saw one day? No, of course you don't 'cos I haven't told you yet, but I shall. I was sitting there sort of half awake and dreaming of birdies and food and tummy tickles and things like that, when a cheeky little mouse ran up the pole that the birdie feeder stands on and went right into the feeder for some dinner. I know I should have been angry, but it did make me smile and the little mouse must have been hungry. But he wasn't when he ran down the pole again!

I didn't see my friend S. today 'cos she was busy, but maybe I will see her some other time this week. My MH told that my humans don't have very much to do this week and she doesn't need to go off my little island and that makes me happy. I will spend the evening making a list of all the things I want us to do together and I know that will make her happy too.

We had a play on the floor with my toys this afternoon and that was good, but now it is just about dinner time for us and then I shall be heading out into the wilderness that is my adorable little island and I shall play there until it is bed time for me and the old dears.

Ah yes, life chez Squeak is rather good, and I hope life with you is good too.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Good Day

That's what we have all had in my house. Me and my MH were up very early again but this time it was only for a minute or two while we did what was very necessary, although on my way back to my bedroom, I stopped off in the kitchen for a nibble at my biscuits and then I nipped back up onto my little bed and snuggled down beside the old dear for another sleep until it was a bit lighter.

I do like Saturdays 'cos as I told you before, my MH doesn't do much housework and so it is lovely and quite and there is lots of Squeak time. We all had little things to do and that was fine but we have had lots of time together and that is even finer. Me and my DH have finished clearing out and cleaning the greenhouse, so it will be all ready for next year.

I have spent a lot of time just sitting on my MH's knee and just listening as she talked to me and I like that very much, and it was during one of these special minutes that she told me something exciting. You all know I like watching 'Strictly' and you all know that I like Andy Murray playing tennis, although Raffa has a smile that makes my four little knees go all weak! Oh dear! However, Andy is going to be on 'Strictly' tonight with his mummy, so me and MY mummy are going to be watching and I know I am going to like it a lot.

I had a play in the afternoon with some of my toys and that helped me use up some of my energy. I am a very fit little puss and I try to keep in shape so every now and then I ask my humans to play with me and they are only too delighted to oblige. I have been making them laugh a lot today because I am starting to speak a wee bit to them. Especially my DH.I keep asking him for some biscuits and he laughs 'cos he likes to hear me making all these lovely sounds. Oh, bless---but it keeps him amused!

I am afraid that's all the news I have for you, but I hope you are having as good a Saturday as me. I will go out to play after I have watched my television and maybe I will find some little animals to talk to and if I do I will tell you tomorrow.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Did you know?

It is dark at seven o'clock in the morning? I didn't until today. And now I hear you asking why this adorable little puss was up at that hour, and of course I shall tell you.

My dear old MH had to go to our little Post Office again and because it has to work in with the boat time, she has to be away very early and when she is up, I am up. I like to make sure she is OK and that she has a wee bit of company when she is eating her breakfast. Okay, that's one reason and the one that gets me lots of brownie points, but the REAL reason is that I am hungry and in need of food.

We had a chat about the rest of the day and she told me she was going to be a little bit busy, but she would still have lots of time for me, so I was quite happy with that. I gobbled up my breakfast and went out to play, but it wasn't a very nice morning with rain and some wind, and it was then that I noticed the dark and I am not too sure if I like it in the morning. I just like it at night time, but my MH says I will need to get used to it, and she is usually right. Sigh.

So, anyway, off she tootled down the road in her little car and oft I tootled back to my little bed beside my DH and we had another snooze till it was time for my MH to come back to us. She was only in my house for a little while 'cos today the minister came over and my humans had to go down to the Hall where my MH plays her guitar, but this time they left the window open for me if I wanted to go out to play.

We were all together in the afternoon and me and the old dear had a wee rest together 'cos she was a bit tired and then I helped my DH finish clearing out our greenhouse and his next job is to wash it all and clean the windows, so I will probably help him with that too. At least I will supervise and make sure he does it so that it will please the Boss, and as I know just what she likes I can tell him what to do, so I reckon that's worth a lot more brownie points.

