Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Sort of Surprise

I have had a very good day today. I have been able to play with my toys and my MH 'cos she just did a wee drop of housework which suited me fine. My DH still isn't very well but he got more medicines from the doctor, so we are all hoping that he will be a lot better very soon and I am sure that with me and my MH looking after him, he will be fit very soon.

I have been in and out a lot but it is still quite cold for me so I just stay out for little whiles and then I go back inside for a heat and a cuddle and it was during one of those cuddle times that I got the sort of good news. Remember I told you that my MH was going away to Glasgow next Tuesday to get another hip? Well, the hip doctor told her today that she had to wait for another week before she goes away, so that means that she will be home with me for a longer time and that made me happy, but I am still a bit sad that she has to go away at all. I wonder if the hip doctor could just send her hip up to my house and maybe my DH could put it in for her? Or would that be too hard for him to do? Maybe I shall ask!

I have been having really good fun with my new toys and I am just loving them. I play with the little mouse and I am still trying to get some treats out of my other toy and I made my humans laugh today 'cos I was sticking my adorable little tongue inside it and I was licking all the treats and then when I accidentally thumped it, some of them fell out on to the carpet and I gobbled them all up. Oh, happy Squeak.

So that's all my news for today. The vacuum cleaner is away in its cupboard again for a lot of days which makes me and my DH very happy indeed. I will probably write to you again tomorrow and then I might have a wee rest for a day or two. It will all depend on what my humans are doing, but I am sure you had worked that one out all by yourselves? Hee hee.

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