Saturday, 1 November 2014

Much Happier

We are all much happier today. Me and my humans. And that's the way it will stay for a long time I hope. I think I have had enough upset to last me for a while and I know my dear old MH definitely has. She has told me that quite a lot of times since I returned on Thursday night! I might have to ask her to stop 'cos it's doing my adorable little head in!

We all had a quiet day yesterday and then I noticed that as it got to evening time, my humans began to change into their yearly witch and wizard look, so I decided that I might go along too and took up my rightful position beside the old boy's hat, hoping that he wouldn't notice I was tagging along with him to the Halloween party in out little Hall, but I am afraid he did, and I was left at home---all alone!

They weren't away too long and after my MH had had her shower and had put on her big furry dressing gown, I lay on her knee while she told me all about it. She was a wee bit tired 'cos she had been playing with fifteen childrens and that is a lot for the old dear. Now, I know you know that there are only six little childrens on my little island, so where did all the others come from? Well, all our little childrens brought a friend with them and then we had another three baby childrens who came as well so the poor old dear was very busy playing all the games with them, but she said she enjoyed it. Maybe she will let me show you a picture tomorrow. I shall ask nicely, and I am sure she will agree, 'cos right now, my dear friends, I can get almost anything I want, and I am taking advantage of this 'cos I know it won't last forever.

I have had a very quiet day today and have been sleeping most of the time, but I shall probably venture out after my dinner. My MH says she is going to get me a collar with a tracker on it like Harry Potter had and then she will know just exactly where I am. I am not overly chuffed at that suggestion as I need to keep an air of mystery about my adorable little person.

We can't have these humans knowing our every move, can we?

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