A question. What are brownie points?

Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Very Quiet Day

And a very horrid day on my little island with lots of rain and a great big wind, so there are no prizes for knowing that I have been inside for most of the afternoon. BUT, I have been out two times and two times I came home very wet.

I was desperate to go out, so I very politely---as always!---asked my MH to open the door for me which she did, but I had to sit on the carpet for a wee while to make up my mind and all the time I was doing that, the wind was blowing the rain into my house and a lot of it was landing on my MH who, for some reason, wasn't best pleased, especially as I decided that I might not bother after all. Oh dear!

About ten minutes later, I decided that I might try it again, so we went through the same routine --- please open door, OK darling puss [I made that wee bit up :))]door opens, rain pours in, MH gets wet, me almost changes mind but feels MH's foot gently about my person and decides that getting wet might be the better choice, and suddenly me outside.

There are lots of places for me to hide and shelter so I was quite fine, but I am not so happy outside when it is winding and I went back inside very quickly and sat beside my MH on our couch.

I heard lots of bangs last night from all the fireworks but I wasn't frightened 'cos I knew what it was, and when it was all finished, my MH let me out to play and I founded a little mouse and we played together for a while but my humans wouldn't let me take it inside so I had to leave it on my grass, but I might just have eaten it.

I will let you make up your own mind on that one!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Guy Fawkes

It was just a normal Wednesday all day and my DH was away to the Cat Shop while my MH was out for a while and I slept on my little bed until she came back. She didn't leave the window open for me 'cos there was a cold wind blowing and it was making my living room too cold for us, so I told her it was OK to close it and I would just rest till she comed home again to me.

She wasn't away too long and then I helped her do little bits of work, but when she was finished, she made me sit on her knee while she told me a very serious story. Now, you know I don't HAVE to be told to sit there, 'cos it is my favourite place in the en-tire world, but she had her serious face on, so I listened very carefully.

She told me all about a man called Guy Fawkes and I am afraid I don't remember all of the story but it was something about gunpowder and bonfires and it was quite interesting at the time, and I did ask her why she was telling me this 'cos I don't usually get history lessons, but then we came to the fireworks bit which DID affect me and she told me that she was going to keep me in for a while tonight 'cos there would be lots of bangs and funny noises on my little island and I might be frightened and she didn't want that.

I was quite happy with that idea as long as I could cuddle up beside her, but for a wee while we sat on my window sill and watched the big bonfire in Stromness and we could see the fireworks flying up into the air and I could hear big bangs but I wasn't frightened 'cos the old dear had explained it all to me and now, as we are telling you this story, I am all snuggled up on the couch beside her with my adorable little head on her laptop. Oh bliss!

I will be able to get out to play later on when all the bangs and bonfires and fireworks are finished and I shall be very safe and I hope you are very safe too.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Just More of the Same

It has been quite quiet in my house today with both my humans doing little bits of things but nothing very much, although I did have a great big lot of fun when I helped my MH change the sheets and the duvet covers. I just love that game and we play it lots and lots and I must say that I am getting very good at hiding under the covers so that my MH never knows where to find me, but she just calls my name, and as usual my little wagger gives the game away and she finds me! She tickles me and cuddles me and then we play the game all over again and I just LOVE it millions!!!

When I had finished 'helping' the old dear, me and my DH went into our green house and we tooked down all the tomato plants 'cos we had a wee chat last night and decided that the growing time was all over now and so we magicked our greenhouse back into a workshop which really is just for my DH 'cos I don't go into it so much when it's not a greenhouse, so I won't be back in it until Springtime.

I had a seat on my windowsill in the afternoon and my MH noticed a beautiful rainbow over Stromness so she tooked these pictures of it for you and I think they are lovely. I love rainbows and so does my MH and she tells me lots of stories about them, so I am always looking for the pot of gold but I have never found it yet.

Maybe one day!

Monday, 3 November 2014

I Like Mondays....

.... especially Mondays like today 'cos the weather on my little island has been lovely and I have been able to get out to play lots and lots of times which makes me a very happy Squeak.

