Friday, 7 November 2014

Did you know?

It is dark at seven o'clock in the morning? I didn't until today. And now I hear you asking why this adorable little puss was up at that hour, and of course I shall tell you.

My dear old MH had to go to our little Post Office again and because it has to work in with the boat time, she has to be away very early and when she is up, I am up. I like to make sure she is OK and that she has a wee bit of company when she is eating her breakfast. Okay, that's one reason and the one that gets me lots of brownie points, but the REAL reason is that I am hungry and in need of food.

We had a chat about the rest of the day and she told me she was going to be a little bit busy, but she would still have lots of time for me, so I was quite happy with that. I gobbled up my breakfast and went out to play, but it wasn't a very nice morning with rain and some wind, and it was then that I noticed the dark and I am not too sure if I like it in the morning. I just like it at night time, but my MH says I will need to get used to it, and she is usually right. Sigh.

So, anyway, off she tootled down the road in her little car and oft I tootled back to my little bed beside my DH and we had another snooze till it was time for my MH to come back to us. She was only in my house for a little while 'cos today the minister came over and my humans had to go down to the Hall where my MH plays her guitar, but this time they left the window open for me if I wanted to go out to play.

We were all together in the afternoon and me and the old dear had a wee rest together 'cos she was a bit tired and then I helped my DH finish clearing out our greenhouse and his next job is to wash it all and clean the windows, so I will probably help him with that too. At least I will supervise and make sure he does it so that it will please the Boss, and as I know just what she likes I can tell him what to do, so I reckon that's worth a lot more brownie points.

A question. What are brownie points?

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