Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Just a Normal Day....

.... except for my poor old DH who wasn't feeling very well and decided to stay at home 'cos he has the cold, so when my MH went away out, I cuddled up beside him and I think I made him feel a whole lot better.

When my MH came home I sat with her for a while and we had one of our special chats and then I helped her in the study while she printed off some pictures. I like in that room 'cos there are lots of places for me to go climbing and exploring and as usual the old dear had her camera with her so she tooked these pictures to show you what I was doing. I had a brilliant afternoon and was a very happy little puss.

I was very patient and waited until she was finished and then I did my special run which means I want to play and that's just what we did. I ran all round my living room and dived from chair to chair until I was nearly puffed out, but I was very, very happy and so was my dear old MH.

It has been a good day on my little island and it is still nice, so I have a feeling that after my apres-dinner snooze, I shall go out hunting for a long time. I shall ask my humans to leave the window open and then I can come back home whenever I feel like it.

Just the perfect end to a perfect day!

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