Me and my MH were up very early this morning 'cos she had to go to the Post Office, but if it had been left to me, we would have been up a lot earlier. As I told you yesterday, my mojo is definitely back and I am full of energy and excitement and even a little bit of devilment, so I tried to waken the old dear about six o'clock so that I could have a wee feed and maybe a play with her, but for some reason she wasn't best pleased, and it took me until ten minutes to seven o'clock in the morning before she wakened up and then we got up.

I had some breakfast and then wandered round my garden while my MH went away in her little car and once I saw she was safely down the road, I nipped back in through the window and went to sleep until she comed back to me and by this time my DH was up and ready to go to the Cat Shop. I helped my MH with her work, but it was so lovely and calm that she left the door open so I was able to lie on my porch and watch the birdies and I liked that.

We sat on the couch for a while and she told me lots of stories about what she had been doing at the Halloween party and I asked her to put some pictures on for you and that is just what she did, so you will be able to see for yourself how scary my humans looked on Friday night. I am glad it only happens once a year 'cos it's not good for a delicate little puss like me. Oops, I hope you weren't eating anything, in case I choked you!!

The weather is still good, so I have decided that I shall have a snooze and then I shall head outside for a wander round my estate before bedtime because these are the kind of nights that I just love, so I intend staying out for as long as possible.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Superb Sunday

I have had a very good day. In fact I have had a soooperb day. I am right back to normal again after my traumatic experience and I must say my humans have been exceptionally good to me which I am lapping up.

I had a fairly quiet Saturday, but I did go out last night and when I was quite a bit away from my house, the rain came on, so by the time I got home I was 'ringing' again, but when I got home my DH dried me and then I snuggled up beside my MH 'cos she was in her little bed already.

We have had our normal lazy Sunday with me alternating between walks and plays in the fields and sleeping on various chairs and beds in my house and the last time when I wakened up,I decided that I was feeling very fine and that I was safe again and suddenly all my energy came back, and just as it had all finished coming back to me, my bestest friend S. came into my house, so me and my MH told her my sad story and she gave me a very special cuddle and told me not to do it again. Now, I may not be the brightest bulb in the lamp, but even I have worked that one out!

We played together for a long time and my MH tooked a picture for you, so here it is and the hand you can see belongs to my friend S. She also said to tell you that she hasn't got her Halloween pictures ready for you yet, but she will send you one tomorrow, so you can look forward to that. Maybe you shouldn't look at them just after your dinner 'cos it's not really a pretty sight!

And if the old dear reads that, I am straight back into the big shed! Hee hee

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Much Happier

We are all much happier today. Me and my humans. And that's the way it will stay for a long time I hope. I think I have had enough upset to last me for a while and I know my dear old MH definitely has. She has told me that quite a lot of times since I returned on Thursday night! I might have to ask her to stop 'cos it's doing my adorable little head in!

We all had a quiet day yesterday and then I noticed that as it got to evening time, my humans began to change into their yearly witch and wizard look, so I decided that I might go along too and took up my rightful position beside the old boy's hat, hoping that he wouldn't notice I was tagging along with him to the Halloween party in out little Hall, but I am afraid he did, and I was left at home---all alone!

They weren't away too long and after my MH had had her shower and had put on her big furry dressing gown, I lay on her knee while she told me all about it. She was a wee bit tired 'cos she had been playing with fifteen childrens and that is a lot for the old dear. Now, I know you know that there are only six little childrens on my little island, so where did all the others come from? Well, all our little childrens brought a friend with them and then we had another three baby childrens who came as well so the poor old dear was very busy playing all the games with them, but she said she enjoyed it. Maybe she will let me show you a picture tomorrow. I shall ask nicely, and I am sure she will agree, 'cos right now, my dear friends, I can get almost anything I want, and I am taking advantage of this 'cos I know it won't last forever.

I have had a very quiet day today and have been sleeping most of the time, but I shall probably venture out after my dinner. My MH says she is going to get me a collar with a tracker on it like Harry Potter had and then she will know just exactly where I am. I am not overly chuffed at that suggestion as I need to keep an air of mystery about my adorable little person.

We can't have these humans knowing our every move, can we?